“LIFE… IS DIFFICULT,” folks.  For everybody.  Everywhere.  I truly believe that we, as people, are doing the best we can on our journeys through “IT” (life).  Simply seeking to survive “IT” (life).  “WE”… are “WORKS”… in “PROGRESS”!!!

I seem to get hung-up on defining, “EXACTLY,” what I mean by what I say.  Words can be “dissected” incorrectly so that the intended meaning of a thought can be modified, or changed, according to the listener’s interpretation of what “they” think “you” meant by what “you” said… according to “them”.  Confusing, huh???

The English language…is confusing.  I know that I am guilty of modifying the definition of certain words (tweeking their definition…just a tad) according to “ME”.  Take, for example, the simple word “OKAY”.  According to my Webster’s dictionary, this word means:  “To approve of or consent to:  authorize”.  The simple word “OKAY” can, and does, often represent a wide array of definitions from being “TERRIBLE” to “GREAT”.  It depends on the speaker’s intended meaning within the context utilized.  NOT YOURS.  Now, “MY” usage of the word “OKAY” in recent, previous posts is meant to convey the acceptance of a fact for what it is.  It doesn’t, necessarily, mean that it’s “GREAT,”  BUT… “IT IS WHAT IT IS.”  And that’s “OKAY”!!!

Folks, I awoke this morning to a nightmare of being patronized for thinking that people are “OKAY” the way they are.  This idea simply means that we should “ACCEPT” imperfect people the way they are today, as being “OKAY,” knowing that “STUFF” happens, “STUFF” changes us , but “LIFE”… STILL goes on.  Moving forward.  WITH OR WITHOUT US.  “LIFE” happens.  We respond in a manner that allows us to keep… “LIVING”.  To keep moving forward…along this “JOURNEY”… called “LIFE”.  “OKAY” = “IT IS…WHAT IT IS!!!”  Are ya with me???

I am where I am along my journey through “LIFE”.  You are where You are.  We must, first, identify where we are.  Accept it.  And move forward, accordingly.  Hhhmmm… according to “WHOM”?  (Now, “THAT’S” a, whole, nother post!!!  Get it???  “a”, whole, “nother” post; “A”…”nother”…post…”another”…post!!!)  Yep, I am drifting, folks…  😉

Have a blessed day, folks.


Please give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!

P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.