Daily Archives: June 28, 2014

A note to readers…

I just want to thank everyone for your comments.  I read ALL of them.  I don’t understand some of them, but I do appreciate ALL of them.  Thanks.

I would first like to report that there is this one, particular word that appears frequently in comments that I do not “GET”.  So, what’s the word?  “Odiassd”…???  I cannot find the meaning of this word ANYWHERE.  I am not even sure which language it is derived from?  This word is found in so many of the comments I have received and it appears to be complimentary, but can someone please tell me where this word originates and what the meaning is as utilized?  Sorry.  “ME,” here… and I just don’t “GET” it.

Secondly, I get comments requesting that I expand on topics addressed.  “THIS”… is difficult for me without getting R-E-A-L  opinionated on you.  I prefer presenting stories in truth and fact…only.  And I like presenting different sides of controversial points in a manner that encourages readers to think for themselves.  “MY” way is DEFINITELY “MY” way.  However, I no longer feel compelled to force others to believe that “MY” way is the only way.  I am a born-again Christian. I look to God for those answers through prayer and through the written word in the Bible.  Amen.

My life has been such a… “JOURNEY,” folks.  The realization of where I’ve been, what I’ve lived through, or survived and exactly “WHO” was ALWAYS there to help guide me in the direction I needed to go has impacted my life tremendously.

I am so glad for this second opportunity to become the person God intended me to be.  The Jill D. Goble of before is GONE.  She died in that car accident on 11/16/86.  I am honored to have an opportunity, through this blog, to introduce you to the “ME” I have, since, become:  Jill D. Allen, wife and mother of 2 beautiful children.

Have a blessed evening.

Sincerely,     Jill