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OMG!!!  Danielle and I are missing the boys… TERRIBLY!!!  It sure seems like they’ve been gone FOREVER!!!  DOUBLE OMG, OMG!!!  Danielle and I left for NYC on WED., 6/18/14 and the boys left Sat., 6/21/14– a full day before Danielle and I got home.  So, we haven’t seen them for quite awhile.  Today is Sun., 6/29/14.  It is now 5:54 pm, ET..  ABSENCE… SURE  MAKES THE HEART GROW FONDER!!!  It is, definitely, time for a TEAM HUG (I mean “HUDDLE”)  GO TEAM ALLEN!!!  😉

SSSHHHhhh… Danielle just said “THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN”!!! (“THAT” is another song from High School Musical- Zac Ephron)  She is, somehow, tracking them via cell-phone “pings” (I think) on her I-phone GPS  (I think I’ve heard talk about that kinda stuff on Investigation Discovery TV).  😉  Not REAL sure…of the “forensics”.  Sorry, folks.  I am drifting… “OVER THERE.  OVER THERE…”

I’ve got dinner almost ready… spaghetti with meatballs & chicken AND garlic bread. ANY MINUTE NOW…  Pppsssttt… YOU can feel the excitement too, can’t you?  ANY SECOND NOW…








WOW, folks.  “THIS,” realization HIT me hard… RIGHT UPSIDE THE HEAD!!!  DOUBLE WOW, WOW!!!

I can remember thinking “THIS”… on the trip to NYC with my daughter, Danielle.  I quickly pushed the thought right out of my mind, though.  UNTIL…  “IT” just reappeared during my response to a reader’s comment.  A simple joke regarding my… “flightiness” has reared that ugly thought back to my consciousness.  Ready?  Here we go…

“PRIDE”.  Boy, don’t we ALL want to be taken “seriously”?  Kinda-like we, somehow, “matter”?  “I”… AM WORTHY!  “I’VE”…GOT IT TOGETHER!!!  Perhaps there are individuals we hope to impress, but… end-up doing the “OPPOSITE”!!!  “I”… AM FAMOUS… around my inner circle… for being “flighty”.  Forgetting things.  Getting “lost” in my own mind. Getting “lost” in public… OUT THERE…SOMEWHERE…ANYWHERE!!!  Not being able to find things…right in front of my face!  The list goes on!!!  I finally admitted “THE TRUTH,” mostly to myself, at the Jacksonville Airport before boarding the flight to NYC last Wed., 6/18/14…

“I”… AM HEAD-INJURED.  Yep, back to that car accident again… 11/16/86.  I have tried so, so hard to “HIDE” my disabilities from EVERYONE.  WHY?  “I”… felt embarrassed.  Ashamed.  DEPRESSED.  You name it, I felt it.  The “PHYSICAL” injuries sustained in that accident put an “OUTWARD,” obvious awareness that “SOMETHING”… WAS WRONG.  “DENIAL,” however, was nothing new to me.

I had been a victim of childhood abuse.  The depth of emotional and psychological injuries were on-going secondary to specific violations that occurred MANY, MANY years ago.  I did, however, deny “THAT” until God decided that “IT WAS TIME FOR ME TO FACE REALITY,” around age 43.  I still struggle with the sadness of ALL those “LOST” years.   Such a LONG sentence of “denial” placed upon me that disallowed my reckoning with a past that negatively tainted so very much of my life.  I am certain that Satan had instilled such hate and anger within me that denied God full entrance into my heart and soul.  MY God IS GREAT, however.  GOD FINALLY CAPTURED MY FULL ATTENTION!!!  “I have decided to follow Jesus.  No turning back.  No turning back.”  And I thank God for bringing me to Beth Moore’s bible study, “Breaking Free”.  I am on my way, folks.  God is Good.  GOD IS GREAT!!!

So, this trip to NYC allowed me to take, yet,  another “look” at myself.  I can finally admit that I am head-injured.  I HAVE been(head-injured) for much of my life, whether it be the emotional/psychological injury from the abuse or the physical injury sustained in the car accident.

