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Tonight was a special dinner/awards ceremony for my son’s Boy Scout Troop at R.B. Hunt Elementary School here on the Island of  St. Augustine Beach.  Chris and Chase were already at the school before I arrived home from work.  Danielle and I left home for the evening’s event at about 6:45 pm, ET, Wed., 10/29/14.

Danielle and I left immediately following the event and pulled into the driveway of our home at approximately 8:00 pm, ET.  A young man had come out of nowhere up to the driver’s side of our car and immediately began yelling at me:  “WHO DO YOU WORK FOR???”  I was so dumbfound by the question that “I”… SAID NOTHING!!!  The commotion caused Danielle to peer over from the passenger side seat, at which point  this young man began yelling at her to stop looking at him.  He then yelled for her to “stop flirting” with him and he turned, in an aggressive manner, to approach her side of the car.

MOMMA BEAR… came out to “PLAY,” at this point, and Danielle immediately locked the car doors.  I followed him around the car and quickly maneuvered myself between him and the passenger door of the car, encouraging him to back off by raising my Left arm in a defensive manner while  calmly stating, “Sir, that’s my daughter.  She’s 17 years old.”  He pushed my arm away, turned and walked down the driveway onto Lee Drive toward the development’s exit. (I assumed)

I yelled for Danielle to exit the car as soon as he was a safe distance away for us to race into the house, shutting the garage door behind us!!!  WE WERE SAFE!!!  Safe, but scared and shaken.  Danielle cried, hysterically.  I immediately peered out our kitchen nook window in search for any sign of him.  He was gone.

I said to myself, “Self… WHAT just happened out there?”  “IT” made NO sense AT ALL!!!  “Who do [I] work for???”  WHAT???  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  Now, THIS guy was…???…???…???… “CRAZY”???  Now “THAT” (CRAZY), IS MY FAVORITE WORD… AS WE ALREADY KNOW!!!

I grabbed our land line phone and quickly dialed  “9-1-1”  to report this to police.  The St. Augustine Beach Police Dept. responded QUICKLY!!!  Officer McLerran arrived at our home, took a quick report and a description of the young man from myself to quickly alert other officers.   She (Officer McLerran) soon received word, via “walkie-talkie” that a gentleman had been apprehended in the nearby vicinity that, possibly, matched the description.  WOW!!!  Quick response!!!  GO TEAM ST. AUGUSTINE BEACH POLICE DEPT.!!!

Chris and Chase had since arrived home and Chris accompanied me in the back of the police SUV driven by Officer McLerran for a positive i.d., just down the street, a short distance from our home.  “I” was anxious… and hopeful.  “THIS” man, however, was NOT… “THE” young man who had been at our home.

Officer McLerran drove us home.  She took individual statements from both Danielle and myself.  And then… she was gone.  It wasn’t long before the phone rang, requesting us to travel to a nearby location where a second suspect had been apprehended that also matched the description.  “THIS” guy… was the “RIGHT” guy!!!  WOO-WHOOOOOO!!!  EXCELLENT WORK, officers!!!  GO TEAM ST. AUGUSTINE BEACH POLICE DEPT.!!!  YOU GUYS ARE DEFINITELY #1 AT!!!

It is currently 11:30 pm, ET.  I need to wind-down, folks.  My heart is still racing.  In retrospect, I had NOT been fearful for myself at all with the initial encounter.  “THINGS” changed, IMMEDIATELY, as he turned his attention toward Danielle.  “HE”… headed toward my daughter in a crazed manner and ALL thoughts turned toward protecting my “cub”.  Momma Bear was coming out to “play”!!!  😉

This young man appeared clean-cut, almost cute, in the dark.  He did not “SMELL” of alcohol or uncleanliness.  “HE”… was “CRAZY”!!!  WHAT??? “CRAZY???”  SHUT-UP, JILL!!!  FOLKS, I CANNOT MAKE THIS STUFF UP!!!  “Crazy” Jill encountered a crazy man in the driveway of the Allen household on Wed. evening 10/29/14!!!  “HE”… did NOT know “WHO” I was or “WHO” he was dealing with!!!  😉

Heavenly Father, I thank you for Your protection this evening in keeping Danielle and myself safe.  I thank you for the extreme diligence displayed by the St. Augustine Beach Police Dept.  And I ask You, Father, to please forgive this young man.  He knows not what he does.  Please guide and protect him as he struggles with his plate of “STUFF,” while simply seeking to survive… “LIFE”.  Amen.





