My son, Chase, is 15 years old.  I must admit that “craziness”… RUNS IN THE FAMILY!!!  So, I invite you to come along on a journey to Chase’s world…

Ready?  HERE WE GO!!!  Okay, so Chase is pretty athletic.  He has picked-up water and snow-skiing  quite easily during short trips North.  Most of our family vacations to NH occur in the summer, however, Chase absolutely loves snow skiing, as well.

This year, Chase increased his slalom water skiing skills on this huge lake with waves resembling those in the ocean!!!  Much of the water roughness is considered “boat chop” due to other boats on the water.  During a particularly “choppy” skiing attempt, Chase began referring to the toes on his main slolam leg with specific names.  Jennifer was the #1 girl (big toe).  Clear down to Penny(little toe).  “THIS”… was so, So, SOOOOOO funny, folks!!!

He then began speaking to the toes on his other foot.  Now “THESE” toes, well…”THEY”… are boys.  From William(big toe) down to Tim (little toe).  Sorry, I cannot remember all the other names of the girl and boy toes.  I think there was a Stephanie(girl) and a Felix(boy), I believe.  Oh, and Danielle became quite attached to this “other”  family,  as well.  HYSTERICAL, folks!!!  “THIS” was ABSOLUTELY HYSTERICAL!!!  Oh, AND…I must admit that Chase appeared more confident and skilled after he began calling on the powers of this new family prior to skiing attempts!!!  😉

Folks, it is Sunday, 7/27/14.  We just arrived home yesterday around 1:30 pm.  Chase has already left home… AGAIN … for a week-long Boyscout Leadership training camp!  Miss him already.  He will, surely, return home a different boy next weekend.  It is so, So, SO sad to witness your children growing up so quickly.   And far harder, yet, to let them “grow”… as needed in order to be a productive member of society… ONE FINE DAY!!!

Here is a shout out to all of the families out there… EVERYWHERE… GO TEAM ( insert your family name here)!!!  For me… GO TEAM ALLEN!!!

Please give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!