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my Lord, Kumbaya.  Kumbaya my Lord, Kumbaya.  Kumbaya my Lord, Kumbaya.  Oh Lord, Kumbaya.

Someone’s singing Lord, Kumbaya.  Someone’s singing Lord, Kumbaya.  Someone’s singing Lord, Kumbaya.  Oh Lord, Kumbaya.

Someone’s praying Lord, Kumbaya.  Someone’s praying Lord, Kumbaya.  Someone’s praying Lord, Kumbaya.  Oh Lord, Kumbaya.

Someone’s sleeping Lord, Kumbaya.  Someone’s sleeping Lord, Kumbaya.  Someone’s sleeping Lord, Kumbaya.  Oh Lord, Kumbaya.


WOW, folks.  I just google-searched “kumbaya”( the word wasn’t even listed in my handy little Webster’s).  Guess what I found?  Wikipedia:  “Kumbaya:  Come by here.”  DOUBLE WOW, WOW!!!  I cannot make this stuff up, folks.  I simply felt compelled to post the lyrics of this song to the site, numberoneteam.net.  Not real sure why.  Not real sure what “Kumbaya” even meant.  Wikipedia:  “The song is originally a simple appeal to God to come help those in need”.  Do you see what I see?

P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.



Hey, folks.  I need to seek assistance… AGAIN… to continue increasing awareness of this site, numberoneteam.net.  I am motivated by the positive responses of readers.  Thanks so much.  My site contract is for 3 years with Bluehost.com.  I am also associated with WordPress.  I am not real sure which company does what.  “THIS”… is my world, folks.

August 18, 2014 will mark my 1 yr. anniversary.  What an exciting “JOURNEY” this has been.  I am hoping to…”HELP”.  To help America.  To help the world.  Is this even possible?  I, evidently, believe “IT”…”IS”.  WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!!  “TOGETHER,” folks.  PLEASE continue to help me spread the  message of numberoneteam.net by sharing it forward.  Forward.  FORWARD…

I am STILL a competitor.  I STILL want to WIN… at everything I do.  “THIS” is a part of me that STILL remains from childhood.  “NUMBER ONE TEAM,” folks.  WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.  IN IT TO WIN IT!!!  PLEASE CONTINUE TO HELP BY SHARING THIS SITE FORWARD.

Thank you so much for your continued support.  Your positive comments help to fuel my motivation.  GO TEAM!!!

Sincerely, Jill


Oh, please come along.  I am not real sure where this post will take us, but :  READY OR NOT, HERE WE GO!!!  (Are “YOU” having fun yet?  BECAUSE… “I”… AM HAVING…”FUN”!!! WOOO-WHOOOOO!!!

So, what parameters should contain and define those “THINGS” that may be considered… “GOOD”?  I need to “think, Think, THINK!!! (Another tribute to my Pooh Bear!)  Okay, ALL DONE… “thinking”!!!  “THAT”… WAS EASY!!!

There are so many different situations that could be discussed, however… “I” am only discussing those every day situations, affecting us “EVERY” day PEEPS!!!  (Oh no, I keep singing “Every Day People” to that “Rainy Day People” melody!!!  H-E-L-P!!! )  Living in the “EVERY” day World.  Working at our “EVERY” day jobs.  Giving the best of ourselves for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!  STRUGGLING… just to “GET-BY”!!!  To make “ENDS-MEET”!!!  “WE… ARE THE WORLD”!!!  Sorry, folks.  I am REALLY hooked on “THAT” song right now… “WE ARE THE WORLD” by Michael Jackson!!!

“GOOD” things include:    those things we involve ourselves in with SOLID, GOOD intentions… ONLY!!!  Got it?  Desiring “BAD”… implies that Satan is, somehow, involved.  WOW, folks!!!  “THIS”… is difficult!!!  May I propose: “LIFE…IS DIFFICULT”!!!  FOR ALL OF US!!!  Everything can be turned to view as either “GOOD” or “BAD”.  It just depends on “HOW” you look at it!!!  DOUBLE WOW, WOW!!!

So tell me… “WHO” or “WHAT”… helps “YOU” distinguish between “GOOD”… and… “BAD”?   (Pppsssttt… there IS… a “RIGHT” and “WRONG” answer)  God MUST be involved…somehow… to make it “RIGHT”.

Folks, I do hope our minds and hearts are opening up to allow for consideration of different variations to different situations.  There is… “SOMETHING”… about “EVERYTHING”… that sets it apart, making it unique to itself!!!  Hhhmmm… “THIS”… adds difficulty to “LIFE,” doesn’t it? Applying the same, specific “RULES” to, uniquely, “DIFFERENT” situations!!!  WOW!!!  You get it now, don’t you?  Yep, no need to wonder why or how I get “LOST” in this place called “JILL’S WORLD”!!!  🙂

It’s the weekend, folks!!!  I am feeling the urge to “tidy-up” the Allen castle and then head down to the Arts & Crafts festival at the St. Augustine Beach Pier!!!   I will then be attending “SHOWTIME USA’s  end-of-year show .  Perhaps I will proof-read and publish this post tomorrow (Sun., 6/8/14)  What???  Sun., 6/8/14???  GAME #2 of the NBA FINALS!!!  GO TEAM MIAMI HEAT!!! (Pppsssttt…”I” have a crush on LeBron!!!  🙂

May God Bless America!!!  And may God bless the whole-wide world!!!  AMEN.