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OMG!!!  DOUBLE OMG, OMG!!!  You are NOT gonna believe this, folks!!!  Oh, please come along on ANOTHER trip to “Jill’s World”… (This is getting kind of fun, huh?)  😉  Ready???  Here we go…

My son, Chase… is 15 YEARS OLD… TODAY (5/19/14) !!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHASE!!!  How to celebrate???  We started the day off, EARLY, at the DMV (Dept. of Motor Vehicles).  Yep, that’s right, Chase wanted to start this day off celebrating by getting his “Driving Permit”!!!  HA!!!  DOUBLE HA, HA!!!  Let the “CRAZINESS”… B-E-G-I-N!!!

First of all, I think I may have gotten just a little “LOST” looking for the correct building out at the HUGE courthouse area/complex.  Government buildings EVERYWHERE!!!  I experienced just a little anxiety as I stopped to ask a very helpful gentleman (worker) for directions.  BAM!!!  We were right where we needed to be!!!  I was NOT lost!!!  We were already there…in the correct building’s parking lot… “I” just DIDN’T KNOW IT!!!  DOUBLE BAM, BAM!!!  There were no signs directing traffic.  It appears that I accidentally exited the main drive and was simply… “lot-hopping”???  This explains the lack of “signs” directing me to the correct parking lot in front of the correct building!!!  HA!!!  DOUBLE HA, HA!!!

Poor Chase.  We started walking toward the building and had to return to the van “TWICE,” ( 2x’s) as I had little bouts of… “flightiness”.  Yep, I first panicked over my…checkbook!  OMG!!!  Where is it?  Not in my purse.  I could not find it back in the van, either!!!  They’ll take credit, right?  So, we head back towards the entrance… “UNTIL”… I felt something in the leg pocket of my scrub pants!!!  OMG!!!  I just HAD to go back and get rid of the item in my pocket!!! ” What if we have to go through a detection thingy and they make us remove everything from our pockets, Chase?”  I had to go back to the van AGAIN to rid my pocket of its contents…a sanitary napkin!!!  DOUBLE OMG, OMG!!!  I simply COULD NOT deal with that embarrassment… TODAY!!!

Poor, poor Chase.  Third attempt at entering the, “correct,” building WAS A CHARM!!!  We walked up to the “reception,” bullet-proof, glass-protected desk and were motioned right back to desk #4!!!  The computers were slow, Chase had to provide all the required paperwork, questions were asked, Chase answered, etc., etc., etc.  Meanwhile…I glanced around and noticed a patriotic front license plate, available for purchase.  OMG!!!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  The plate I chose has an American flag on it… AND… it says…YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE THIS!!!  It says:  “Americans Helping Americans”!!!  SHUT-UP!!!  Americans helping Americans… ARE… People Helping People!!! “P.H.P.!!!”  DOUBLE OMG, OMG!!!  I CANNOT MAKE THIS STUFF UP, folks!!!  GO TEAM USA!!!

So,  Chase received his temporary learner’s permit, photo i.d.!!!  What an awesome pic he took!!!  Both kids are growing up way too quickly, but we are enjoying every moment!!!  Another “fun” day!!!  Chase finished the requirements, Chris gathered all the documents, and I accompanied Chase this am to get his permit!!!  GO TEAM ALLEN!!!

Just ANOTHER day in “Jill’s World,” folks.  Oh, I get so much joy in finding the humor that surrounds the “CRAZINESS” involved with simply seeking to survive DAILY LIFE!!!  I like myself better when I choose to laugh as opposed to allowing myself to get frustrated or angry!!!  IT IS WHAT IT IS!!!  I pray that God will guide me as I maneuver through these daily hassles.  Amen.  ( OMG!!!  “THIS” idea is PERFECT for ANOTHER post regarding a completely different situation in… “Jill’s World”!!!)  Stay tuned…


P.H.P, folks.  People Helping People!!!



Game #1 of the series between Miami and Indiana goes to the Pacers.  Congratulations.  There’s some exceptional talent on that young team.  And they sure played a great game on Sunday 5/18/14.  I enjoy watching talented players on the basketball court.  End of story.

In moving forward, however…Indiana definitely NEEDS to feel more HEAT!!!  The temps are much cooler up North.  With minimal to no “humidity”.  Go Miami!!!  It’s time to turn up the… “HEAT” … in Indiana this Tues. 5/20/14!!!

MIAMI HEAT = A Number One Team @numberoneteam.net!!!





When a conflict arises, most individuals think they are “RIGHT”.  That other fella…is “WRONG”!  Everyone finds it difficult to admit fault.  Even during casual conversations.  Think real hard about this for a moment.  What is most important, here?  Being “RIGHT”?  Winning the argument and perhaps damaging a relationship?  Or backing down from your stance in order to maintain a healthy working relationship?   Depending on the consequences, “THIS” is an EASY CHOICE, right?  Or…maybe not…

Some folks find it necessary to ALWAYS be correct.  To ALWAYS… win the argument.  We all know these individuals, don’t we?  They are not the folks we prefer to spend our “FREE” time with, are they?  OUCH!!!  “I”… was one of “those” individuals.  FOR MANY YEARS!!!  I had so much “ANGER” eating away inside me  that I ALWAYS, A-L-W-A-Y-S created “chaos” as a means of releasing some of that inner turmoil!!!  I thank God for my husband!!!  He sure helped me through some difficult times!!!

It is so mentally and emotionally “FREEING” to simply say… “I’m sorry.”  Regardless of the situation.  Misunderstandings WILL occur between members of EVERY team…at some point.  Perhaps actual disagreements.  WORKING TOGETHER, however… IS A MUST… to be successful.  The main goal is success, correct?  There is no room for “PRIDE” to get in the way.  Admitting sorrow for any disruption in a team’s ability to work together is the FIRST STEP in resolving conflict.  SOMEBODY’S GOTTA TAKE IT!!!  Why not you?

Boy, “LIFE” is sure a journey, huh?  For ALL of us.  We ALL have “STUFF”.  A.K.A.:  “ISSUES”.  I am dealing with my “ISSUES,” folks.  It took me a very long time to even figure out what my “ISSUES” were.  I don’t know how to explain it, but discovering “MY” issues has helped to stop the madness.  I no longer feel pressured to prove my worthiness to those around me.  God’s opinion is the only one that matters at all.  The truth is…  I am unworthy.  I make mistakes along the way, folks.  Every day.  I am not perfect.  I… AM HUMAN!!!  I do, however, give the best of myself for “JUST” today, “EVERY” day!!!

JUST FOR FUN…  try saying: “I’m sorry” whenever possible and witness the positive results for yourself!!!  Humility “lifts” you higher in the eyes of the beholder.  Kindness is contagious!!!  Good deeds have a positive impact…on “SOMEONE”… “SOMEWHERE”!!!


P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People