WHEW!!! “50”…

isn’t so bad, AFTER ALL!!!  😉

Hhhmmm… I was a member of the “40-something” crowd JUST 9+ hours ago. (It is now 8:58 pm, ET on Mon., 10/27/14)  I am now a member of the “50+” club.)   NOT MUCH HAS CHANGED!!!

What is ALL the “hype” about???  Gifts and cards started arriving Fri., 10/24/14.  The “celebrating” will FINALLY discontinue AFTER the potluck at work tomorrow, 10/28/14!!!  FIVE (5) DAYS… of celebrating and eating!!!    “Celebrating”… “Eating.”  MORE “CELEBRATING”… MORE “EATING”!!!

“I”… am so OVER IT!!!  The good news???  Those Birthday cookies from my sisters, Laura and Lynn, that were prepared by my cousin, Tina… in my Grandma Goble’s kitchen???  “THEY”… are ALL GONE!!!  WOO-WHOOOOOO!!!  HA!!!  Yep, I HAD to hurry and finish them so I wouldn’t eat ANY MORE!!!  DOUBLE HA, HA!!! (Just kidding)  😉  There are ~30 left.

And here is ANOTHER cute little example of “ME”… JUST BEING “ME”…

My first encounter with my daughter, Danielle, this evening (after school/before dance) went down like this:  I was in the kitchen.  Danielle enters and gives me that… Danielle… “LOOK” which prompted me to WALK RIGHT OVER  and give “HER” a hug while stating:  “AWE… Happy Birthday to ME”!!!  :/  WHAT???!!!???!!!???!!!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  “I”… hug… “HER” while wishing “MYSELF” a happy birthday???  Oh yeah, I cannot make this stuff up, folks!!!  Danielle even had to point out the…???…???…??? ridiculous, “CRAZINESS”… of that little episode!!!  “THIS”… was so, So, SO FUNNY!!!  (Okay, perhaps a bit “flighty”).

DO NOT ASK, folks!!!  I have NO idea what I think I thought I was saying!  :/  JUST ANOTHER DAY… in “Jill’s World,”!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO… “Meeeeeee”!!!  50 and Fabulous (Pppsssttt… the cookies said so!!!)  😉

“LIFE”… IS DIFFICULT!!!  And “IT” passes by much too quickly!!!

Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!


P.H.P, folks.  People Helping People!!!






There is so, So, SO much to write about… I do NOT know where to begin!!!  I am feeling this… “NEED”… to write about my B-day dinner this late afternoon, Sun. 10/26/14, at ONE OF MY favorite restaurants!!!  Come along, folks…

The Golden Corral in Palm Coast, FL!!!  Oh yeah.  This place is, DEFINITELY, an Allen Family Favorite ( 1 of our favorites )!!!  Hey, I just thought of something…( no kidding), I am wondering if I happened to publish a blog post about this specific restaurant during Thanksgiving, 2013!!!  Ya see, I have family in Ohio.  Chris has family in New Hampshire.  And “WE” have our family here in FL… just the four of us.  Not REALLY enough to cook a whole Thanksgiving dinner for.  So, our family tradition has become enjoying dinner at the Golden Corral in Palm Coast, FL every Thanksgiving for about the last 7-8 years.

Aaahhh!!!  The food choices and quality???  AMAZING!!!  The desserts???  AMAZING!!!  The employees???  AMAZING!!!  Especially TONIGHT for my BIG “50th Birthday dinner celebration!!!  Woo-WHOoooooo!!!  I PROMPTLY announced my B-day to staff and patrons.  🙂 “YES,” my daughter was horrified by “MY” behavior!!! )  😉 Hhhmmm… “50”… not REAL sure, but I do believe that I may be experiencing some difficulty with turning “50” years of age, folks!!!

