Daily Archives: September 12, 2014


“CREEK”… (“Fruit of the Loom” underwear).  Folks, “THIS” is so, So, SO funny!!!

EVERY YEAR… we pick themed costumes for the entire Rehab. Dept. to enter the contest as a “TEAM” for the facility’s annual Halloween Party.  We’ve been the Flintstones, Cowboys & Indians, convicts, grapes on a vine, Wizard of OZ, etc.  We, generally, remain undecided as to our themed costumes until the last few days before the party!!!  Yep… we then have a VERY short time to get prepared.  Our costumes are ALWAYS arranged with “STUFF” from home which makes them so much funnier!!!

Boy, we sure have GREAT patients at our nursing facility!!!   The therapists???  We are ALL “CRAZY”!!!  Loud chatter, laughter and singing can often be heard from any of the three main therapy gyms.  We like to have fun!!!

Let me drift for a moment and tell you a “cute” ritual, okay???  It seems that  we ALWAYS have “favorite” patients at work.  AND… we ALWAYS TELL them.  ALL OF THEM!!!  “THIS”… is so, So, SO funny.  A therapist will lean in REAL close to an elderly patient and whisper, “Don’t tell anyone, but YOU’RE”… MY FAVORITE”!!!  😉  This is stressed in a “crazy” manner so that anyone, anywhere close  gets a chuckle out of it!!!  Especially the patients!!!  Yep, I’m chuckling inside myself right now!!!  “THIS”… is so, So, SO FUNNY!!!

Back on topic:  “Fruit of the Creek”…

A current therapy patient renamed some treatment modalities according to their color:  Blueberry, Granny Smith(green), red delicious, lemon/banana(yellow), clementine(orange), grapes(purple).  “THIS” quickly turned into “FRUIT of the Creek”!!!  HA!!!  Our DOR (Director of Rehab) could be a huge pair of men’s underwear (fruit of the loom) and each therapist could be a color representing a fruit!!!  DOUBLE HA, HA!!!  “FRUIT of the CREEK” (Moultrie Creek Nursing and Rehab. Center)!!!  😉

Folks, this nursing facility is like one big happy family… and yes, we all have bad days, BUT… WE ARE A TEAM!!!  HEY… perhaps the entire facility… STAFF AND PATIENTS… could dress in costumes as a box of cereal… “Fruity Creek” with our administrator as the “BOX” containing the fruity pebbles!!!  I LOVE IT!!!  NOT!!!  “THAT”…will NEVER happen, folks!!!

Today was just another day at the Creek!!!  So. so FUN!!!  Have I mentioned that I absolutely love, Love, LOVE my “J-O-B”???


P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People!!!

Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!