to others should be… AUTOMATIC!!!  WOW!!!  Just “WHO” are these “OTHERS” we should be nice to???  EVERYONE!!!   As appropriate!!!  😉  DOUBLE WOW, WOW!!!

Folks, please consider the manner in which you treat ALL of those individuals(teammates) you come into contact with… DAILY.  From Family.  To co-workers.  To Friends.  To Neighbors.  To Acquaintances.  To Strangers… Tell me, do you note any “negatives” associated with any group or “team” that you associate with daily?  Let’s look at them separately, shall we?

FAMILY:  This consists of those individuals bound by marriage, adoption, and genetics.  Spouses, children, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.  How, exactly, do we interact with those individuals we, supposedly, “LOVE” the most?  Think about it… please.  Our immediate families deserve the best we’ve got to give of ourselves, don’t they?

CO-WORKERS:  The individuals we spend considerable time with each week at our “J-O-B-S”!!!  JOBS!!!  Seeking a degree of success on the job…with co-workers… that either contributes to our financial stability or instability. This group of individuals deserves…well…they deserve the BEST we’ve got to give of ourselves, don’t they?

FRIENDS:  Those select few we consider more than just co-workers or acquaintances.  These individuals are “special”.  We enjoy spending our free time with them.  We confide in them.  We seek direction from them.  We seek acceptance from them.  “TRUE” friends are hard to come by, but they endure.  Now…this group also deserves the BEST we’ve got to give of ourselves, right?

NEIGHBORS:  Now, these are those individuals we live in close proximity to.  In a complex, development, or whatever.  IN A NEIGHBORHOOD…  ANY NEIGHBORHOOD!!!  Being “neighborly”… is important.  Respecting individuals’ rights within specific parameters which are ALWAYS changing…  WITH TIME.  Doesn’t this group of individuals also deserve the best we’ve got to give of ourselves?

STRANGERS:  Now, this group consists of anyone and everyone we encounter daily that we do not know, personally.  People we have NEVER seen before.  Many of whom… we will NEVER see again!!!  Each individual… carries around their specific plate of… you know what!!!  Simply seeking to survive “LIFE”.  DAILY!!!  Now, shouldn’t we give the best of ourselves to this group, as well?  Shouldn’t we???

WOW!!!  I sure hope this post causes individuals to examine their treatment of others.  Simple gestures, such as a smile, wave, or nod to those you see.  Offering assistance or to “help” others as needed.  Speaking in a kind manner or tone when greeting folks, etc., etc., etc.  Positive interactions are more likely to yield positive results.   So often we allow “outside” problems to affect our “insides”.  This means that a negative and unrelated, “OUTSIDE,” situation that occurred…over there or back then… has a negative impact on a current, “INSIDE,” situation occurring… RIGHT HERE!!!  RIGHT NOW!!!

Please… be KIND to one another.  As appropriate.

Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!

P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.


May God Bless America!!!  And may God Bless The Whole-Wide World!!!