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“I”… kid you… NOT!!!

YOU WILL Not, NOT, N-O-T  BELIEVE “THIS”!!!  Please, COME ALONG, folks.  “WE”… are taking ANOTHER “TRIP”… to “JILL’S WORLD”!!!  ARE YOU READY???…???…???… H-E-R-E    W-E    G-O……

I do NOT even know where to begin this post…???…???…  There is SOOOOOO much going on RIGHT now, JUST in ALL of our”EVERY” day lives… NOT TO MENTION ALL THE…???…???…??? STUFF???  Happening in… THE WHOLE-WIDE WORLD!!! Oh,… where-oh-where… do I EVEN BEGIN???

Okay, so… “WORK”… as YOU ALL know… “IS DIFFICULT” right now!!!  So, so many changes occurring in the medical field.  So, so many changes occurring in the USA.  So, so many changes occurring in the ENTIRE world.    The “STRESS”… is palpable!!!  Let us begin with those changes occurring with ALL of our jobs…

Our Government… here in America… keeps taking more, More, and MORE from anybody who has earned ANYTHING for themselves.  And what does our Government do with what it takes???  “THEY”… (Government officials) fill their own pockets.  And “THEY”… (Government officials) simply hand over a cheapened version of “The American Dream” to those individuals who have no dreams of their own.  Just demands.

And the result???  Companies are being taxed to the breaking point.  “EVERY” day peeps are being taxed to the Breaking Point.  Companies are going “under”.  Families are going “under”.  Hhhmmm… “YOU”… tell “ME”… Is the end near???

I have to pause RIGHT HERE.  “SOMETHING”… just came to mind:  “Ask not what your country can do for YOU, but WHAT YOU can do for your COUNTRY.”  Amen.  May you R.I.P., President John F. Kennedy.

So… back to “EVERY” day “LIFE”… on the “J-O-B… S-T-R-E-S-S!!!  Aaahhhhhh!!!  Do more, More, MORE… for less, Less, LESS!!!  The increasing demands on EVERYONE… EVERYWHERE… are causing “difficulty”.  Teammates are, selfishly, erupting in “ANGER”.  Working relationships are being tested and tried… ACROSS THE BOARD.

Yesterday was a, particularly, ROUGH day at work!!!  I allowed something that didn’t “REALLY” bother me to erupt into an argument between teammates(co-workers).  Yep… “I,” somehow, became so self-indulged in the situation, that “I”… became “ANGRY”.  I can NOT take back those words I allowed to escape from my lips.  “Father, forgive me.  For I have sinned”… yet AGAIN.

Yesterday was so, So, SO “CRAZY”… W-E-I-R-D!!!  The day began so beautifully… as I had grown so much in just seeking to “HELP” others, in NO WAY, associated with the plight of this blog, numberoneteam.net.  I cannot explain it in full-depth, but the blessings I received… IMMEDIATELY… were AMAZING!!!  AMAZING GRACE.  (Sorry… I MUST interject with:  “GO TEAM GRACE McCULLOUGH!!!  She IS a winner!!!   She was 1 of the 5 models chosen during Wet Seal’s recent “Model Search, 2014”.  Congrats, Grace.  WE LOVE YOU!!!)

Back on topic… so yesterday morning continued with such GREAT blessings.  “I” was on cloud 9… a WHITE, FLUFFY CLOUD!!!  In a clear blue, Blue, BLUE sky!!!  😉  UNTIL… the “darkness” rolled in… rather quickly.  “BACK OFF, SATAN!!!”  “BUMPS” occurred in the darkness of yesterday afternoon that caused ANOTHER strain on relationships between teammates (co-workers).  🙁  THIS… “GREAT” day suddenly became… not-so-great, after-all.

So then what happened???  ANOTHER co-worker (unaware of the day’s “turmoil”) tagged me in the BEST-EVER Facebook post… which I then forwarded to all of my Facebook friends as follows:

This is EXACTLY how it read:  “The following message is approved by numberoneteam.net.  Pls. share forward…  😉   BREAKING NEWS:  The pity train has just derailed at the intersection of Suck It Up & Move On, and crashed into We All Have Problems, before coming to a complete stop at Get The Heck Over It.  Any complaints about how we operate can be forwarded to 1-800-waa-waaaa.  This is Dr. Sniffle reporting LIVE from Quitchur Fussin’.  If you like this, repost it.  If you don’t, suck it up cupcake, life doesn’t revolve around YOU!”!!!

I so, So, SOOOOOO needed this tag on Facebook last night.  Thanks for thinking of me, Michelle.  I then moved on to experience the blessing of that previous post:  “AN AMAZING EVENING…”

WOW!!!  “THIS”… is “LIFE,” folks.  CRAZY!!!  “STRESS” can sure have a negative impact on “EVERY” day peeps, however… “there are always gold nuggets of “GOOD,” buried in there somewhere.  It is our responsibility to “FIND” them (gold nuggets)!!!

“SEEK.  And you shall find.”  Amen.

P.H.P, folks.  People Helping People!!!

Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!



Pppsssttt… I will be off work to attend a continuing education seminar tomorrow, Fri. 10/10/14.  So, what is the seminar, you might be wondering???  “I”… am NOT kidding, folks…  The seminar is titled:  “REASONING WITH UNREASONABLE PEOPLE!!!:  Focus On Disorders of Emotional Regulation”!!!  WHAT???!!!???!!!???!!!  “REASONING… WITH UNREASONABLE PEOPLE”???  OMG, folks.  “THIS”… seminar brochure showed up in the mail… and “HIT ME”… RIGHT UP-SIDE MY HEAD”!!!  OUCH!!!  I simply “MUST” attend “THIS” 6-hour seminar to meet professional license requirements in the medical health field.  STAY TUNED, folks… “TOMORROW”…  promises to be another “CRAZY” day… in “JILL’S WORLD”.  Please check back for details!!!  😉