So we selected a table and went our separate ways on our first round of food-gathering… for plate-filling at this amazing buffet-style restaurant, The Golden Corral in Palm Coast, FL.  We were having so, So, SO much FUN inside this restaurant.  Perhaps a few patrons thought we were a bit…???…???…??? “CRAZY”???  Disruptive???  Annoying???  Well, it’s NOT every day that you go out to celebrate your 50th Birthday at Golden Corral in Palm Coast, FL!!!  I APOLOGIZE… to ALL of you annoyed patrons/employees who were there at the time “WE” were there… to “CELEBRATE”… “MY” 50th Birthday!!!

Yep… I ATE TOO MUCH!!!  The funniest part of this entire B-day dinner celebration occurred as we began enjoying dessert.  I just HAVE to write about this cute, little event that occurred while there…  Well, this young couple (maybe in their 20’s) had been sitting near our table and we just happened to notice the extremely high/tall, but thin/skinny “tower” of vanilla ice-cream  atop this young man’s regular cake-cone as he returned to their table.  YOU HAD TO SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT!!!  “THIS”… was so, So, SO HYSTERICAL!!!

The laughter… became trapped within me… AND “I”… LOST IT!!!  In that same “crazy” manner I explained in a previous post…back there… SOMEWHERE!!!  “IT’… WAS AWFUL!!!  I walked by the table with that couple where the young man had prepared himself that VERY high and thin tower of vanilla ice-cream atop a cake-cone!!!  I “shielded” my vision with one (1) hand as I passed by their table, so as to NOT “SEE” that… “DISASTER”… waiting to happen (Pppsssttt… the “tower” had already begun to “lean”… if you know what I mean)!!!

People were looking at me as if I were…???…???…???  “CRAZY” or something!!!  “I” walked straight back around the dessert section… clear to a back corner in an attempt to “HIDE” my distorted-looking, obnoxious… “FACE”!!!  I gathered myself and began “perusing” the dessert selection.  UNBEKNOWNST TO ME… our waiter was just arriving at our table with a piece of cake and one (1) candle… which had already been lit… as I left to stroll by the “towering” ice-cream cone on my way to the desserts!!!  He (the waiter) frantically scattered around carrying “MY” dessert with 1 candle already burning as I perused the dessert table!!!  So much “craziness” was occurring in that restaurant, the Golden Corral in Palm Coast, FL as everyone continued to plot and plan a “secret” approach in order to deliver my piece of B-day cake…with one (1) burning candle… while singing “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”!!! (so “THEY” say)

FINALLY!!!  I returned to our table to gather myself ( still unaware of the plotting and planning going on around me… about me).  And then I “HEARD” the B-day song.  I, IMMEDIATELY, began singing (loudly) as I turned toward the voices singing to  celebrate “somebody’s” B-day.  Aaahhh!!! (I REALLY screamed, folks)  I had NEVER witnessed “THIS” (waiters/waitresses singing for B-days) at Golden Corral before… TODAY!!!  And “THOSE” voices were coming straight toward “ME,” singing “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” to “ME”(JILL, #1)  Yep,  “I”… was dumbfounded!!!  Everyone sure enjoyed my reaction as I discovered they were singing to “ME”!!!  Folks,  “THIS” is so, So, SO “ME”.  Flighty.  Oblivious.  And “CRAZY”!!!  WELCOME TO MY WORLD!!!

What a fun, Fun, FUN evening out with my family at the Golden Corral in Palm Coast, FL to experience more FL teammates who go out there every day and give the BEST of themselves for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!  GO TEAM GOLDEN CORRAL!!!  WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!!

It is now 8:30 pm, ET on Sunday, 10/26/14.  I have a few more hours to enjoy being in the 40’s before entering  the…???…???…??? “prestigious” club of the 50’s!!!  Folks, I AM SORRY, BUT… I DO NOT WISH TO JOIN THE 50’s CLUB!!!  Oh please, Please, PLEASE… SAY IT ISN’T SO!!!  😉

Just kidding, folks.  “I”… am doing fine.  Did I mention that my husband is “OLDER” than I am???  And come to think of it… “BOTH” sisters (Laura AND Lynn) are ALSO… “OLDER” than I am!!!  Just sayin’/singin’:  “EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT!!!” ( in a Jamaican/reggae-type voice)

I am “JUST STARTING OVER… IN THE MIDDLE” of THIS, MY LIFE.  (Pppsssttt…I heard that phrase today:  “JUST STARTING OVER… IN THE MIDDLE” and “IT” stuck in my brain)  🙂

P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.

Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!









Come along, folks.  WE ARE TAKING ANOTHER TRIP TO “JILL’S WORLD”!!!  Ready or not, HERE WE GOOOoooooo…

“LIFE” has gotten so busy lately that I have not been able to spend much time, IF ANY, on Facebook.  I went on earlier today:  Sat. 10/25/14, specifically to compliment my cousin, Tina on those PERFECT B-day cookies she prepared and shipped to the Allen household in FL from “HER” home (which was Grandma’s home) in Fayette, OH.  Memories of times spent at that house… back in the day… are returning… AGAIN.  BITTERSWEET “memories”.  Hhhmmm… let’s keep moving, folks…

I messaged Tina and then promptly began scrolling through the News Feed.  GREAT posts from various friends delighted me.  UNTIL… “THE” post that ruffled my feathers.  Young girls donning gowns and princess-like garb with foul-mouths who were attempting to promote “FEMINISM”.  WHAT???!!!???!!!???!!  These young girls were, obviously, coached by…???…???…???… parents???  I’m ONLY guessing, folks.

The video of these cute, little girls was HIGHLY disturbing.  Now, “I”… tend to be a bit “opinionated,” folks.  There are MANY previous posts… back there… SOMEWHERE… that discuss my tendency to say what I think.  Hhhmmm… GUESS WHAT???  Yep, I HAD TO REPLY to that, distasteful, video!!! 😉  Now, “THIS” news feed bothered me enough that I then felt compelled to blog about it in the previous post:  “SORRY, BUT…NO”…

I shared my disapproval in a manner that allowed a referral to this site, “”.  (Pppsssttt… marketing while commenting)  DON’T LET ME FOOL YOU, folks.  It may appear as though I know what I am doing here on the internet with blogging, BUT… “THAT” would be a FALSE assumption.  “TRUTH IS”… I have NO IDEA what I’ve already done, what I’m currently doing, OR… what NEEDS to be done to expand the opportunities available in association with this blog!!!  :/

Aaahhhhhh!!!  I am SO confused (overwhelmed) that I “DO” NOTHING… in terms of network marketing.  “I”… am “FLIGHTY,” folks.  “THIS” overwhelms me… which then paralyzes me.  So, I don’t even try to mess with it (marketing).  I blog, that’s it.  I do NOT consider myself to be a “writer”.  I’ve NEVER wanted to write… “BEFORE” blogging.  I do share many daily events in “MY” personal LIFE, however, this blog also presents various situations, reactions, and opinions that encourage you, the reader, to “think” for yourself and develop your own ideas based on where you are in YOUR” LIFE.

Okay, so then Chris and I go to the Sat. evening service at Anastasia Baptist Church (ABC) on the Island here in St. Augustine, FL.  “FAMILIES!!!”  Yep, families are the current focus of sermon topics.  Tonight’s topic???  YOU… are NOT gonna believe this folks!!!  “DRIFTING FAMILIES NEED BOUNDARIES”.  Ephesians 5:21-6:4.

Christ needs to be at the center of all households.  The positives… will make families STRONG.  Obedience.  Encouragement.  Submission/respect.  Honor.  And the PRESENCE of Love.  Remember…  “GOD IS GOOD… ALL THE TIME.  ALL THE TIME… GOD IS GOOD”!!!

The negatives…will DESTROY families.  DO NOT ALLOW their entrance into your family environment, such as:  Disobedience.  Discouragement.  Resistance.  Humiliation.  And the ABSENCE of Love.  The negatives, folks, are driven by Satan.  Boy, I suddenly remembered that video on Facebook earlier today and I thought to myself:  “SELF:  NOW, THOSE FAMILIES ARE IN NEED OF SOME BOUNDARIES”!!!  😉 

“THIS”… “coincidence”… was unbelievable to me, folks.  I had already spent considerable time at home distressing about those young girls and their families.  I commented directly to the video and then I blogged about the specific event at this site… essentially regarding their LACK of “BOUNDARIES”. Hhhmmm… do you see a connection here???  I sure do!!!

