Daily Archives: August 16, 2014


WOW!!!  “THIS” (“Reflections”) will be another mini-series involving…???…??? different meanings of that specific word…”Reflections”.  I am not real certain where this will take us, but… PLEASE COME ALONG!!!  It’s another “MIND-TRIP” (like a “road-trip”) to “Jill’s World”!!!  WOOOOOO-WHOOOOOO!!!  READY???  HERE WE GO…

What was your 1st thought when you read the title, “Reflections…”???  Hhhmmm… mirrors, memories, images, exemplifications, etc, etc. etc.???  And if you’re like me… my mind roamed to reflections on water which then led my mind to rock-skipping, fishing, swimming, “On Golden Pond,”… ???   :/ WHAT???  “On Golden Pond”???  THERE!!!  SEE???  My mind kind of goes ALL OVER THE PLACE… and back before I realize I’ve drifted… “OVER THERE…OVER THERE”  🙂  Yep, it’s the navy song again!!!  Sorry folks, but “THIS”… is so, So, SO… “ME”!!!  

The first thing I need to mention as part of this series on:  “Reflections” is a very special song by Justin Timberlake, “MIRRORS”.  Yep,  reflections as seen in mirrors.  Now, this is a LONG song, but very, Very, VERY meaningful to me.  I thought of my husband, Chris, as I listened to the words, initially.  Oh yea, and we danced to that song in our bedroom.  Hhhmmm… is that corny?  Oh well, “THAT” is “US”.  

I do not know when this song was released, but it just became popular to me, RECENTLY!!!  And I would listen to it over, and Over, and OVER again… on “re-play”.  Thinking of my husband as it played… over, and Over, and OVER until I, at some point, began thinking of JESUS.  WOW!!!  I just got “chills,” folks.  “THIS” song became so much more powerful as I began applying it to both relationships, separately.  My relationship with God.  And my relationship with Christopher:  [ OMG!!!   I am JUST NOW making the connection, folks:  Jesus Christ; Christopher!!!  DOUBLE OMG, OMG!!!  I ALWAYS knew God had arranged our “chance-meeting”  😉 ].

Now, for just a few specific applications of this song to both relationships:    1.)  I don’t want to lose Him now.  2.)  He is my reflection…in everything I do.  3.)   I couldn’t get any bigger with anyone else beside me.  And 4.)  You were right here all along.  AMEN.   WOW!!!  “CHILLS”… AGAIN!!!  DOUBLE WOW, WOW!!!   

In this series of “Reflections,” we will take a look at 1.) Mirrors; 2.) Actions;  and 3.) Words.  I need time to gather myself, folks.  Right now, I’d love to get “lost” in my mind, thinking, as I listen to the words of this song, “Mirrors,” by Justin Timberlake.  Yep, it’s still playing over, and Over, and OVER again on my I-phone…