“THIS” realization, “I’ve been head-injured most of my life,” has been difficult to accept.  WHY?  Everyone around me… has suffered because of it.  My siblings.  My first husband.  My second, and last, husband.  My children.  My co-workers, etc.

NYC… yep… made me face the reality of my deficits.  My daughter, Danielle,  suffered tremendously.  Starting at 4:30 am-ish Wed., 6/18/14 as we raced to get to the airport on time and I “LOST” the car keys.  And it continued as she assumed the adult leadership role concerning… mapping our way through the city.  I would have gotten us so, So, SOOOooo “LOST” numerous times!!!  “SHE”(Danielle), however… did not allow me to get “LOST” in NYC, ALTHOUGH I TRIED!!!  (Perhaps I will share another story, or two, regarding my… “flightiness” 😉 in NYC… LATER!!! )

It has been a long and difficult road for me to get where I am today.  I tried to “deny” so many realities for the majority of my life.  “IT IS WHAT IT IS,” folks.  Identify your “ISSUES” and deal with them appropriately.  Anger.  Deceit.  Rage.  Anything causing a negative action or reaction towards others is… “WRONG”.  We “KNOW” this, don’t we?  Negative feelings make us uncomfortable and people with “issues” tend to respond to those negative feelings… NEGATIVELY!  We may not like it, BUT…“IT IS WHAT IT IS!!!”  Identifying our issues.  Facing them.   And dealing with them appropriately are mandatory in order to move forward in a manner that allows us to live life as God intended.  P.H.P., folks.  “People Helping People”… as we all struggle to survive “LIFE”.

Please give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!





A note to readers…

I just want to thank everyone for your comments.  I read ALL of them.  I don’t understand some of them, but I do appreciate ALL of them.  Thanks.

I would first like to report that there is this one, particular word that appears frequently in comments that I do not “GET”.  So, what’s the word?  “Odiassd”…???  I cannot find the meaning of this word ANYWHERE.  I am not even sure which language it is derived from?  This word is found in so many of the comments I have received and it appears to be complimentary, but can someone please tell me where this word originates and what the meaning is as utilized?  Sorry.  “ME,” here… and I just don’t “GET” it.

Secondly, I get comments requesting that I expand on topics addressed.  “THIS”… is difficult for me without getting R-E-A-L  opinionated on you.  I prefer presenting stories in truth and fact…only.  And I like presenting different sides of controversial points in a manner that encourages readers to think for themselves.  “MY” way is DEFINITELY “MY” way.  However, I no longer feel compelled to force others to believe that “MY” way is the only way.  I am a born-again Christian. I look to God for those answers through prayer and through the written word in the Bible.  Amen.

My life has been such a… “JOURNEY,” folks.  The realization of where I’ve been, what I’ve lived through, or survived and exactly “WHO” was ALWAYS there to help guide me in the direction I needed to go has impacted my life tremendously.

I am so glad for this second opportunity to become the person God intended me to be.  The Jill D. Goble of before is GONE.  She died in that car accident on 11/16/86.  I am honored to have an opportunity, through this blog, to introduce you to the “ME” I have, since, become:  Jill D. Allen, wife and mother of 2 beautiful children.

Have a blessed evening.

Sincerely,     Jill



To find peace and/or happiness… HERE ON EARTH!!!  It is attainable, folks.  I promise.  FIRST:  You’ve got to REALLY want it.  And SECOND:  You’ve got to understand what “IT”… REALLY “IS”.

FIRST:  Really wanting peace and happiness is a MUST in order to actually achieve it.  Now, it is easy to say that you “WANT” peace and happiness, BUT DO YOU… REALLY, R-E-A-L-L-Y  WANT “IT”?  TOUGH, TOUGH question.  And probably the majority of you wouldn’t be able to answer “YES,” accurately.  Confusing, huh?  I propose that MANY people who answer “YES” are currently struggling with a rather full plate of crap.  Unbeknownst to them, they actually NEED to be upset or angry as a means of, subconsciously, releasing some of their “INNER TURMOIL”.  Pretty deep, huh?