WOW!!!  Think about that, folks.  Please seek to discover the “POSITIVE”… IN EVERY SITUATION.  “SEEKAND YOU SHALL FIND”.  AMEN.  Pastor Walter ended tonight’s sermon with:  “Try to out-do each other in showing honor” to others.  DOUBLE WOW, WOW!!!  Now, “THAT”… IS POWERFUL!!!  Say “WHAT”???  Is “THIS” a competition, Pastor Walter?  ‘Cause “I”… am a COMPETITOR!!!  OH YEAH. I AM IN IT… TO WIN IT!!!  “IT’S ON, folks!!!  NOW… “LET’S ROLL”!!!  😉

P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.

Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!



Sorry, BUT… “NO”…

“THAT” kind of, foul-mouthed language IS NOT…???…???…???… “O-K-A-Y”!!!  OR is it,  “OKAY”???   I was saddened earlier today to observe a very distasteful post on FaceBook that REALLY disturbed “ME” (and many others according to the comments received).

Young, cute girls- each dressed as a Princess- were supposed to represent today’s version of “feminism”…???…???…??? I THINK.  BUT then… NOW, WAIT FOR IT… these cute girls started using… :/… bad words… like I’ve NEVER used myself!!! (Pppsssttt…and I will be “50” on Mon., 10/27/14)!!!

WHAT???!!!???!!!???!!!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  Please say it isn’t so.  Look around, folks.  AMERICA is FALLING APART!!!  Look further.  
is FALLING APART.  Hhhmmm… it seems as though our words and behaviors are contributing, GREATLY, to our own demise.

Now, even “I”… “GET” what they were trying to do.  Something… like “THIS”… could have been done… TASTEFULLY.   AND… perhaps gained support… over the web…out there…somewhere… in the world-wide WEB.  Using young and impressionable girls to send this message in “THIS” manner to viewers ALL over the WORLD was ________???…???…???…  “MY” descriptive word of choice is: “DISTASTEFUL”.

“MEN”… ARE MEN.  “WOMEN”… ARE WOMEN.  FOR A REASON.  I have, but ONE (1) suggestion, folks:  Reach for  the Bible.  Seek His wisdom to guide your words and behaviors.  Got questions???  A highly trusted individual has directed me to:  Just type in your question, for example… “What does the Bible think about feminism?”  And get your answer.  IT’S “THAT” SIMPLE!!!  And then you get to interpret that answer in “YOUR” way, hopefully seeking His guidance with your interpretation.  Please remember… “IT IS… WHAT IT IS”!!!  😉  And DON’T FORGET to REMEMBER…  😉 “GOD IS GOOD… ALL THE TIME.  ALL THE TIME… GOD IS GOOD”.  AMEN.

P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.




“JILL is over the hill”

Birthday gifts started arriving at the ALLEN residence on Friday, 10/24/14!!!  My actual 50th B-day will be on Monday, 10/27/14.  50 cookies:  “JILL is over the hill,” with a white frosted coating and “50 and fabulous,” with a pink frosted coating arrived as a gift from both sisters, Laura and Lynn.  These cookies were sent as a special B-day gift.  I simply HAD to eat 1 of each, right???

AND… you WILL NOT believe this, BUT… my sisters ordered these cookies to be made by my cousin, Tina Keiser from her own business, “SO SWEET, cookies, cake pops and more!” which she runs out of “her” home which had been my grandparents’ home in Fayette, OH.  WOW!!!  50 cookies for my 50th b-day which were prepared from my grandmother’s kitchen!!!  DOUBLE WOW, WOW!!!  Memories are FLOODING my brain from the past.  Tina and Kirk have made renovations to the house over the past 20+ years.  “I”… have NEVER been back to that house since leaving Ohio in 1992.  “IT”… still looks the same in “MY” mind.

PLUS… an apple pie arrived today, as well!!!  Now, in fairness… I just HAD to eat a nice-sized piece of pie from my mother-in-law, Barbara Allen, AFTER having eaten two of the B-day cookies from my sisters, Laura and Lynn, which were ordered from my cousin, Tina!!!  RIGHT???  Or WRONG???

