Today’s question…

 Perhaps I have been slacking, folks.  I am not real sure.  I have NOT, however, been passing out” cards to help increase awareness of this site.  🙁  The opportunity, however, presented itself on Fri, 8/22/14 to hand out, at least, ONE card that evening…

A friendly gentleman commented, “I like your shirt.” as I was preparing to leave the gas station after filling-up.  Hhhmmm… it was a Friday evening.  Any guesses what shirt I had on?  Yep, an American Flag shirt!!!  FRIDAY = THE MOVEMENT… remember???  EVERY Friday we sing “God Bless America” in the Skilled Nursing Facility with patients, residents, staff, and family members.  “THIS” American flag shirt is what he was referring to.

Him and I, quite easily, entered into a conversation.  RIGHT THERE… at the gas pumps!!!  He was a vet.  I, quickly and excitedly, requested to shake his hand.  The many problems we face today was the topic of conversation.  Two questions he asked remain…lingering…

1.)  “Do you understand what the Koran preaches?” he asked.  Hhhmmm… my answer???  “No.”  Very unsettling.  We are welcoming individuals into this country and allowing their worship centers to be built… HERE IN AMERICA… with many Americans oblivious as to what or who they worship.  Now, this next question is coming from “ME”… Does their “religion” call for the execution of Christians?  “ALL,” so-called, Christians???

2.)  “Is there really such a thing as a moderate Muslim?”   One that does not desire the death of Christianity?

I do not know the answers to those questions, folks.  Tell me, is ignorance really bliss?  Hhhmmm….  I  spend time reading The Word.  Not the Koran.  I am a Christian.  A Christian American.  And I, wholeheartedly, believe that our nation… AMERICA… is ONE NATION. UNDER GOD. INDIVISIBLE.  WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL… according to His word.  Amen.

P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.