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Curtis Guy Stuck.  The man I was involved with at the time of my accident, Nov. 16, 1986.  Is now dead.  WHAT???  Are you kidding me???  Heart attack.  7/6/14.  He was only 52 years old.  WOW.  So, so young.

He had 3 very beautiful children:  Jason(Jake), Nathan(Nate), and Wende(Pippy).  They’re grown now.  I hear they are married and have children of their own.  I still remember them as they were back then:  7, 5, and 3 .  The memories are flooding my mind…

Oh, the good times we had.  For such a short time before “THE” car accident that would change EVERYTHING.  The circumstances… drove us apart. Curtis was a father.  I had to endure years of recovery.  We never really ended “IT”.  Whatever “IT” had become…after the accident.  We just had to keep…living life.  Moving forward on journeys that took us in separate directions.  God was guiding me so, so gently back then…in the “RIGHT” direction.

“LIFE”… back then is hard to explain.  So, so much involved with everything.  I am not real sure about anything, anymore.  Curtis and I had seen each other a few times back in the late 1980’s after I began college in Sylvania, a suburb of Toledo, OH.  And I do think we both thought we’d see each other or speak again… SOMEDAY.

The past 7 years have been such an eye-opening and spiritual time period for me.  I have been feeling such strong desires to work through “ISSUES” that impacted my life tremendously.  This blog helps me to do that.

I recently had obtained Curtis’  phone number.  Had I planned to phone him?  I do not know.  I hadn’t phoned him “YET,” though.  Hhhmmm… the opportunity is gone forever now.  “THIS”… brings tears to both eyes.  So, so many unanswered questions.  “THIS”  has been a rough night, folks.  I have such an urge to escape…to “Jill’s World”.  I need time alone…to think…to pray…to, somehow, make sense of it all.  Why, God???  WHY???  Was his life supposed to end this way?

R.I.P., Curtis.  “I’m so happy to be Stuck with you.”







That means something… (“S” stands for???  “O” is for???  And”S” =???)  I’m not sure of the exact words, but I do know that this abbreviation is utilized to indicate that someone needs…

H-E-L-P!!!  Yep, I need “HELP,” folks.  Is there ANYONE out there… SOMEWHERE in FB, twitter, or any other high-tech field of communication who might have an “IN” with President George W. Bush?  And can you please, PLEASE, P-L-E-A-S-E… try to get ME… “IN” TOO???

GEORGE W. BUSH… President of America on 9/11!!!  Guess I do not need to say anything else, do I?  President Bush served during a significant part of my “JOURNEY,” as I call it.  “LOOKING”… for “ME”.  A time during which I became VERY PATRIOTIC.  EXTREMELY PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN!!!  I will NEVER forget the pride I felt as he addressed the country… the whole world… from the rubble left at GROUND ZERO!!!  So, so AMAZING!!!  Our country was UNITED… for a rather short time.

“LIFE”… is DIFFICULT, folks.  Can you EVEN imagine the difficulty of trying to lead our entire country through that horrific time period?  Memories of that fateful day will stay etched in our minds and on  the pages of historical books/documents until the end of our lives and/or until the end of time…as we know it today.

I would LOVE to shake the hand of the man… PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH!!!  S.O.S., folks.  I NEED “HELP”!!!  Does anyone out there have an “IN” with President George W. Bush???  And can you please get me “IN” too???  😉