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“PARTY”… in the ER!!!

At Flagler Hospital in St. Augustine, FL on Tues. morning, 10/14/14.  Hhhmmm…

A “PARTY”???  In the ER(Emergency Room)???  “YOU”… are NOT gonna believe “THIS” CRAZY story!!!  COME ALONG, folks… WE’RE TAKING ANOTHER TRIP TO “JILL’S WORLD”!!!  READY???  WE’RE GOIN’ IN… (AGAIN)  :/

My husband’s job has changed so, So, SO much over the years… kinda like yours, Yours, and YOURS too!!!  Increased demands.  Decreased pay.  OUCH!!!  WE ARE ALL STRUGGLING, folks… SIMPLY SEEKING TO SURVIVE…”LIFE”!!!  TOGETHER!!!  GO TEAM!!!  😉  Sorry.  I got a bit excited there… back on track…

So, Chris was up REAL early feeding dogs, getting dressed, and attempting to put the morning trash out by the road ( 3 bags in his left hand ) and two dogs on leashes in his right hand( for their morning “duty” walk) when his left lower leg was sliced open by broken glass protruding from a plastic garbage bag.  Yep, a ceramic bowl had broken and “I” simply discarded the broken pieces into our trash.

I jumped up from bed and sprang into action!!!  😉  (There are 3 posts, back there somewhere in previous months regarding this same type of “NEED” for a sudden reaction to some type of…emergency!  I do hope you have read each of them and enjoyed a chuckle or two). 😉

So,  after a quick determination that stitches would be required, we were in the van and headed to…???…???…???   An Urgent Care clinic… somewhere… out there… SOMEWHERE… that would, definitely be cheaper than the hospital’s Emergency Room. “I”…In my night clothes, un-brushed hair, NO make-up and “BED” teeth drove straight over the bridge, in-land, to where I KNEW there was a clinic… with Chris in the back seat… In need of medical attention!!!    I WAS CERTAIN… there was a “walk-in” medical clinic over there… somewhere on Route 1… SOMEWHERE!!!

Folks, it was early enough that it was still DARK outside…VERY DARK.  With lots of street and store lights… EVERYWHERE!!!  Aaahhh!!!  “I”… have Poor night vision since having corrective laser surgery back in 1998.  The lights… GLARE RIGHT BACK AT ME!!!  Poor Chris was in the back seat, holding pressure on the wound, seeking to stop the bleeding… while I drove…???…???…??? around… up and down Route 1 searching for the clinic that I was CERTAIN was out there… SOMEWHERE.  Guess what???  “IT”… IS NOT THERE ANYMORE!!!

Siri, that “voice” on I-phone was of NO HELP…WHAT-SO-EVER!!!  “SHE”… had NOWHERE TO SEND US!!!  NOWHERE!!!  So, Chris, still compressing his wound in the back seat, recommended going back out onto Anastasia Island where “HE” was CERTAIN there was an Urgent Care… over there… SOMEWHERE… by the Bridge of Lions.  I drove back to the island and clear to the Bridge of Lions.  GUESS WHAT???  :/  That’s right… NO CLINIC!!!  ANYWHERE!!!

Chris… is getting…???…???…??? “irritable” by this time.  I quickly phoned a co-worker who also lives on the island.  She did a quick “google search”… revealing NOTHING!!!  I drove straight to Flagler Hospital at this point.  And I parked out there… in the lot, so as to not block the entrance should an ambulance arrive… with an “emergency”.  WHAT???  “WE”… “WERE”… the emergency at this point, Jill!!!  Poor Chris sat out in the van waiting for me… and a security guard… to transport him through the lot and into the ER via wheelchair!!!  “I”… AM NOT KIDDING, folks!!!

We were quickly escorted to ER room #2.  Chris received immediate attention and excellent treatment by an amazing staff.  This  included security, reception, nurses, room tech., supply girl, physicians, billing dept., AND… everyone else we encountered while there.  GO TEAM FLAGLER HOSPITAL “ER”!!!  “THIS” was our BEST “ER” VISIT… EVER!!!  😉 WOO-WHOOOOOO!!!

So, so GREAT to witness, FIRST HAND, amazing folks out there giving the Best of themselves for JUST today… “EVERY” day!!!


P.H.P, folks.  People Helping People.