Daily Archives: July 1, 2014


I DID IT AGAIN!!! (Britney Spears)   Getting myself involved with  “stuff” at work.  “IT”… DID NOT involve “ME”.  Why did I “insert” myself into something that had NOTHING to do with me?

PEOPLE… can be…??? Funny (not in a “good” way)?  Strange?   Weird?  Childish???   I am not certain how to describe it, but… “IT AIN’T GOOD”!!!  When do things cross the line between funny…and… NOT funny?  Any opinions out there?

“INTENT,” folks.  Was a joke really meant to be, just… funny?   OR was there malice involved?  Any angry or bitter intent associated with the… “JOKE” deems it… NOT FUNNY!!!  Most people can generally distinguish between the difference.  “THOSE” who can’t???  Have “ISSUES”!!!

Oh yeah, it is so, So, SOOOooo EASY to say that something was simply meant as a joke, but was it really, Really, REALLY… simply a joke?  And P.S.:  PLEASE keep your hands OFF “MY” food!!!  😉 (inside joke, folks)

P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People!!!

GO TEAM!!!  WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!!  Right?  Or wrong?  Feel free to “QUIT” the team if you’re not in it to win it… FOR THE TEAM!!!  (Not REAL  “SURE,” but I may be P.M.S.- “ing”)