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AAAHHH!!! ??? and more about…”ME”…

I DO NOT GET IT!!!  “Captcha”.  “Plugins.”  “Trackback.”  “Spam”.  What is GOOD?  What is BAD?  I am so afraid to do anything on this computer anymore…especially after having that HUGE…”TROJAN HORSE”  thingy!!!

My computer is currently telling me (via numbers by symbols and words) that there are 2 plugins and 6 updates somewhere…out there…that I should probably do something with or about.  Hhhmmm. ( I really, Really, REALLY say “Hhhmmm” quite frequently, at work or at home in a silly, crazy, long- winded tone of voice regarding…questionably silly, crazy things.  REALLY!)  🙂  I am not real sure what to do with those “plugins” and “updates”…or what to NOT do, SOOOooo, I have done NOTHING!!!  PERIOD. (“THIS”… is SOOOooo “ME”)  I get easily paralyzed by my “dumbfoundedness”(meaning that I simply don’t “get-it”–Pppsssttt… is that a new word I just made-up, “dumbfoundedness”?) and/or my “overwhelmedness”(anxiety…regarding whatever “IT” is that lies ahead of me.  Ex.:  “DEADLINES”–Pppsssttt…”ANOTHER” new word, “overwhelmedness”?)  HA!!!  Just having fun, folks.  DOUBLE HA, HA!!!

???  Are you following me?  Pppsssttt… “I”… am kinda “LOST” right now.  I have NO idea where I am going with this post.  “Hhhmmm”  🙂 ( Yep, I am thinking that in my mind, “Hhhmmm,” EXACTLY how I actually say it at work or at home… in a silly, crazy, long-winded tone).  🙂

Folks, I simply want to share some of my “CRAZY” stories and ideas with as many people as possible.  Around the entire world.  “WE ARE THE WORLD,”  right?  WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER, right? Or wrong?  There is no need for comment regarding that “CRAZY” question, folks.  I already know the answer.  Sadly.

Now, this is a “TRUE” story, folks.  A co-worker of mine, STEVE PARSONS, Speech Therapist, was quite a character as my co-worker.  He had given me a book regarding birth dates and personalities (astrological signs) to read regarding how my new-born daughter was destined to be…based on her birth-date (I think).  I NEVER READ THAT BOOK.  “IT”… scared me. (Now “THAT”… sounds like a good post for later!)  I do still have it(the book)…here…amidst our mountains of books/old tapes… SOMEWHERE… in our house. (oh yeah, “STUFF”… sounds like a GREAT post for later)  😉

I got distracted.  Sorry.  So anyway… Steve was special…in his own way.  We worked together for awhile at my first full-time position as a COTA/L here in St. Augustine, FL ( remember, I came South to FL from OH as a traveling therapist ).  I will NEVER forget Steve calling me a name that I had heard before, but I didn’t know “who” she was or “what” it meant to be called “THAT” name.  “Hhhmmm.”  🙂  So, what’s the name?  “POLLY-ANNA” (Sorry.  Don’t know how to spell it.  Never read the book.  Never saw the movie. Not real sure there even is a movie.)

What I have gathered, OVER-THE-YEARS, is that this “Polly-Anna” is pretty gullible.  She is optimistic and thinks “GOOD” of everyone.  Not real sure.  Hhhmmm.  Perhaps I need to learn more about her by reading or watching the book/movie.  I will NEVER FORGET… Steve Parsons calling me “Polly-Anna” at work one day, probably back in the 90’s sometime…

Steve also knew me to be a… “FIGHTER”!!!  He always compared me to my astrological birth sign… a SCORPIO!!!  DANGEROUS!!!  LETHAL!!!  DO NOT MESS WITH JILL!!!  Oh yeah, I ALWAYS… fought the fight.  And “IF”… I entered a fight, I INTENDED TO WIN IT!!!  PERIOD!!!  And boy could I hold onto a grudge… FOREVER!!!  NEVER FORGETTING even the smallest of details!!!  Yep, that was “ME,” folks.  No wonder I was ALWAYS a mixed-up, confused, angry, and depressed individual much of the time!!!  “Hhhmmm.”  🙂  Go figure.

WOW!!!  So there you have…”MORE”… about “ME”.  Polly-Anna.  Scorpio.  DOUBLE WOW, WOW!!!  “LIFE”…IS TRULY… A JOURNEY!!!  Have you mapped- out “YOURS” yet?  So, so interesting.  And so, so frightful to try and put the pieces of your life’s puzzle together.  “IT ALL”… comes together, folks.  “IT ALL”… makes sense.  Everything.  EVERYTHING…IN LIFE…HAS A PURPOSE.  THERE IS A REASON FOR EVERYTHING!!!

There are many people out there who are hurting.  BADLY.  Please turn to God.  He will show you the way.  He will take that pain from you and deal with it… HIS way.  NOT YOURS.  “HIS WAY”…IS ALWAYS THE… “RIGHT WAY”!!!


Now… back to the beginning:  I AM STILL… doing “NOTHING” about those plug-ins and updates.  “Aaahhh!!!”  I don’t “GET-IT”!!!  What to do…think, Think, THINK (Pooh-Bear)  🙂  “I” am low-tech., folks.  And “THAT” is okay with me.  “Jesus loves me.  This I know.  For the Bible tells me so…”  Yep, I am drifting… “OVER THERE, OVER THERE”… somewhere in this place called “JILL’S WORLD”!!!  More later, folks…

Please give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!