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The 2014 NBA FINALS…

Sun., 6/15/14

Game #5 is in San Antonio.   The Spurs are looking good.  3rd quarter  is ending , SA up by 19 points.  Boy, Miami was up by 20 in the first quarter…I guess (I just came into the bedroom to watch the game while blogging on my I-phone).   Boy, what a game of desperation!!!

The SA Spurs…Look  good.  REAL GOOD!!!  Miami???  They are just looking “OFF”… Right now.  Time out, Miami, as Parker hits another one, either a 2 or 3 point jumper!!! Time is ticking down…Down…DOWN.  Quickly!!!

You can feel the excitement in SA…TONIGHT!!!  6 mins. to go.  LeBron is sitting on the bench.  The celebration has begun in Texas.  “THIS” game … appears to be over.  The time…tick, Tick, TICK…ing down, Down, DOWN!!!  Time-out.  2+ minutes to go.  98-81, SA Spurs will be the 2014 NBA CHAMPS!!!

Congrats to the SA Spurs!!!  Final score:  104-???.  Time for the celebration to begin In Texas.  The SA Spurs are, unquestionably,  #1…at:  numberoneteam.net.

Did I mention that I have a crush on LeBron James?  Call me, LJ.  😉  Miami Heat…is my FAVORITE #1 team at:  numberoneteam.net.





in “JILL’S WORLD”!!!  Sun., 6/15/14…

HAPPY FATHERS DAY, 2014!!!  Ready or not… HERE WE GO…

OMG!!! You… “HAVE GOT” … to be kidding me!!!  DOUBLE OMG, OMG!!!  WHERE TO BEGIN… think, Think, THINK!!! (Thinkin’ about Pooh Bear)  😉  Okay, I will start this post with the fact that my, poor, Poor, POOR husband has been somewhat “ILL” lately.  Gastrointestinal problems (Pppsssttt… “diarrhea”) for about a week now.  🙁

Poor Chris.  He has been sick, Sick, SICK!!!  OH no, No, NO!!!  (Sorry folks, I’m drifting.)  :/  So anyways, I heard bits of a story he told both kids the other day.  Something about having a sick stomach “episode”.  (“IF”… you know what I mean) while driving along… IN HIS CAR ( “IF”… you know what I mean!!!)  And then something about a public restroom…somewhere… where he had to pass by other “PEOPLE”  on his way to the “PUBLIC” restroom at this gas station/convenient store that also has a fruit/souvenir/gift shop area for the tourists.  Well, there were LOTS of tourists/people there “THAT” morning.  I guess the people there could… “SENSE” (smell)… him walking by…on his way to the restroom!!!  Poor Chris has NOT felt very good at all, BUT… he still had to work, Work, WORK.  WHAT A TROOPER!!!

 He is, thankfully, feeling better today… FATHERS DAY.  FINALLY!!!  I had gotten Chris a very nice, dog-tag-type necklace with a cross and The Lord’s Prayer scripted on the… “dog-tag”.  VERY NICE!!!  I had to sneak into our bedroom closet while Chris was…”resting” and watching tv… to get this necklace so the kids could “gift” their father…on Fathers Day!!!

Oh yeah, did I mention that I also bought a cross bracelet for my son, Chase, while shopping at the men’s  jewelry counter in JC Penney’s here at the Ponce De Leon Mall in St. Augustine, FL?  Yep, there were two (2) jewelry boxes in that bag as I, sneakily, retrieved “a” gift box from the bag … in our bedroom closet…as Chris lay there, feeling sick…BUT… better!!!

UNBEKNOWNST TO ME… I grabbed the wrong “gift” box!!!  We summoned Chris out to the living room and sat there watching as he…”OPENED”… the WRONG gift!!!  OMG!!!  Are you kidding me???  OH no!!!  What to do now???  The “necklace” was for Chris… for Fathers Day.  The bracelet was for Chase… for…???  I had NOT decided what exactly it was for or when to “gift” it!!!  So I stood up, boldly, walked over and snatched that bracelet right out of Chris’ hands!!!  There was, simply, no way to “FIX” the mistake I had just made!!!  So,I gave Chris the “OTHER” gift box to open.  Talk about an elephant in the room!!!  We all sat around… dumbfound… everyone with a confused look on their face… wondering, but not knowing… who that bracelet was for!!!  And for what occasion?

Oh, the discomfort… was palpable!!!  Yep, Chase ended up getting his new silver bracelet with a gold cross on each bracket… TODAY!!!  ON FATHERS DAY!!!  :/  Welcome to “MY” world, folks!!!  So, SOOOooo funny!!!  I think both kids enjoy our frequent trips… to “JILL’S WORLD!!!  Oh, the stories they can tell!!!  “THAT”… scares me!!!

This day could have easily been ruined by my… “flighty”… mistake… AGAIN!!!  I Thank God for my family… DAILY!!!  We choose to laughinstead of cry or yell… as much as possible!!!  AMEN.

I hope all you #1 dads had a HAPPY FATHERS DAY, 2014!!!