Daily Archives: October 6, 2014

Oopse, “I” DID IT AGAIN!!!

Yep, I DID IT!!!  “I”… MESSED-UP… AGAIN!!!  COMMUNICATION between teammates is so, So, SO DIFFICULT!!!  “I”… snapped at my direct Supervisor…

Ya see, I had planned to take Friday off work and drive my children to Tampa, FL for a 1 Direction concert at the Raymond James Stadium.  “I”… would not be working Fri., 10/3/14.  Wouldn’t you know it… “SOMEONE”… had placed patients onto “MY” assignment board (in the computer) to be treated by “ME”… ON FRIDAY…when I was NOT even going to be there!!!  Let the chaos begin…

WHAT???  OH NO!!!  I got a bit excited at this point… late in the afternoon on  Thursday, 10/2/14.  MASS CONFUSION!!!  I wasn’t going to be working on Fri., yet I had been assigned patients to treat that day.  Were there enough therapists to cover the treatments???  “THIS”… cannot be happening!!!

A few therapists were in one of the therapy gyms discussing the situation when our Supervisor re-entered to ask if I had in-put data into the computer yet.  I snapped at her assuming that she was telling me to set my assignment board for the next day.  She was NOT.  She was SIMPLY asking if I had entered Thursday’s billing into the computer so that she could adjust schedules for Fri., accordingly!  Oopse!!!

I was also getting a bit nervous about the 4+hour drive, as well.  I get “lost” easily.  “THIS”… makes me nervous.  I was a bit anxious about the trip, itself!!!  Sorry, Ms. Direct Supervisor!  “I”… DID NOT MEAN TO “SNAP” AT YOU LIKE “THAT”!!!  Confusion + anxiety = …???…???…???  “Jill-fusion-xiety” ???  Jill + confusion + anxiety = Jill-fusion-xiety.  HA!!!  THAT’S IT!!!  I had a sudden attack of “JILL-FUSION-XIETY”!!!  :/  Wish me luck… I plan to apologize, 1st thing, Monday morning.

“JILL-FUSION-XIETY”…???…???…???  Do ya think she’ll buy it???  😉

My head hurts.  It’s late, Sun., 10/5/14.  Goodnight, folks.