here in St. Augustine, FL is DEFINITELY #1 at numberoneteam.net!!!

“OBAMACARE???  NO, OBAMA-DON’T CARE!!!”  Please refer to that previous post dated 2/8/14 for a few chuckles… AND MY opinion, of course!!!  😉

Hhhmmm… Premiums for medical insurance have skyrocketed.  Deductibles have skyrocketed.  I did not want to spend money on… “ME”.  So, I had NOT been in for an annual mammogram.  In fact, it had been over 2 yrs. since my last exam.  I just recently completed the diagnostic testing on Friday afternoon which revealed… GOOD NEWS.  AMEN!!!

So, what prompted this testing… after 2 years???  I found a “lump,” folks.  And I “monitored” it for 3-4 months before scheduling the necessary appointments.  I couldn’t get the test without a physician’s order, so I requested my MD (who I haven’t seen for 2+ yrs.) to fax one over for the mammogram.  Well, this “lump,” thingy required that I get additional testing… blah, blah, blah…

It rained both days on my way to the Imaging Center.  Oh, “THIS,”  I thought… WAS A DEFINITE SIGN!!!  A BAD SIGN!!!  God was crying as I was on my way to be diagnosed with cancer… BOTH DAYS!!!  I felt sad… but BRAVE. God is with me… ALWAYS.  I knew this Friday.  I know this today.  And I will know this tomorrow, as well.  In fact, I will know that God is with me EVERY DAY for the rest of my life.  He promised.  He… keeps His promises.

Of course, I would feel for the “lump” numerous times… DAILY!!!  “IT”… was ALWAYS there.  The area was becoming more and more “tender” as the days passed.  What???  More tender???  I mean, it actually “hurts” these days!!!  (Pppsssttt… I even developed a bruise from self-inspection.)  REALITY… was setting in… BUT… I knew that I would be “OKAY”… NO MATTER WHAT!!!

Taxation.  Financially punishing the successful.   Providing incentives to NOT work.  Etc, etc., etc…  So, so many individuals not working.  Not contributing, but “TAKING”… and then DEMANDING more… FOR NOTHING.  Where does “THIS” end, folks???  I will tell you…  “THIS”… ENDS… with… “THE END”.

So, the results of a mammogram and ultrasound on a “lump” I discovered a few months ago was deemed non-cancerous by staff at Flagler Imaging here in St. Augustine, FL.  WOOO-WHOOOOOO!!!  Chris and I were so relieved.  And…”LIFE”… is now returning to it’s usual, chaotic and difficult pattern!!!  DOUBLE WOO-WHOOOOOO, WOO-WHOOOOOO!!!

I love Flagler Imaging!!!  They sure had friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and professional employees!!!  (Pppsssttt… Yep, I think I bonded with a few of the ladies!!!  I, truly, felt that connection…)  GO TEAM FLAGLER IMAGING!!!  WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!!

I just have to say… ONE MORE TIME… “OBAMACARE???  NO, OBAMA DON’T CARE!!!”  Please refer to that post completed on 2/8/14.  “IT”… became… true-to-life… FOR “ME”!!!

Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!

P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.