to FL from vacation in NH.  WHEW!!!  What a GREAT VACA!!!  EVERY SINGLE DAY WAS GORGEOUS!!!  We spent each day up at the lake… Lake Winnepesaukee.  Swimming.  Boating.  Eating.  Sunning.  Tubing.  More eating.  Water-skiing.  Canoeing.  MORE EATING!  Fishing.  Chillaxing.  AND, you guessed it… STILL MORE EATING!!!  Oh yeah, I GAINED A “FEW”!!!  😉

Wolfboro, NH is where we vacation, mostly, while in NH.  My sister-in-law is a member and docks her boat at the Wolfboro Corinthian Yacht Club.  BEAUTIFUL LOCATION!!!  The sky is AMAZING there.  The clouds are AMAZING there.  The sun… is AMAZING there, also!!!  We simply LOVE IT… THERE!!!

Mountains can be viewed along the East side of this huge, majestic lake.  Mansions, nice houses, cabins, restaurants, and shops,  are EVERYWHERE.  I’m guessing there are over 100 islands, many with homes/camps, scattered around/within this “lake”.  HA!!!  “LAKE???”  It more resembles the ocean!!!  DOUBLE HA, HA!!!

I think I bonded with Rick at the Yacht Club.  Loui’s Pizza has the BEST PIZZA/Italian food.  Papa’s subs… ARE amazing.  The icecream and homemade cones at a small shop in town are OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD!!!  So, so many shops and eateries.  Wolfboro, NH is such a quaint, quaint tourist town.

So ya see, “THIS”…  Wolfboro, NH… is the reason my husband chose to live in St. Augustine, FL.  St. Augustine = The Nation’s Oldest City.  Wolfboro = The Nation’s Oldest Summer Resort.  Both locations are gorgeous, quaint tourist towns bordering…”water”.

I am, also, happy to report that Southwest Airlines made the list as a #1 TEAM at, as well.  On the flight “TO” NH, we experienced a medical emergency on board, shortly after take-off.  A male passenger, presumably a doctor, attended to the individual and monitored his status the entire flight.  GREAT JOB, Mr. passenger, medical responder.

And the flight crew?  They handled the situation so calmly and professionally.  I was amazed by their poised response to such an emergency “IN” flight.  “HATS OFF” to that entire crew.  GO TEAM!!!

And the full cabin of us passengers?  Everyone remained calm, as well.  The isle was crowded with airline staff and medical equipment aiding the ill passenger.  NOT ONE PASSENGER, I  R-E-P-E-A-T… “NOT ONE PASSENGER”… complained about receiving the snacks and/or drinks later than expected as a result of the in-flight medical emergency!!!  GO TEAM!!! The ailing passenger was checked by EMS upon our arrival into Manchester and he declined transport to the hospital for  additional care.

The return flight to Orlando was without incident.  PLUS… we landed about 30 minutes EARLY!!!  WOOOOOO-WHOOOOOO!!!  GO TEAM SOUTHWEST AIRLINES!!!  HATS-OFF to the pilot and co-pilot, as well as the supporting crew aboard that flight.

Busy, busy day TODAY, Sat., 7/26/14.  We had a tremendous vacation.  It is, however, good to be home.  Household duties have been resumed!!!  Church was AMAZING tonight!!!  AND… I am FINALLY blogging again!!!

Shhhhhh… Chase is so, so tired.  He had to get himself unpacked from vaca in NH and then re-packed for a Boyscout Leadership camping trip at Camp Shands… somewhere… “Over There, Over There…,  by Gainesville, FL   S-O-M-E-W-H-E-R-E!!!  They will be leaving for that trip early tomorrow, Sun., 7/27/14!!!  :/  WELCOME HOME CHASE!!!  Now, get yourself psyched and ready for leadership training!!!

It is GOOD to be home.  I needed a nap earlier, but DID NOT GET ONE.  My head aches, folks.  I have got to get to bed!!!  Goodnight.


Please give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!

P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.