Daily Archives: July 13, 2014


In America.  At the corporate level!!!

Now “THIS” includes those individuals “WE” work “FOR”.  “THEY”   pay us money for doing our… “J-O-B”!!!  This category includes the business owners as well as those higher, executive positions that try to ensure that the “ship sails”.

Tough, tough spots to be in.  These folks are the heroes as long as ALL goes well.  As soon as “LIFE” gets “DIFFICULT,” such as a declining economy, however… “THOSE” guys become the “BAD” guys,  ALL THE WAY UP TO…  THE “P-R-E-S-I-D-E-N-T”!!!  Now, we ALL know that there are differing opinions regarding how to achieve team success.  “THIS”… gives me a headache, folks.  So, so much involved with EVERY single aspect of EVERY single situation, involving EVERY SINGLE… “THING”!!!

So, corporate dictatorship… Hhhmmm… is “IT” intentional???  Is “IT” meant to be “BAD” or is “IT” meant to be “GOOD”???  Now, “THAT’S” a good question, huh?  So, what’s “YOUR” answer?  Is corporate dictatorship in America a GOOD thing, or a BAD thing???

Folks, “THIS”… IS AMERICA!!!  There is a degree of GOOD and BAD mixed in with EVERYTHING!!!  ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!!!  EVEN CORPORATE AMERICA!!!  All things will, definitely, be viewed differently by EVERYBODY.  Depending on… where we’ve been and how we’ve responded to situations while simply seeking to survive… “LIFE”!  Hhhmmm… there’s that “SAME” ‘OLE PREMISE… AGAIN!!!  And it will come up again… and Again… and AGAIN throughout this blog, folks.  Because… “THAT” has been planted firmly upon my heart.  By God. And “THAT” awareness is what I believe may increase tolerance of teammates who don’t quite “GET” where each are coming from.  YOU DON’T HAVE TO “GET” EVERYTHING!!!  You do, however, HAVE TO “WORK TOGETHER” in order to accomplish team goals.

And corporate America???  Now…”THEY”… have got to keep the ships above water and moving forward!!!  The list of potential financial burdens faced by companies could go on and on.  “Worker bees”… sometimes get lax and may need that corporate level to maintain certain degrees of expectations aimed at promoting survival and team success.  I do believe that corporate America is a required element for continued growth and team success.  “WHERE” …and “WHO” corporate America looks to for guidance and direction is of utmost importance.  “MOTIVES”… will be understood and “JUDGED,” appropriately.  “ONE FINE DAY!!!”


Please give the “BEST” of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!