But it sure feels good to be back in FL!!!  WOW!!!  Talk about an adventure, folks!!!  I took a few trips to “JILL’s WORLD” during this tour with Showtime USA  A-N-D… I had the opportunity to witness individuals giving the best of themselves for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!  Yep, Number One Teams… IN ACTION!!!  DOUBLE WOW, WOW!!!

Hhhmmm…  Where to begin sharing the adventure???  How about 4:15 am  Wed., 6/18/14!!!  Yep… the craziness begins even BEFORE… arriving to the airport in Jacksonville, FL!!!  I AM NOT KIDDING, folks!!!  I SIMPLY CANNOT MAKE THIS STUFF UP!!!  Confusion… “STALKS” me!!!  😉


Okay, Jacksonville is changing so, so much… ALL THE TIME!!!  Old buildings torn down.  New buildings.  New roads.  Different names of old roads!!!  Aaahhh!!!  And have you noticed how everything looks different… in the dark???  I ADMIT IT!!!  Danielle offered  to set the GPS on her I-phone, but I declined.  “I”… KNEW… how to get there!!!  Oh yep, I exited I-95, N at the wrong place… somewhere in Northern Jacksonville… SOMEWHERE… OUT THERE…  and had to follow signs back around to the airport.   Once we entered the airport I missed the parking lot exit the first time around so we had to “EXIT” and then RE- “ENTER”!!!    SOOOooo … we started the morning off by being LATE to the airport!!!

TARDINESS… makes me nervous!!!  I parked… QUICKLY!!!  We grabbed bags and started running as I turned to click the “lock” button on the key to my husbands car.  Yep, I had Chris’ car so that Chris and Chase could drive a load of Boyscouts to West Virginia in the van.  We began running, Running, RUNNING… to get checked in… “Late”!!!  (We were supposed to meet Showtime at 4:15 am… at check-in!!!)  Oopse, we were still out “circling” the airport in my husband’s car at that time!!!

We raced to the baggage check-in area!!!  QUICK CHECK… reveals NO car keys!!!  OMG!!!  My keys were missing!!!  Poor Danielle.  She began crying.  I approached an “officer” to report these missing keys out in the parking lot… SOMEWHERE!!!  I could not identify the model of car!!!  DOUBLE OMG, OMG!!!  I reported parking in section “E,” but I was unable to identify “WHICH” lot I think I thought I parked in… SOMEWHERE… OUT THERE!!!  I’m certain I caught that officer chuckling as I presented my dilemma that I couldn’t really present at all!!!  I didn’t know which LOT I had parked in OR… the year/model of the car I had driven!!!  I ended up giving him my business card with my name and number.  HA!!!  He promised to alert morning airport staff A.S.A.P.!!!  WELCOME TO “MY” WORLD, folks!!!  “THIS”… is sooo “ME”!!!  DOUBLE HA, HA!!!

So, we finally make it to NYC and our first adventure was a tour on a Double-Decker bus throughout the city!!!  This occurred even before we checked into our hotel  And guess what???  I lost my cheater glasses… SOMEWHERE… OUT THERE!!!  Are you kidding me???  “THIS”… trip wasn’t starting on a good note, huh?  Nothing.  NOTHING… bothered me, however.  I remained, somewhat, calm and at PEACE with the situation.  I knew God was with me.  I can remember thinking:  “IT IS WHAT IT IS.  NOW, DEAL WITH IT!!!”  Things would be “Okay”… NO MATTER WHAT!!!

I knew I could buy a cheap pair of cheaters at Walgreens.  No problem, right?  And I felt confident that airport staff would “FIND” my “LOST” keys out there… SOMEWHERE!!!  :/  I felt confident!!!  And if they didn’t???  Danielle and I would find a ride home, I would simply have to pay the dealer for 2 keys with the automatic lock/un-lock thingy- one for Chris’ car and 1 for the van, and then retrieve the car from the airport, paying an extra high amount to get the car out of whatever parking lot it was in… out there… SOMEWHERE!!!  I just kept telling myself:  “IT IS WHAT IT IS,” knowing that it would have to be dealt with…as needed.  END OF STORY!!!

I need to gather my thoughts before continuing to blog about this trip to NYC!!!  So, so much to share.  I only hope I share things…justly.  What an amazing adventure, folks.  Please check back for more details regarding the adventures on SHOWTIME USA’s tour in NYC, 2014!!!