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I, ABSOLUTELY, MUST SHARE “THIS”… cute message… BEFORE church… tonight!!!  Oh, hurry, Hurry, HURRY!!!  And gather, Gather, GATHER …my… thoughts, Thoughts, THOUGHTS!!!  OH!!!  I can’t think, Think, THINK!!!   Yep, my mind is wandering AGAIN!!!  SORRY!!!

The “MESSAGE” from last weekend’s sermon, delivered by Pastor Walter West at ABC, WAS AMAZING!!!  AMAZING GRACE!!!  I had wanted to blog about it earlier, however the week has been…hhhmmm… “CRAZY”!!!  Ready?  Here we go…

Guess what?   A “crazy” thing happened at church last weekend!!!  HA!!!  DOUBLE HA, HA!!!  There was no pen, ANYWHERE in sight, to fill in the blanks on the weekly bulletin.  So, I DID NOT fill them in!!!  The message was so meaningful that I exited the auditorium using the “Pastor reception line” so that I could comment to Pastor West.  I shook his hand and simply said one word:  “Powerful,” in passing.  I had, truly, been moved!!!

The message???   Well, I quickly calmed myself after realizing that there were no pens within reach for me to…”fill-in”… the blanks.  I had planned to race home after church, refer to the specific scripture verse as indicated beside each blank space in the bulletin, so that I could blog about this very “POWERFUL” message.  WHAT???  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  Here I go again, folks!!!  The verses I read in the Bible did not “SAY” to me what Pastor West had said during service!!!  I was dumbfounded… AGAIN!!!  I simply could not “FIND” the right words to “fill-in” those silly blanks!!!  Me, being “ME,” folks???  The “powerful” message was “lost”.  I was not able to fill-in those silly blanks, however, I DID jot down a few of my thoughts on scrap paper that morning.  Here they are…

— Be “REAL” with God.  Not superficial.

— Jesus (the earthly God) paid for ALL of our sins with his own blood… ON THAT CROSS!!!  HE… paid for them.  LET HIM… “OWN” THEM!!!  THEY ARE HIS!!!  Get it?  LET GO OF YOUR PAST SINS!!!  GIVE THEM UNTO THE LORD!!!  L-E-T   G-O!!!

— I, also, left church last weekend feeling a desire for deeper “FORGIVENESS”.  Forgiveness of…”WHOM”?   Myself or… someone else?  I am not certain, folks.  I shall keep moving forward, however, for… I HAVE DECIDED TO FOLLOW JESUS.  NO TURNING BACK.  NO TURNING BACK!!!  AMEN.

It is 3:00 pm, Sat., 5/10/14.  My daughter just started the animated movie…”Shrek,” previously recorded on DVR– I HAVE GOT TO GO WATCH IT!!!  And we will then head to church for tonight’s service at 6-7 pm, ET.





The “Godzilla” to conquer my computer’s Trojan Horse!!!  I THINK!!!  HA!!!  DOUBLE HA, HA!!!  I’m not real sure about anything in this high-tech. world, but “YES!!!”  I just received “MY” computer back from the computer “fix-it” guy!!!  I feel “HOME”… AT LAST!!!  No more Internet Explorer for us!!!  We are now utilizing… Mozilla… firefox?  I think.   I STILL DON’T “GET” what ALL of the “FUSS” was about!!!

This, high-tech. computer, WI-FI… “whatever” world we have created is… “SPOOKY”!!!  Yep, that’s right… S-P-O-O-K-Y!!!  We are in trouble, folks.  “Computers”… are taking over THE WORLD!!!  We no longer need… “EVERYDAY PEEPS” anymore!!!  We are gonna “high-tech.” ourselves right out of jobs!!!

What’s the point?  If computers take over the jobs “WE” do, what’s left for us?  Why is it that more and more people no longer value work?  “LIFE” isn’t supposed to be all fun and games.  Taking away the value of “man” results in the devaluation of “WORK”.  Wait a minute!!!  I think I’m on to something here, folks!!!  “Taking away the value of man results in the devaluation of work!!!”  Tah-dah!!!  Is “THAT” what’s happening across this GREAT country of ours?  OMG!!!  DOUBLE OMG, OMG!!!

Pair technology along with my generation’s desire to “GIVE” our children everything they want (because we “love” them sooooo much– HA!!!  DOUBLE HA, HA!!! ) and the end result is…???  What???  “What” exactly have we created???  Monsters?  Lazy, free-loaders???  “THIS” … is what our high-tech world has “helped” to create.  The, so-called “smart” people are out-sourcing the need for us humans.  What on earth shall we, mere mortals, do with ourselves if we keep creating high-tech gizmos and gadgets to do all the “work” for us?

I have lots of questions, folks.  No answers.  They say you live and learn.  Well, have we?  Learned anything???  We, as the world, are in serious trouble.  It’s time for… P.H.P.:  People Helping People.  Not… C.H.P.:  COMPUTERS HELPING PEOPLE.  Our ability to “FEEL”.  And to “THINK”.  To “REASON,” ALL make “US,” as humans, irreplaceable.  Can we please quit trying to reduce the human value of… “LIFE”?

“THINK ABOUT IT!!! (Another tribute to my brother, Bob)  🙂