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GO TEAM NIKE!!!  WOW!!!  Nike “GETS IT”!!!  How long has this sports apparel company utilized that logo, “JUST DO IT,” as a main identifier for the Nike brand name?  SEEMS LIKE FOREVER, right???  DOUBLE WOW, WOW!!! The meaning of this simple phrase just HIT me RIGHT-UPSIDE-MY-HEAD!!!  HARD!!!  OUCH!!!  😉  Folks, I finally “GET IT”!  I have heard “THIS” exact statement numerous times and I think I thought I “GOT IT,” but the “POWER” of “IT” did not fully strike me (right up-side my head…) until VERY recently!!!  Like, maybe Monday, 8/4/14.  I am serious, folks.  “THIS”… is “ME” we’re talking about!!!

“JUST DO IT” CAN and DOES apply to absolutely EVERYTHING… IN LIFE!!!  From finishing any task/chore within the home.  To completing school.  To playing any sport.  To choosing a profession, etc., etc., etc…  Hhhmmm… where should I begin?  OOohhh, Ooohhh…how about THIS:  You will never start anything new if you wait until you know how to do it before beginning.  Oh, yeah, isn’t that the truth?  JUST DO IT!!!  Folks, I have been “blogging” for approximately 1 full year now, but I still don’t know what I’m doing.  I’M JUST… “DOING”… and “DOING”… and I keep right on “DOING” whatever it is that I’m “DOING”… even though I don’t really know “what” I’m doing!!!   WHAT???!!!???  Does that sound “CRAZY” to YOU???  Because “THAT” even sounds a bit “CRAZY” to ME… and I’M the “ME” who wrote it!!!  WELCOME TO MY WORLD, folks!!!  “THIS”… is so, So, SOOOOOO “ME”!!! In other words:  LEARN AS YOU GO…BY “DOING”.  “JUST DO IT”!!!

And here’s ANOTHER example… Try not to get overwhelmed by the enormity of a task.  EX.:  cleaning.  Let’s break it down to bedrooms.  My kids have “struggled” with this.  They were not shown, “EXACTLY” what to do or how to “clean” their rooms, so they don’t really “KNOW” what to do, for sure.  Hhhmmm… They, simply, thought they didn’t know “how” to clean their rooms.  The enormity of the task can overwhelm them to the state of “PARALYSIS”!!!  THEY GET LOST THERE (in the “state” of Paralysis).  HA!!!   AND CAN DO  N-O-T-H-I-N-G!!!   DOUBLE HA, HA!!!  ( Pppsssttt… I get “lost” there sometimes myself!!!  Hey, haven’t I seen “YOU” there too???)  😉  Just keep working, putting “stuff” away, until the rooms look “tidy”.  Don’t know where something goes???  Find “SOME” place to put it… ANY PLACE!!!  IT’S YOUR ROOM.  JUST KEEP DOING…SOMETHING (putting things away).  “JUST DO IT.”

Now… “THIS” next idea… “IS BIG,” folks.   Think about this concept for a moment… “PARALYSIS”… caused by a sense of being overwhelmed… Hhhmmm…”THIS” paralysis may be mistaken for “LAZINESS”.  Well… IT CAN BE!!!  Helping individuals to overcome this “FEAR”… is a necessity for maximizing their potential… IN EVERYTHING!!!  Begin… by doing.  And doing.  And doing.  Don’t EVER stop “DOING”.  Keep working.  Keep practicing.  Keep learning… AS YOU GO!!!   Seek additional help or guidance along the way, as needed…but keep “DOING”.  “JUST DO IT”!!!

Bottom line folks… if you want, need, or desire to do something…“JUST DO IT!!!  This can be accomplished by “DOING”… whatever it is that you don’t know how to do.  Keep doing.  And Doing.  AND DOING.    “THIS”… is called “PRACTICE”..  And… “PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT”!!!

Keep doing.  Keep living.  Keep learning… “BY DOING”.

“JUST DO IT”.  😉


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