Father, Forgive “US”

I will admit that I am a bit “FLIGHTY”.  I am a bit naive.  I do not, often-times, “GET” things.  This high-tech field of communication via the Web… can be VERY dangerous.  “I” am finally “GETTING” that MANY, MANY “EVILS” are passed along via “piggy-back”.  Ex.:  A negative, sinful site attaches itself to other sites seeking to “sneak in through the back door”.  Hhhmmm… come along, folks.  Another adventure through the thoughts that occur in this place called “Jill’s World”…  READY???  HERE WE GO…

We ALL get SPAM, correct?  I consider “SPAM” to be direct advertisement that others seek by posting their links as a comment to other sites… legitimately.  The site owner who receives these comments may possibly be interested in viewing their site which was delivered as a SPAM comment.  I ALWAYS  DELETE/TRASH ALL OF THESE.

Now, those-types of legitimate comments are said to be delivered by “ROBOTS” (I think)!!!  Scary thought, huh?  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  “ROBOTS” out there… SOMEWHERE… delivering messages!!!  WHO???  WHAT???  WHEN???  WHERE???  WHY???  The simple chatter about invisible “ROBOTS” doing ANYTHING scares “ME”!!!  :/

And then, there are individuals from specific organizations/sites who post legitimate comments regarding a specific post, without obvious,”OVER-” advertising themselves.  They, genuinely, approve of or appreciate a certain post that they have read.  Now, these comments will generally receive approval.  “OTHER”  individuals may not like a certain post and they will encourage a broader spectrum of consideration.  I tend to approve these-type of comments, as well.  “IT IS…WHAT IT IS!!!”  AGAIN… I SEEK TO HARM NO ONE.

But, THEN… there are, STILL, “OTHERS”… who add a quick positive comment that may NOT even be regarding the post it’s attached to in an attempt to gain approval of their comment.   By clicking “approve,”  advertisement is shared forward for their site to any readers who may read the comments received.  HA!!!  I AM ON TO “YOU”… FINALLY!!!  After 1 yr./2 mos. of blogging!!!  DOUBLE HA, HA!!!  Unfortunately… “THEY” are NOT reading this post.

I guess the main purpose of this post is to point out “THIS” deceit to those of you who ARE, actually, reading these posts.  I’d like to think that “I” CANNOT be the ONLY flighty and naive individual out there… somewhere… in this world-wide WEB “space”.  (Pppsssttt… I actually picture outer-space when I think of where this info. is traveling, but I “LOSE” sight of the “info.” in space as I just don’t “GET” all the specifics of how things occur.  It’s that enormous and  incomprehensible to “ME”!)  ANOTHER EXAMPLE of “ME” being “ME”… and GETTING LOST… in my own mind (Jill’s World)!!!

Many of the sites using this deceitful manner of advertising ARE… Hhhmmm… what shall I say???  Sinful?  Disgusting?  Immoral?  I apologize to ALL readers for ANY distasteful sites I have promoted via approving their, seemingly, positive comments regarding a certain post.  I AM SORRY!!!  I have become more discriminative of those comments that receive approval.  I do hope that I will no longer pass along anything that might be displeasing to Him.

Heavenly Father, please forgive “THEM” for they know not what they do.  And forgive “ME” for my naive participation in passing along anything that is against your teachings.  Amen.