You’ve got to identify your “ISSUES,” folks.  EVERYBODY’S GOT ‘EM.  Now identify them, deal with them, and MOVE FORWARD… toward actually finding peace and happiness.  What’s the age at which we need to identify our issues?  THE SOONER, THE BETTER!!!  It is so hard to look inside ourselves and realize that there are things that need to be “fixed”.  Folks, I had “ISSUES” at a very young age.  “ISSUES” that kept getting worse until a car accident, at age 22, FORCED me to take a very GOOD, LONG look at myself enough to realize that “SOMETHING”… was wrong… “SOMEWHERE”.  Thus began… “MY JOURNEY”…

SECOND:  understanding what “IT” (peace and happiness) REALLY “IS”:  “IT IS WHAT IT IS,” folks.  Peace cannot be easily described.  “IT” must be achieved within the “self” before it can be experienced between 2 separate entities.  PERIOD.  I don’t believe “IT” is achievable with any amount of money or fame.  How much one has OR having the best of anything and everything.  “NONE” of that matters… “TO ME”.   We’ve all heard stories about how too much of anything NEVER seems to be enough to achieve true peace and happiness.  GIVING and HELPING.  Now… “THAT”… is what it’s all about… TO “ME”.  How about… “YOU”?  I encourage you to think about that, folks.  WHAT, in life… REALLY MATTERS… To you?  WHEN… are you happiest?  Please make a list, date it, and tuck it away for future reference.  I’m pretty sure that list will change over time.  “LIFE” is a journey for each of us, folks.  And it’s important to pay attention along the way…  

Please give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!





ROW NYC Hotel.  700 8th Avenue, New York, NY.  Perfect location!!!  TIMES SQUARE!!!  AMAZING!!!  AMAZING GRACE!!! (GO TEAM GRACE!!!  Grace McCullough is a WINNER!!!  She was 1 of the 5 models chosen during the recent Wet Seal model search, 2014!!!  WOO-WHOOOOOO!!! )  Sorry.  I got distracted!!!

So, the Row NYC is where we stayed (slept) during tour in the Big Apple.  Very nice hotel.  Professional employees.  GO TEAM ROW NYC!!!  GREAT location!!!  We were RIGHT THERE!!!  We could get ANYWHERE… and EVERYWHERE… from RIGHT  THERE!!!  And… WE DID!!!  We walked. Rode on buses.  Walked more.  Rode in a boat.  Walked  more, yet.  Rode the subway.  And you guessed it… “WALKED EVEN MORE”!!!  Boy, people are always trying to hurry, Hurry, HURRY -up and go, Go, GO!!!  People, people, and MORE PEOPLE  virtually everywhere, virtually ALL THE TIME!!!  MORNING, NOON, AND NIGHT!!!

There were NYPD officials… ALL OVER… EVERYWHERE!!!  I never, REALLY, felt scared.  Period. GO TEAM NYPD!!!  We heard and viewed rescue squads racing…in start and stop mode… through the traffic of automobiles AND pedestrians!!!  GO TEAM NY EMS!!!  Bouncers outside clubs.  GO BOUNCERS!!!  Chauffeurs beside their limo’s.  GO CHAUFFEURS!!!  Security Personnel inside many stores.  GO SECURITY!!!  Employees at the eateries and the shops.  GO EMPLOYEES!!!  Citizens giving direction.  GO NYC CITIZENS!!!  You get the picture, huh?  Number One Teams… EVERYWHERE!!!

We were tourists, touring the major sites.  Shopping at shops.  Eating at eateries.    GO TOURISTS!!!  The kids danced at the Broadway Dance Studio… with other “professional” dancers during 3 different 1 1/2 hr. dance classes.  More eating at eateries!!!  More shopping.  More touring.  Most of which required walking, Walking and MORE WALKING!!!  Walking here.  Walking there. Walking, WALKING… EVERYWHERE!!!  My legs still ache!!!  FROM WALKING!!!  Standing.  Climbing stairs.  AND… MORE WALKING!!! 

