Daily Archives: June 12, 2014


Another year has come to an end.  High School seniors have graduated and will not be returning next year.  “THIS”… is sad.  HOWEVER… The entire crew will be leaving for their, mandatory, summer tour in West Palm Beach, FL… SOON!!!  “SOON”… as in… approximately 8-9 hours!!!  SO, SO EXCITING!!!  It is 7:21 pm, ET in FL RIGHT NOW!!!  Wed., 6/11/14.  SHOWTIME will be on the buses and beginning their “TOUR” adventure at 4:00 am, ET Thurs. 6/12/14!!!  SO, SO EXCITING!!! (Pppsssttt… my husband, Chris, taught me to “view” almost EVERYTHING as an… “ADVENTURE”!!!  “YOU” …can “FEEL” the excitement too, can’t you???)

I am guessing, but I think Showtime USA is comprised of about 7 different singing/dancing groups of kids ranging in ages from 4 to 18.  “SOME”… will sleep on the buses while heading to West Palm Beach.  “OTHERS”… will not.  These kids will ready themselves on the buses for their first show which will occur IMMEDIATELY upon arriving into the city.  WOW!!!  HURRY, HURRY, HURRY-UP AND GO, GO, GO!!!  DOUBLE WOW, WOW!!!

ON the buses:  there will be lots of sugar.  Snacks.  Energy drinks.  Coffee.  Loud music.  Movies.  Singing.  Talking.  Screaming.  Laughing.  Laughing.  And… MORE LAUGHING!!!  These kids will perform shows at different venues.  They will be having fun, Fun, FUN at a shopping mall, water park, night-time dance club, “planetairsports”??? is supposed to be fun, Fun, FUN, plus MORE!!!  I do not have the itinerary, BUT…THESE kids are gonna have fun, Fun, FUN… ’til???  They are expected to arrive back in St. Augustine on Sat., 6/14/14 at 11:30 pm.  WOO-WHOOOOOO!!!  GO TEAM SHOWTIME USA!!!  “I”… will NOT be going on “THIS” tour with Danielle and the rest of the group.

Showtime USA will then, however, be heading to NYC a few days after returning home from their West Palm Beach tour.  “THIS” tour (to NYC)…is “OPTIONAL,” right Mr. Matt?  “GOT IT!!!”  😉  “I”…will be going along on this trip to the Big Apple!!!  WOO-WHOOOOOO!!!!  Now “THIS”… is so, So, SO… “EXCITING”!!!  I, SIMPLY, CANNOT WAIT!!!  🙂


GO TEAM SHOWTIME USA!!!  You kids ALWAYS give the BEST of yourselves for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!  SHINE-ON!!!

“BREAK-A-LEG” and “HAVE FUN”!!!  😉