Daily Archives: August 7, 2014

“911”… EMERGENCY!!!


“Why”…???…???  I was already L-A-T-E… “er” than usual getting to work.  My family… TEAM ALLEN… had plans to watch the movie “God’s Not Dead” at our church, Anastasia Baptist Church, here in St. Augustine, FL at 6:00 pm, ET.  I needed to get punched-in and “on the clock” at work… to get my day started… “SO I COULD GET ‘ER DONE!!!”  😉  “WHY”…???…??? did “THIS” have to happen “THIS” morning???  Why not… tomorrow???  WHY not ANY day other than “TODAY”???  I was late!!!  I had plans with my family for later this evening!!! 

No kidding, folks… I was just walking toward the entrance of our facility… LATE…”er” than usual, 9:40 am-ish, ET.  “I”… was gonna be pushing it to work 8 hrs. and still be able to… “make it to the church on time”!!!  😉    (Pppsssttt… I don’t like to be LATE… for anything!!!)  SO… I’m LATE…”er” than usual getting to work and what did I hear???  The voice of a man screaming out in PAIN, “AAAaaahhhhhh!!!”  I said to myself:  “Self… someone just got injured…VERY badly!!!”  So, I got back in my van and drove around to where I think I thought the sound came from… NO LUCK!!!  I spoke with a few business owners who heard nothing and then one gentleman indicated that, perhaps, it could have been a homeless person living in the woods who had been injured.  WHAT???  Homeless people living in those woods right by my workplace???!!!???  I quickly dialed “911”…

WOW!!!  “THIS” brought back memories from a decade ago…  a disheveled looking man ran into the facility where I was working at that time and he was, desperately, seeking “HELP” for his unconscious, homeless friend… out in the nearby woods.  I just happened to be the person standing by the door as he ran in seeking assistance for his friend.  Two of us employees followed this fella, running frantically, to “HELP” somebody out there… somewhere… IN THE WOODS.  DOUBLE WOW, WOW!!!  Rescue was called and the man was transported to our local hospital.  “BAM”!!!  That memory from 10+ years ago shot right back into my conscious mind so vividly as though it had just happened!!!  DOUBLE BAM, BAM!!!

Oopse, sorry.  I got distracted… AGAIN!!!  So, soon after learning that there “may” be a “HOMELESS MAN IN NEED OF HELP…OUT THERE IN THE WOODS…SOMEWHERE,”  I dialed “911”!!!  The operator dispatched an officer to the scene… IMMEDIATELY!!!  A.S.A.P.!!!  Like… he was there… “RIGHT NOW”!!!  The officer went out to investigate the nearby wooded area and then… he was gone.  I haven’t heard anything.  Boy, it sure sounded as though somebody had been hurt…Badly.  Out there… somewhere… this morning.  I pray that he is okay this night.  Wherever he may be.  Amen.

P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.

Please give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!