We enjoyed marvelous ice cream cakes and ice cream given to us free from ColdStone.  We  dined at Kelly’s and enjoyed service by extremely talented singing waiters/waitresses.  “THIS”… was fun!  The Broadway Musical, “Newsies,” was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!  WOW!!!  Such great, Great, GREAT TALENT!!!   DOUBLE WOW, WOW!!!  I am certain they received a very good review that night!!!  I feel so blessed to have been a part of that very appreciative audience.

GREAT TEAMS of everyday peeps giving the BEST of themselves for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!  Sure, maybe NOT ALL members of EVERY team were having GREAT days… EVERY day… but they were still out there, at least, giving the BEST they had to offer!!!  (Pppsssttt… Some peeps were having pretty bad days, I think.  😉  But we ALL experience those, don’t we?)

Thank you NYC!!!  What a great, Great, GREAT experience!!!  I am, however, so, So, SOOOOOO glad to be home!  In St. Augustine,FL!!!  THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME!!!








A GREAT flight to NYC !!!  AND… another GREAT flight returning to FL!!!  Individual television screens for each passenger.  Friendly and professional staff who give the BEST of themselves for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!  JetBlue is yet ANOTHER… #1 TEAM at!!!

GO TEAM JetBlue!!!  Thanks for adding more… “GREAT”-ness to Showtime USA’s tour to/from NYC, 2014!!!  Another example of people giving the BEST of themselves for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!





GO TEAM JAX, Jacksonville International Airport!!!

Yep, THEY DID IT!!!  HA!!!  Jacksonville, FL’s Airport staff located my car keys!!!  WOO-WHOOOooo!!!  Chris messaged us early on day #2 with the GREAT news.  JAX airport employees had located the keys… SOMEWHERE… OUT THERE… in section “E” of some parking lot and moved our car to “VALET” parking… SOMEWHERE… OUT THERE… at the airport… in Jacksonville, FL!!!  DOUBLE HA, HA!!!  WOO-WHOOOooo!!!

It took us awhile to locate the Valet parking at around 12:00 am-ish upon our return to JAX, Jacksonville International Airport.  I believe we finally pulled into our drive in St. Augustine at approximately 2:00 am-ish, ET on Mon., 6/23/14.  So, SOOOOOO good to be home!!!

HATS-OFF to the Jacksonville, FL airport staff!!!  THANK-YOU so very, Very, VERY MUCH for finding my “LOST” car keys in SECTION “E” of, heaven only knows, which LOT I parked in!!!  “SOMEWHERE”… “OUT THERE”!!!

ANOTHER EXAMPLE… of every day peeps giving the BEST of themselves for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!  GO TEAM JAX, Jacksonville International Airport!!!  ANOTHER #1 TEAM at!!!






But it sure feels good to be back in FL!!!  WOW!!!  Talk about an adventure, folks!!!  I took a few trips to “JILL’s WORLD” during this tour with Showtime USA  A-N-D… I had the opportunity to witness individuals giving the best of themselves for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!  Yep, Number One Teams… IN ACTION!!!  DOUBLE WOW, WOW!!!

Hhhmmm…  Where to begin sharing the adventure???  How about 4:15 am  Wed., 6/18/14!!!  Yep… the craziness begins even BEFORE… arriving to the airport in Jacksonville, FL!!!  I AM NOT KIDDING, folks!!!  I SIMPLY CANNOT MAKE THIS STUFF UP!!!  Confusion… “STALKS” me!!!  😉


Okay, Jacksonville is changing so, so much… ALL THE TIME!!!  Old buildings torn down.  New buildings.  New roads.  Different names of old roads!!!  Aaahhh!!!  And have you noticed how everything looks different… in the dark???  I ADMIT IT!!!  Danielle offered  to set the GPS on her I-phone, but I declined.  “I”… KNEW… how to get there!!!  Oh yep, I exited I-95, N at the wrong place… somewhere in Northern Jacksonville… SOMEWHERE… OUT THERE…  and had to follow signs back around to the airport.   Once we entered the airport I missed the parking lot exit the first time around so we had to “EXIT” and then RE- “ENTER”!!!    SOOOooo … we started the morning off by being LATE to the airport!!!

