Daily Archives: August 28, 2014


BOY, DIFFICULT WEEK!!!  I can’t decide if I want to cry.  To eat.  Or to sleep!!!  It appears that “EATING” is winning out, thus far!!!  🙁     Please stick with me, folks.  “THIS” has been a difficult time period for me!!!

ALL of the recent turmoil… “TURMOIL”… EVERYWHERE!!!  I messaged our lead pastor at ABC, Dr. Walter West, approximately 3-4 weeks ago with one (1) question… “Do you think the end is near?”  He recently responded to that question, directly, during a church service, but I already knew the answer…

“THINGS” appear to be getting increasingly chaotic… in the USA.  In the entire world!!!  So today, 8/27/14, I sat down at the computer earlier this evening to go through readers’ comments at this site after eating an Asian salad (Salad is a “GOOD” dinner, right?)  BUT THEN… OH “THEN”… I went on to eat four (4) Entenmann’s Mini Crumb cakes… rather quickly!!!  WHAT???!!!???!!!???  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!!

“THIS”… is so, So, SO true, folks!!!  Chris and Chase raced around after dinner in prep. for a BoyScout meeting tonight.  As they were leaving, I QUICKLY… threw THREE (3) empty Entenmann’s wrappers under the table… ONTO THE FLOOR… as if I could “HIDE” the evidence of having eaten a total of FOUR (4) Entenmann’s Mini Crumb Cakes!!!  Hhhmmm… WHY… did I have to eat FOUR (4)???  Stress…PMS…”LIFE”???   EVERYTHING… AFFECTS EVERYTHING!!!

I think I am beginning to feel the effects of eating FOUR (4) Entenmann’s Mini Crumb Cakes in quick succession, folks!!!  OH NO!!!  AND… MY HEAD HURTS TOO!!!  WHY, OH WHY, Jill???

Hey, I just thought of something…

THEY WERE MINIS!!!  Eating 4 minis is really like eating just 2 regulars, right???  Can I get a “RIGHT” out there… SOMEWHERE???

I don’t feel so well.  I am going to bed, folks!!!  Good night.