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with my daughter, Danielle, and Showtime USA…

“THIS” Showtime USA tour… is “OPTIONAL’!!!  Cast members do NOT “HAVE” to go, but they “CAN” go… if they “WANT” to go.  Get, it?  “Optional”.  The “flightiest” thing happened, folks.  Please come along on another trip to “Jill’s World”… READY?  HERE WE GO…

The plans for this NYC tour have been… developing (getting bigger and bigger)… for quite awhile.  The West Palm Beach, FL tour was mandatory for cast members.  The “NYC” tour… is “OPTIONAL,” right Mr. Matt?  “THIS”… is so, so funny, folks!!!  See, I had been paying payments for monthly tuition and for Danielle’s fee for her mandatory summer tour.  Payment for the “optional” NYC trip had already begun…at some point.  “I”… was oblivious.

By the time I realized that we needed to get registered for NYC… our payments were already LATE!!!  I think I had paid a couple payments for this “optional” trip when Mr. Matt had posted another payment due date notice  ( and I actually read the memo that particular month)… with the word “OPTIONAL” clearly typed on the sheet.  HA!!!  “OPTIONAL”???  I get so, So, SO…”flighty” amidst the craziness of our busy schedules… I REALLY THOUGHT “OPTIONAL” meant “OPTIONAL” for the payment… :/… so…I DID NOT PAY IT… that month!!!  Silly “ME”…  the tour was “OPTIONAL,” NOT the payment… “IF” you were going on the optional tour to NYC!!!  DOUBLE HA,HA!!!  OH, I DID IT AGAIN (Britney Spears)!!!  I completely embarrassed myself in front of individuals I had hoped to impress!!!

In my defense, folks… I had thought that maybe payments would somehow… be adjusted… or something…???  “TRUTH IS”… I have NO IDEA what I think I thought or didn’t think!!!  Jill’s World, folks.  “THIS”…is sooooo “MY” world.  😉

It took me a minute to figure out the true meaning of that word… “OPTIONAL” as it applied to the “attendance to” and NOT to the “payment of” the NYC tour!!!  “THE LIGHTS WENT ON”… FINALLY!!!  And I was so embarrassed… AGAIN!!!  Boy, Mr. Matt and I sure got a good chuckle over “THAT ONE”!!!  Oh yeah, “HE”… “KNOWS ME” by now…  🙂  So, he never gets irritated by my flightiness.  He just “KNOWS”… that there is something “flighty” to explain every situation regarding… “ME”.

Boy, miscommunications happen ALL the time!!!  People (the listeners) interpret information differently than it was intended by the individual delivering that information (the speaker).  Please, Please do not allow these daily misunderstandings to damage relationships.  TALK, folks.  Ask questions.  CLARIFY information.  All in an effort to avoid unnecessary conflict.  Remember… THERE IS A REASON FOR EVERYTHING.  And “YOU”… probably … JUST DON’T KNOW IT!!!

Thank you, Mr. Matt.  Your patience and tolerance of my “FLIGHTINESS” is greatly appreciated!!!  NOW… NYC:  HERE WE COME!!!  Our flight leaves early 6/18/14 and we return LATE, 6/22/14 (I think).  🙂  I will not be posting for a few days, folks.  I will, however, blog about our “adventure” in NYC upon our return home.  So long.  Fare well. (YEP, “The Sound of Music”)  🙂  Adios.  OVER-AND-OUT!!!



(Pppsssttt… have I mentioned that I get “lost” REAL easy?  My excitement is quickly turning to…???  Is that nausea I feel coming on?  Oh, no!!!  READY OR NOT… HERE WE GO!!!  :/  )