Oh yeah, and did I mention that I enjoyed these B-day goodies AFTER eating tonight’s dinner that I picked up from Chick-Fil-A on my way home AFTER… shopping at the Ponce De Leon mall AFTER… finishing work!!!  WHEW!!!  My diet begins on Monday!!!  :/

“THIS”… has sure been a DIFFICULT WEEK, folks!!!  A DIFFICULT MONTH!!!   The post, “Soon To Be…50” was published 10/5/14 regarding those pseudo aches and pains I had developed.  Danielle had her LAST “first” Showtime USA performance of the year at the Orange Park festival in Jacksonville,FL  this past Saturday, 10/18/14 and THEN… she had her LAST “first” chorus performance of this year on Tuesday night at the High School!!!  Aaahhhhhh!!!  “THIS”… is my daughter’s LAST year in High School!!!  “I”… AM NOT READY…TO BE 50!!!  “I”… AM NOT READY FOR DANIELLE’S  H.S. GRADUATION!!!  PLEASE… can somebody, P-L-E-A-S-E… STOP THE MADNESS!!!

“I”… will be “O.K.,” folks!!!  Did I mention that my husband is “OLDER” than I am???  AND… both of my sisters(Laura and Lynn), as well… ARE “OLDER” THAN I AM!!!  Hhhmmm…  “EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT” (said in a Jamaican/ Reggae-type voice).  😉

Have a blessed evening, folks.  I ate TOO much tonight.  Not feeling so well.    Goodnight.




Perhaps “THIS” is a false generalization that does NOT apply to ALL men, however, “THIS” holds true in our household.  I’m choosing to “RUN WITH IT,” guys.  Sorry.  Now, bear with me…

My husband is a… “KEEPER”!!!  DO NOT GET ME WRONG.  He is, in fact, A DEFINITE KEEPER!!!  My ONE complaint(today)… and I must reveal “IT” since “IT” was at the core of a recent… “situation”:  HE DOES NOT LISTEN!!!  To “ME”.  I have ALWAYS requested that he NOT let both dogs out, unleashed.  EVERY day… He gets all frustrated when our dogs race out the door, barking at…???…???…??? something or someone… out there somewhere!!!  Simple, right???  Put them on leashes before heading out the door.  HA!!!  “THAT”… is TOO simple!!!  Too simple, as a matter of fact, that Chris NEVER does it!!!  DOUBLE HA, HA!!!

We currently have 1 male golden retriever and 1 female black lab.  Female dogs… “LISTEN” better than male dogs!!!  My husband has learned this, first hand, with these two dogs.  “THIS” has been so, So, SO funny to witness Chris, hesitantly, admitting “THE TRUTH”.  😉  Females listen better than males… IN OUR FAMILY!!!  Children, dogs, etc. (Pppsssttt… SPOUSES too)!!!  😉

I believe Chris opened the door Monday night to let the dogs out and… OUT THEY RACED, alright while barking after a neighbor walking her black lab around the circle!!! Now, I “HEARD” this incident as it occurred.  Chris yelled:  “DUSTY!!!” and I then heard him groan in frustration prior to shutting the door on his way after them.  These situations ARE ALWAYS similar.  And they happen regularly!!!  I gave up nagging, folks.  Chris, simply, will NOT put them on leashes just to go out into our yard.  END OF STORY!!!

So, what happened Tues. night???   That same neighbor returned with her husband to discuss Monday night’s incident with Chris.  Ordinance… in hand.  Poor Chris.  His J-O-B  is so difficult.  The dogs… are difficult.  “LIFE”… is “DIFFICULT”!!!  Hurry, hurry, hurry-up and go, Go, GO!!!  The knock on our door came as we were racing around for Danielle’s first Chorus concert of, “THIS”, her LAST year of High School.  :/  OUCH!!!

I was in a tough position, folks.  Support my husband while believing him to be at fault for allowing the dogs out, unleashed.  I BECAME so upset.  GUESS WHAT I DID???  THAT’S RIGHT!!!  I ATE!!!  AND ATE!!!  AND ATE!!!  Chips and cookies… UNTIL I FELT SICK.  I began binging IMMEDIATELY  at home and continued in the car ALL the way out to the school!!!  Aaahhh!!!  WHY Jill???  WHY, OH WHY???  Yep, I felt pudgy at work ALL day today!!!

