Daily Archives: September 5, 2014


“I wrote you a letter today.”

Bear with me, folks… I said a prayer today.  It inspired me to write my husband a letter today.  I awoke EARLY, began my prayers, and felt compelled to write my husband a letter…

I believe the exact time I started “THE LETTER” was 6:37 am.  I have secured it(the letter) in the envelop.  The envelop completion time and date is on the front:  “6:58 am     9/5/14”.

So, I started “THE LETTER” at 6:37 am, 9/5/14 and then secured it in an envelop at 6:58 am, 9/5/14.  I called my husband (he has already left for work) and informed him of “THE LETTER” about… “THE PRAYER”.  I will ask him to keep “THE LETTER” about… “THE PRAYER”… in his car.  UNTIL… I tell him to open it!!!  😉

There will be a specific time/occasion at which point he will be instructed to open “THE LETTER” about… “THE PRAYER”.

Stay tuned… I WILL reveal ALL the details… as appropriate.  I promise!!!


“GOD IS GOOD!!!  ALL THE TIME”!!!  Amen.

It is now 7:41 am 9/5/14… the completion of… “THE POST”!!!  Oh, “THIS” is hysterical!!!  Are ya with me???  “THE PRAYER;”…”THE LETTER;”…AND… “THE POST.”

JUST ANOTHER DAY…(in Jill’s World).   😉