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Dictatorship, Part I

In America!!!  At the Government level!!!

WOW!!!  Scary, huh?  “THIS”… could NEVER happen!!!  Not in America.  Home of the brave!  Land of the free!  Right???  Come on, folks… “THIS…COULD NEVER HAPPEN… in America!!!”  Right???

Or is it ALREADY happening?  Here in America???  My heart aches, folks.  What happened to the AMERICAN DREAM?  Taking pride in your hard work and accomplishments?  Rising above the difficulties faced with a sincere desire to “HELP”… others.  I am truly saddened by what is happening to our great country.

We keep losing more and more of our freedoms by a Government seeking to  control more and more of… EVERYTHING!!!  I may be “flighty,” folks.  I admit that.  But how, in the world, can you call yourself an American while cheapening the value of our American Dream by simply giving dreams to those who have none?  Individuals with dreams for their future will work VERY HARD to accomplish those dreams.  Those individuals who have no dreams are content to demand that some-sort of dream be given to them for nothing.  Hhhmmm…  Boy, and our Government expects us to believe that they are “HELPING” individuals?  Helping???  Are you serious???  I believe the correct word for what our Government is doing to individuals more resembles “ENABLING”.  Not “HELPING”.

The truth is… our government is comprised of individuals simply seeking to help themselves.  “THEY”… are rich.  “THEY”… have all the power.  Wake-up, wake-up ( knock,knock, knock).  Wake-up, wake-up!!!  Is anyone paying attention?  HELLO, OUT THERE… IS ANYONE… ANYWHERE… paying attention???

“THIS”… IS AMERICA!!!  And “WE”… ARE AMERICANS!!!  ONE NATION… UNDER GOD!!!  Indivisible.  With Liberty and Justice FOR ALL!!!


Please, PLEASE, P-L-E-A-S-E… give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!










WOW!!!  What EXACTLY does that mean?  And how can we work “together” if and when we feel differently about situations?  Morally?  Ethically?  Legally?  Responsibly?  And how can we accomplish this collaboratively… “TOGETHER”?  DOUBLE WOW, WOW!!!

“TOGETHER”… is a powerful word, folks.  Reaching an agreeable solution to a disagreeable situation.  And how much of our initial reaction to something is the result of an inner conflict, having nothing to do with the situation at hand?  So, so much involved with our daily interactions.

And how do we come to a place where working together is possible when faced with differing opinions?  AH-HA!!!  “TOGETHER!!!”  How simple is that?  THAT’S THE ANSWER, folks!!!  Coming to an agreement of how to handle a situation… together.  Compromising.  Meeting in the middle.  Arriving at a solution to a problem that is  acceptable to those involved.  Not “YOUR” way.  Not “MY” way, but… “OUR WAY“!!!  And in a manner that is in alignment with HIS WAY.  Amen.

Treating people with the respect they deserve.  There is no room for dictatorship in America.  Or… is there?  “THIS”… is a “BIG” idea for another post, folks.  Are we, as a country, leaning toward dictatorship?  Extending from the government… down to our daily and personal interactions with others?  Please check back for an upcoming post regarding this topic in the near future.  I am not quite prepared to go that “DEEP” at this time.

The daily interactions we have with teammates are greatly affected by our personal lives.  Past AND present.  I am learning to recognize situations where my reaction to something may be inappropriate.  And I keep trying… to fly UNDER that darn radar!!!  I am not ALWAYS successful.  Especially when involved in an altercation… DIRECTLY.  I am, however, happy to report that I am much better at not involving myself in ALL  conflicts that occur around me in daily life that have NOTHING to do with “ME”.  Thank you, Jesus.

“TODAY” is Friday, folks… “THE MOVEMENT” day.  Please join in by singing along to “God Bless America” at 2:00 pm-ish ET… WHEREVER you are!!!  TOGETHERGO TEAM!!!  WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!!

P.H.P., folks!!!  People Helping People.

Please give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!




“Eye to eye.  Station to station…”  (Pppsssttt…portions of that song were utilized in the finale’ song of Showtime USA’s performances)  GREAT, GREAT kids!!!  Dancing and singing their hearts out to appreciative audiences.  WOW!!!  These young kids are able to bring out a pride in America by singing and dancing… TOGETHER!!!  By… “WORKING TOGETHER,” giving the BEST of themselves for “JUST” today… EVERY” day.  DOUBLE WOW, WOW!!!  GO TEAM SHOWTIME USA!!!  GOD BLESS AMERICA, folks.

I find myself at another…emotional…???… state.  “Things” are difficult for me right now.  “LIFE”… IS DIFFICULT… ALWAYS.  Use whatever descriptive word you’d like in place of “DIFFICULT”.  Challenging?  Trying?  A gift?  A curse?  I am certain that we can ALL replace that adjective with a variety of words at different times in our lives.  “IT IS WHAT IT IS.”  Amen.  I am certain the descriptive words we use at any given time are a reflection of those experiences, as well as the people, who have touched our lives.  AND… how we choose to respond to situations or people along the way.

I am rambling, folks.  Seeking to gather myself.  “SEEKING”… to gather ALL of these mixed emotions I am feeling right now.  “Mixed” emotions regarding numerous aspects of my “LIFE,” all coming together to shape the person I present myself to be.  Thoughts and feelings I must position properly… in my mind… in order to continue moving forward in a manner that encourages “HELPING PEOPLE”… to survive daily life.  Helping people in numerous situations throughout any given day, from family members to friends.  To patients.  To co-workers. To strangers.  TO… EVERYBODY… EVERYWHERE, “as appropriate”.

I am not ALWAYS proud of my responses to events that occur in daily life.  I seek forgiveness.  OFTEN!!!  For those thoughts and reactions to situations that could have been handled more… positively.  I will keep trying, folks.  As this thing called “LIFE” keeps moving forward… “WITH OR WITHOUT” me.  Helping OR hurting.  Working “WITH”  OR “AGAINST” teammates.  We ALL make those choices… DAILY.  MANY choices, for me, must be made consciously, requiring me to “FLIP” my reactions in mid-altercation.  Oh, how I wish I could respond, appropriately, to situations faced… IMMEDIATELY.

“TODAY… IS A NEW DAY.  LET US REJOICE AND BE GLAD IN IT.”  And ya know what?  My “TODAY”… will definitely…be better than yesterday… and even better than the day before that!!!  Thank you, Jesus.  Onward… Christian Soldiers…


P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.