DON’T BE A … “L-I-T-T-E-R B-U-G”!!!

OMG, folks!!!  DOUBLE OMG, OMG!!!  The idea for “THIS” post just “HIT” me… right upside my head!!!  No kidding!!!  I hope you will ALL come along for another Journey to “Jill’s World”.  READY?  HERE WE GO…

WHAT???  “Litter-bug”???   “WHERE”… did “THAT”… come from?  LAST NIGHT!!!  At the SAHS graduation at UNF (Univ. of N. FL) ARENA!!!  I drove my daughter and her friend, Sanya, up to the ceremony to honor, celebrate, and support their graduating friends.

The girls both returned home from school, readied themselves, and we left for Jacksonville around 6:00 pm.  THE TRAFFIC???  HORRENDOUS!!!  Both girls vacated the van in front of the arena.  I was “directed” around back… somewhere… close to the stadium where a BIG track meet was in progress.

Numerous colleges were represented at this… “track meet”…  Hhhmmm.  Interesting…  I think I thought I was “lost” back there in that parking lot… around back there… somewhere…???  What an excellent opportunity to… “MINGLE”… and “SHARE”… my business card for “”!!!  BAM!!!  “THIS”… was “MEANT TO BE”!!!  DOUBLE BAM, BAM!!!  Boy, did I ever… “MINGLE” AND “SHARE”!!!  🙂

I toured this campus…for quite a little while.  No, I WAS NOT “LOST, ” folks… OR “IF” I was “lost,” at least I “FOUND” myself before the graduation ceremony ended!!!  A mob of people vacated the arena immediately following the ceremony.  I met the girls by the “FOUNTAIN” as we prepared to leave…

Walking along a sidewalk, directly outside of the UNF Arena, there was an empty drink container!!!  Sitting, EMPTY.. .on the sidewalk!  WHAT???  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  What is it that allows people to simply discard their trash on the ground?  There were wooden trash bins around.  Take it along to your vehicle and throw it out later if you don’t feel like walking over to the trash bin… PLEASE!!!

“THIS”… reminded me of the other evening…  I had noted trash strewn around a beautiful park here in St. Augustine, FL.  Treaty Park.  Beautiful.  Scenic.  “Woodsy”.  Trails.  Ponds.  Wildlife everywhere.  Ducks, birds, turtles, fish, squirrels, etc. (Perhaps a gator or two…somewhere…out there.)  Basketball courts.  Tennis courts.  Racketball courts.  Baseball/softball fields.  Dog park.  Skate park.  This place is AMAZING!  AMAZING GRACE!!! (Ppssttt… GO TEAM GRACE)  😉  OMG!!!  Trash was simply lying around in wooded areas, in ponds, along dirt walkways.  DOUBLE OMG, OMG!!!  “WHAT” is it that allows people to discard their trash inappropriately?  Treaty Park is… “AMAZING”!!!  😉  PLEASE… TAKE CARE OF IT!!!

Oh yeah, and “THIS” reminds me, yet, of another incident… back in 1993.  I was working in Ormond Beach while living in Daytona Beach, FL.  I FELL IN LOVE WITH FL (and I also fell in love “IN” FL–I met Chris here 🙂 ).  Anyways, while driving back to my apartment after work one day I observed the car in front of me throwing trash from “her” window…many individual, small articles which I assumed were from an ashtray.  WHAT???  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  Throwing many pieces of small trash-items out of your car???  Onto the road?  Adding trash to the beautiful scenery???  I was so ANGRY!!!  Oh yeah, I got close enough to get the license plate number and I called the police as soon as I got home to report “THIS”…ACT of… “LITTERING”???  The woman on the other end of the line chuckled lightly and thanked me for being a concerned citizen.  END OF STORY!!!  What had I expected them to do to her?  I am not sure what I had hoped to come from this, however there was nothing they could do to “punish” her.  HA!!!  CRAZY… but TRUE!!!  DOUBLE HA, HA!!!

The world is AMAZING, folks!!!  AMAZING GRACE!!!  (GO TEAM GRACE)  Please click on the link below to vote for Grace McCullough during Wet Seal’s Model Search, 2014.  Everyone can vote 1x daily!!!  😉

Let’s ALL take care of the world we live in.  Please.