Hhhmmm… someone described the word “prayer” today in a manner that I felt compelled to share in this blog.  It went something like this:

“Prayer is a method of asking God into your life, seeking His intervention.”  Pretty powerful, huh?  The conversation revolved around this topic with all in agreement that most people only seek God in time of despair… when “HELP” is needed.  Many of us completely forget about Him when ALL IS WELL.  BEEN THERE, DONE THAT!!!

Our God is “GOOD”… ALL THE TIME.  ALL THE TIME… GOD IS GOOD.  Ya see, he does not force His way into your heart or your life.  He is polite.  He is patient.  He is loving.   He allows us to choose our paths.  To make mistakes.  To learn from them…or NOT.  HE… IS ALWAYS WAITING TO HEAR FROM US.  And He will be there for each of us to fulfill ALL of his promises.  Oh yeah, GOD IS GOOD… ALL THE TIME.  ALL THE TIME… GOD IS GOOD.

 PRAYER… IS POWERFUL, folks.  Combining daily prayer with daily reading of The Word = DOUBLE POWERFUL, POWERFUL!!!