Daily Archives: May 22, 2014


Would you agree that most of us suffer from a low self-esteem?  Be honest with yourself.  I think “WE DO”.  And I have come to believe that most of the “harm” occurs during childhood.  The majority of us don’t even realize that we suffered ANYTHING at all!!!  The MIND IS A VERY POWERFUL THING, folks.  ALL on its own…subconsciously…it develops coping techniques that enable us to continue…”living”!  Simply seeking to survive “LIFE”!!!  (Subconsciously… meaning that we are are not even aware of “IT” occurring within our very own minds… PERIOD!!!)  WOW!!!  Now, I find “THAT” a bit spooky!!!  Our minds performing mental tasks within our beings without “approval”… from…”us”.  Wow!!!  Chew on that  piece of info., mentally!!!

I kept a journal during my counseling sessions back in 2007.  I still have it today, though I am unable to read it.  In that journal, I am sure I discuss different personalities I became at different times, which were also discussed in the previous post regarding Dr. Jill/Mrs. Allen.  WOW, folks.  “THIS”… is an example of how “MY” mind worked, independently, simply seeking to help me survive… “LIFE”.  AMAZING!!!  AMAZING GRACE.
Wow!!!  My life  DOES sound a bit  “CRAZY” after all, doesn’t it???  Welcome to “MY” world, folks!!!  I don’t, however, think I’m feeling quite so “ALONE” anymore…  😉  WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER, right???!!!

I feel a need to re-state this viewpoint once again.  Right now… “We are who we are based on where we’ve been and how we’ve responded while simply seeking to survive… LIFE”!!!  WOW!!!  That speaks volumes to me!!!  THERE IS “SOMETHING”… “SOMEWHERE”…THAT EXPLAINS… “EVERYTHING”!!!  Touche’!!!  (According to “JILL”)

AND ONE FINAL THOUGHT… We are ALL the same, aren’t we?  Struggling to survive… LIFE.  Isn’t it ironic how this thing we’re ALL struggling to survive is also the thing that “DRIVES US CRAZY”!!!  THINK ABOUT IT!!!   Pretty deep, huh?  EVERYTHING AFFECTS EVERYTHING!!!


P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People!!!