Daily Archives: May 5, 2014


4 weeks of aggressive rehearsal… PAYS-OFF… again!!!  Yep, SJCCA (St. Johns County Center for the Arts) is blessed with highly talented students as well as a highly talented director, Mr. Dodd.  They…”NAILED IT”…AGAIN!!!

First performance was on Thurs., 5/1/14.  The show was to begin at 7:00 pm.  I showed up at 5:30 to take my position in “line”.  NO, I was NOT the first person in line!!!  I was 2nd!!!  (You better believe I wanted to be first, but some other lady beat me!!!)  I promptly entered the auditorium as soon as the doors were opened and I rushed in to get “GOOD” seats for me, Chris and Chase.  I agreed to “save seats” for them… THIS time…

What can I say, folks?  I am “changing”.  And boy is this a BIG change for “ME”.  I have NEVER been a “SEAT-SAVER”…PERIOD!!!  My husband knows “THIS” about me!  He prefers to arrive a bit later than I do.  And then…he wanders around.  ALL… while expecting me to “SAVE” his seat!!!  HA!!!  DOUBLE HA, HA!!!  I, on the other hand, always arrive early.  I find a seat and I… “SIT”… the entire time, preferably (if you know what I mean).

I DO NOT KNOW WHAT CAME OVER ME THIS YEAR!!!  I actually offered to save my husband and son seats at Thursday evening’s show so they could come “later”.  Hhhmmm.  Saving seats didn’t bother me “THIS” time.  Hey, I like this… “change”.  And I was able to stay calm and peaceful while awaiting their arrival!!!  No nervousness, anxiety, or anger.  Amen!!!

I missed Friday night’s show due to a headache.  Saturday’s show was ANOTHER “STORY”.  I arrived EARLY…AGAIN!!!  I was FIRST in line!!!  I was there SOOooo early that I actually got to speak with the Director, Mr. Dodd!!!  Arriving early has its perks!!!  HA!  DOUBLE HA, HA!!!  Today (Sunday) was the last performance.  My husband and I went together.  Early, but not real early.  ANOTHER “CRAZY” thing happened, folks.  You are NOT going to believe this!!!

Ready?  Okay.  Chris  went up to the “ticket booth” and bought 2 tickets.  We started towards the auditorium when I decided to run back and hand out a few business cards to the ticket “ladies” who were VERY friendly.  We spoke for a moment .  I, then sought-out my husband.   Hhhmmm.  I didn’t see him anywhere.  I was so excited about another positive experience handing out numberoneteam.net business cards that I got a little lost again…in “Jill’s World”.  I did not see Chris anywhere, so I walked right into the auditorium and chose 2 seats.  Hhhmmm.  Where is Chris?  I sent him a text with the location of our seats… INSIDE the auditorium…and I waited.  And waited.

Chris finally arrived and asked:  “How did you get in without your ticket?”  OMG, folks!!!  YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!  I got so lost in the excitement of “numberoneteam.net” that I completely forgot about needing a ticket to get into the auditorium!!!  Silly “ME”!!!  I walked right by two individuals collecting tickets for entrance… WITHOUT A TICKET!!!  HA!!!  DOUBLE HA, HA!!!  The “CRAZY” thing?   I remained oblivious to any wrong-doing until Chris pointed out that I must have just walked right by the “ticket-takers”–2 ticket-takers–without giving them my ticket!!!  Because I didn’t even have my ticket when I entered the auditorium without it!!!  OMG!!!  Flighty?  Or could it be something else?

They had four shows.  Each performance was approximately 3 hours long, folks.  Students, staff, and volunteers… “WORKING TOGETHER,” giving the best of themselves for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day to deliver extraordinary performances of “Shrek, The Musical” to extremely appreciative audiences, Thurs.-Sun.  5/1/14 – 5/4/14.

Congratulations Mr. Dodd, SJCCA students, and ALL volunteers for another AMAZING musical performance!!!  WELL DONE!!!