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This one’s for you, Laura… (My sister, Laura, verbally recounts these old stories… HYSTERICALLY!!!)  Yep, she’s a talker and can tell a funny story.  I, on the other hand, am a writer and can write a funny story.  😉

OMG, folks.  If you could only imagine  the SIGNIFICANCE that word, “MEMORIES,” has in my life.  Perhaps it means something special to everyone.  Not sure.  To me, “MEMORIES”… are mental photographs… of “LIFE”.  The significant ones… LAST A LONG, LONG TIME. 

I am currently drifting back in time, sorrowfully but gratefully, to the memory of me singing “MEMORIES,” by Barbara Streisand in the HUGE waiting room/area while hospitalized at St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo, OH.  WOW, folks.  “THAT” … fills both of my eyes with tears.

So… “THAT” day at the hospital…was a “GOOD” day.  There were a few visitors, family and friends, who were all there at the same time.  Enough “visitors” that we all had to “visit” down in the BIG waiting room/area.  “Light” music could be heard, overhead.  I WAS SO HAPPY THAT DAY!!!  Now, it just-so-happened that “Memories,” by Barbara Streisand, started to play over the intercom.  HA!  I  K-N-E-W   THAT SONG!!!  Now, just remembering the song was a GREAT sign due to the head injury I had sustained.  I then, however… started singing… “THAT” song, “MEMORIES,” by Barbara Streisand!!!  In that HUGE waiting room/area.  DOUBLE HA, HA!!!

Now, I can remember this specific event!!!  I was having a “GOOD” day.  Special people were there to see me “THAT” day.  “I”… was… “HAPPY”.  My never ending pain was, undoubtedly, “under control” at that moment.  I, vividly, remember “THAT” song playing in the waiting room “THAT” day.  “OH, HAPPY DAY!!!”  I felt so “HAPPY,” as a matter of fact, that I began singing the words of that song ( “Memories,” by Barbara Streisand)… “LIGHTLY”… to myself.  Oh yeah… I remember.  “THIS”… was a… “GOOD” day…

Much later… after I had been released home, permanently, from the Rehab. Center… it appeared that “THIS” specific… “MEMORY”… of me singing “MEMORIES” in the waiting room of St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo, OH had been charred as a memory into the minds of all who were there ( EVEN the “visitors” who were there “visiting” OTHER patients)!!!  See, my “senses” were a bit “off” due to the head injury.  I didn’t see things correctly, taste things correctly, hear things correctly, feel things correctly, or say things correctly.  I didn’t “THINK” correctly.  “LIFE” was especially “DIFFICULT” then.  And it would remain such for a very LONG time. ( I am tearing-up, folks).

So, my “senses” were a bit “off,” okay?  Well, just how “OFF” were they?  Folks, I swear I remember “THAT” day to “THIS,” very day AND… I really thought I was singing along to that song… “MEMORIES,” by Barbara Streisand… underneath my breath…to “MY” self.  BAM!!!  I “knew” the words!  I “remembered” that song!!  From… “BEFORE”… the accident!!!  The family joke?  I sang every word of THAT song,  THAT day, at the very TOP of my lungs!!!  In  that HUGE waiting room/area!!!  For ALL to hear!!!  DOUBLE BAM, BAM!!!

WOW!!!  That “memory” took me back, folks.  To the beginning of “MY JOURNEY,” as I call it.  Searching for the “NEW ME” that I was supposed to become after the “OLD ME”… had GONE…somewhere…out there or “OVER THERE”… after a life-saving car accident many, many years ago.  DOUBLE WOW, WOW!!!

The topic of this post, “MEMORIES” had been intended to discuss other significant memories, as well.  However, “THIS”… ONE… memory completely dominated the entire post.  I feel a bit melancholy, folks.  Saddened.  Down-in-the-dumps.  I hope you enjoyed that “memory”… in written, story-form.  Perhaps I will share more memories… LATER!!!   Please check back… “LATER, dude”!!!  Sorry.  I am drifting… “OVER THERE!!!  OVER THERE”!!!  Both children, Danielle AND Chase, have gone through that “dude” phase, Chase earlier than Danielle.  (Pppsssttt… Danielle has been going through that phase just recently.  EVERYTHING said…ends with the name/title, “dude”!!!  EVERYONE…IS A “DUDE”… REGARDLESS!!! )  :/  Go figure…




WOW!!!  “Seeking to build a team of #1 dads at numberoneteam.net!!!”  DOUBLE WOW, WOW!!!

Children need their fathers.  Please be there… FOR THEM!!!  So, you don’t know how to be a #1 dad?  Reach for the bible.  God is the PERFECT example.  GOD… is #1… at EVERYTHING!!!  Look to Him as the example of how to be a father.  Turn to Him for guidance in the absence of a father.  GOD IS THE ALMIGHTY FATHER!!!  And… HE… is there for YOU.  God is there for ALL of us.   ALWAYS & FOREVER. (Boy, “MEMORIES” are flooding back.  I have utilized, “ALWAYS & FOREVER” as a significant phrase for ending meaningful letters… since about age 20… “THIS”… sounds like a good post for later)…



Strive to give the best of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!