TARDINESS… makes me nervous!!!  I parked… QUICKLY!!!  We grabbed bags and started running as I turned to click the “lock” button on the key to my husbands car.  Yep, I had Chris’ car so that Chris and Chase could drive a load of Boyscouts to West Virginia in the van.  We began running, Running, RUNNING… to get checked in… “Late”!!!  (We were supposed to meet Showtime at 4:15 am… at check-in!!!)  Oopse, we were still out “circling” the airport in my husband’s car at that time!!!

We raced to the baggage check-in area!!!  QUICK CHECK… reveals NO car keys!!!  OMG!!!  My keys were missing!!!  Poor Danielle.  She began crying.  I approached an “officer” to report these missing keys out in the parking lot… SOMEWHERE!!!  I could not identify the model of car!!!  DOUBLE OMG, OMG!!!  I reported parking in section “E,” but I was unable to identify “WHICH” lot I think I thought I parked in… SOMEWHERE… OUT THERE!!!  I’m certain I caught that officer chuckling as I presented my dilemma that I couldn’t really present at all!!!  I didn’t know which LOT I had parked in OR… the year/model of the car I had driven!!!  I ended up giving him my business card with my name and number.  HA!!!  He promised to alert morning airport staff A.S.A.P.!!!  WELCOME TO “MY” WORLD, folks!!!  “THIS”… is sooo “ME”!!!  DOUBLE HA, HA!!!

So, we finally make it to NYC and our first adventure was a tour on a Double-Decker bus throughout the city!!!  This occurred even before we checked into our hotel  And guess what???  I lost my cheater glasses… SOMEWHERE… OUT THERE!!!  Are you kidding me???  “THIS”… trip wasn’t starting on a good note, huh?  Nothing.  NOTHING… bothered me, however.  I remained, somewhat, calm and at PEACE with the situation.  I knew God was with me.  I can remember thinking:  “IT IS WHAT IT IS.  NOW, DEAL WITH IT!!!”  Things would be “Okay”… NO MATTER WHAT!!!

I knew I could buy a cheap pair of cheaters at Walgreens.  No problem, right?  And I felt confident that airport staff would “FIND” my “LOST” keys out there… SOMEWHERE!!!  :/  I felt confident!!!  And if they didn’t???  Danielle and I would find a ride home, I would simply have to pay the dealer for 2 keys with the automatic lock/un-lock thingy- one for Chris’ car and 1 for the van, and then retrieve the car from the airport, paying an extra high amount to get the car out of whatever parking lot it was in… out there… SOMEWHERE!!!  I just kept telling myself:  “IT IS WHAT IT IS,” knowing that it would have to be dealt with…as needed.  END OF STORY!!!

I need to gather my thoughts before continuing to blog about this trip to NYC!!!  So, so much to share.  I only hope I share things…justly.  What an amazing adventure, folks.  Please check back for more details regarding the adventures on SHOWTIME USA’s tour in NYC, 2014!!!




with my daughter, Danielle, and Showtime USA…

“THIS” Showtime USA tour… is “OPTIONAL’!!!  Cast members do NOT “HAVE” to go, but they “CAN” go… if they “WANT” to go.  Get, it?  “Optional”.  The “flightiest” thing happened, folks.  Please come along on another trip to “Jill’s World”… READY?  HERE WE GO…

The plans for this NYC tour have been… developing (getting bigger and bigger)… for quite awhile.  The West Palm Beach, FL tour was mandatory for cast members.  The “NYC” tour… is “OPTIONAL,” right Mr. Matt?  “THIS”… is so, so funny, folks!!!  See, I had been paying payments for monthly tuition and for Danielle’s fee for her mandatory summer tour.  Payment for the “optional” NYC trip had already begun…at some point.  “I”… was oblivious.