And what did I do as soon as I got home from work tonight?  I made dinner… QUICK…(tacos) as the guys have Boy Scouts every Wednesday evening… AND WHAT THEN???  I ATE.  AND ATE!!!  AND ATE!!!  AGAIN!!!  YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!  I WASN’T EVEN “THAT” HUNGRY (I don’t think).  :/  Hhhmmm…  WHY JILL???  WHY, OH WHY???

STRESS?  PMS???  “LIFE”???  Time for a quick pep rally:  “I can do it.  I can do it.  I CAN”… start dieting first thing in the morning!!!  I don’t feel so well, folks.  Time to get ready for bed…  🙁

EVERYBODY’S GOT “STUFF,” folks.  EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!  It is my sincere prayer that “PEACE… BE WITH ALL OF US” as we each struggle to survive this thing called “LIFE”… TOGETHER!!!

P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.


Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!




What’s this nonsense about something called…???…???…??? “THE 7-YEAR ITCH”???  WHAT???!!!???!!!???!!!  YOU’VE GOT AN “ITCH”???  THEN… “SCRATCH IT”!!!  😉

7 years???  Boy, Chris and I suffered through 12+ years of…???…???…??? INSANITY!!!  COMPLETE CRAZINESS!!!  (Pppsssttt… “I” was a “CRAZY” MESS back then.  But now, I choose to be “CRAZY”… by design!)   STILL “CRAZY” AFTER ALL THESE YEARS!!!  😉

MARRIAGE… IS DIFFICULT!!!  Oh, but it is so, So, SO worth getting beyond the honeymoon/pudgymoon phases and gliding into the GOLDENMOON phase.  Now, “THIS”… is true love, folks.  And “I”… am looking forward to it!!!  (This “PUDGYMOON” phase is really starting to BUG ME!!!)  😉

GO TEAM _____(insert your married name ).  Ex.:  GO TEAM ALLEN!!!  IN IT TO WIN IT!!!

Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!





“IS DIFFICULT!!!”  It doesn’t, however, have to be…???…???…???…  “NASTY”!!!

Not happy???  Think life would be better… “Over There”… ( Oh, no… it’s that Navy song… AGAIN!!!  “OVER THERE!!!  OVER THERE!!!”  Sorry.)  🙁  DIVORCE…???…???…???  “IS DIFFICULT”!!!  NO ONE is “HAPPY”.  WHO???  WHAT???  WHEN???  WHERE???  WHY???  There are so, So, SO many questions.  No answers… to vindicate or justify… ANY OF IT.

Just… “GET THROUGH IT,” folks.  We ALL have “PLATES”… full of…???…???…???  “STUFF”!!!  AND… WE ARE ALL IMPERFECT PEOPLE!!!  Making mistakes every single day!!!  THE QUESTION???  “ARE WE LEARNING ANYTHING???”

“UNHAPPINESS”… generally comes from… “WITHIN”.  Tell me, is it possible to be happy “”somewhere else” when you’re not even happy within yourself???  Hhhmmm… makes ya think, doesn’t it???  Been there!!!  Done that!!!  And… the answer is… “NO”!!!

Your spouse…???…???…???  IS NOT THE PROBLEM!!!  Discover the “TRUTH” behind “YOUR” unhappiness.  And perhaps… THIS “TRUTH”… will set you FREE… allowing “YOU” to find happiness within yourself.  AMEN.

“LIFE”… IS DIFFICULT, folks.  Seek God.  And “IF”… divorce is inevitable, “HELP” each other through the process, especially if there are children involved who are also seeking to survive it.

Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!

P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.







— A LIGHT HEART.  Having the ability to find PEACE and COMFORT in ALL situations.

— A CLEAR CONSCIENCE.  Giving the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day.   AND… seeking forgiveness as necessary.

— A THANKFULNESS FOR WHAT LITTLE YOU HAVE.  Realizing that many others are less fortunate.

— GRATITUDE FOR ANOTHER DAY.  Striving to make a positive difference in our surroundings.

“HAPPINESS IS” … A CHOICE!!!  Please choose wisely.  😉


P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.