By the time I realized that we needed to get registered for NYC… our payments were already LATE!!!  I think I had paid a couple payments for this “optional” trip when Mr. Matt had posted another payment due date notice  ( and I actually read the memo that particular month)… with the word “OPTIONAL” clearly typed on the sheet.  HA!!!  “OPTIONAL”???  I get so, So, SO…”flighty” amidst the craziness of our busy schedules… I REALLY THOUGHT “OPTIONAL” meant “OPTIONAL” for the payment… :/… so…I DID NOT PAY IT… that month!!!  Silly “ME”…  the tour was “OPTIONAL,” NOT the payment… “IF” you were going on the optional tour to NYC!!!  DOUBLE HA,HA!!!  OH, I DID IT AGAIN (Britney Spears)!!!  I completely embarrassed myself in front of individuals I had hoped to impress!!!

In my defense, folks… I had thought that maybe payments would somehow… be adjusted… or something…???  “TRUTH IS”… I have NO IDEA what I think I thought or didn’t think!!!  Jill’s World, folks.  “THIS”…is sooooo “MY” world.  😉

It took me a minute to figure out the true meaning of that word… “OPTIONAL” as it applied to the “attendance to” and NOT to the “payment of” the NYC tour!!!  “THE LIGHTS WENT ON”… FINALLY!!!  And I was so embarrassed… AGAIN!!!  Boy, Mr. Matt and I sure got a good chuckle over “THAT ONE”!!!  Oh yeah, “HE”… “KNOWS ME” by now…  🙂  So, he never gets irritated by my flightiness.  He just “KNOWS”… that there is something “flighty” to explain every situation regarding… “ME”.

Boy, miscommunications happen ALL the time!!!  People (the listeners) interpret information differently than it was intended by the individual delivering that information (the speaker).  Please, Please do not allow these daily misunderstandings to damage relationships.  TALK, folks.  Ask questions.  CLARIFY information.  All in an effort to avoid unnecessary conflict.  Remember… THERE IS A REASON FOR EVERYTHING.  And “YOU”… probably … JUST DON’T KNOW IT!!!

Thank you, Mr. Matt.  Your patience and tolerance of my “FLIGHTINESS” is greatly appreciated!!!  NOW… NYC:  HERE WE COME!!!  Our flight leaves early 6/18/14 and we return LATE, 6/22/14 (I think).  🙂  I will not be posting for a few days, folks.  I will, however, blog about our “adventure” in NYC upon our return home.  So long.  Fare well. (YEP, “The Sound of Music”)  🙂  Adios.  OVER-AND-OUT!!!



(Pppsssttt… have I mentioned that I get “lost” REAL easy?  My excitement is quickly turning to…???  Is that nausea I feel coming on?  Oh, no!!!  READY OR NOT… HERE WE GO!!!  :/  )




The 2014 NBA FINALS…

Sun., 6/15/14

Game #5 is in San Antonio.   The Spurs are looking good.  3rd quarter  is ending , SA up by 19 points.  Boy, Miami was up by 20 in the first quarter…I guess (I just came into the bedroom to watch the game while blogging on my I-phone).   Boy, what a game of desperation!!!

The SA Spurs…Look  good.  REAL GOOD!!!  Miami???  They are just looking “OFF”… Right now.  Time out, Miami, as Parker hits another one, either a 2 or 3 point jumper!!! Time is ticking down…Down…DOWN.  Quickly!!!

You can feel the excitement in SA…TONIGHT!!!  6 mins. to go.  LeBron is sitting on the bench.  The celebration has begun in Texas.  “THIS” game … appears to be over.  The time…tick, Tick, TICK…ing down, Down, DOWN!!!  Time-out.  2+ minutes to go.  98-81, SA Spurs will be the 2014 NBA CHAMPS!!!

Congrats to the SA Spurs!!!  Final score:  104-???.  Time for the celebration to begin In Texas.  The SA Spurs are, unquestionably,  #1…at:

Did I mention that I have a crush on LeBron James?  Call me, LJ.  😉  Miami Heat…is my FAVORITE #1 team at: