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GO TEAM DILLARDS!!!  OMG, folks.  You are NOT going to believe this!!!  Come along, folks and please join me on ANOTHER trip to “JILL’S WORLD”!!!  HERE WE GO…

My daughter, Danielle, has been so very busy with school and rehearsal for the musical production of “SHREK,” put on by SJCCA (St. John’s County Center for the Arts).  SJCCA’s  home is embedded within St. Augustine High School.  OMG, folks!!!  This H.S. reminds me exactly of the television show, “FAME”.  It is simply AMAZING!!!  I will add a post specific to the musical…LATER.  Right now, I am discussing Dillards.  🙂

Okay, so the theme of this year’s prom at St. Augustine High School is “The Great Gatsby”.  Real fancy, sophisticated “look”.  She found a dress pretty quickly.  The “shoes”…were a different story!!!  I knew the basic style she wanted, so… I began daily trips to area shops and malls.  Work was slow, so I decided to drive down to the Volusia Mall in Daytona Beach, FL. (I absolutely love, Love, LOVE Daytona Beach!!!  I met my husband there 🙂

BAM!!!  DOUBLE BAM, BAM!!!  Dillards in the Volusia Mall…IS AMAZING!!!  Very up-scale.  Now, did “THEY” have shoes!!!  OMG!!!  So, So exciting!!!  I found the perfect silver, high heels.  PERFECT!!!  I had to order them, however, since this particular store did NOT have her size.  No problem… we had plenty of time!!!  Right?  PLENTY of time!!!

To my surprise, the shoes arrived 2 days later!!!  On Saturday, 4/26/14.  So, so exciting!!!  Danielle was at musical rehearsal.  I left the package sitting on the counter so that she could open it when she got home!!!  So, so exciting!!!  OMG!!!  I knew these shoes were absolutely perfect!!!  I could NOT wait for her to get home and see them!!!  I simply… COULD NOT WAIT… to see them, again, MYSELF!!!  Yep, I just HAD to “peek” at them, ONCE. before she got home!!!    Aaahhh!!!  My excitement quickly turned to… PANIC!!!  I ordered “silver” high heels.  “These” were “BLACK”!!!   Are you kidding me?  Black heels?  I ordered silver, right?

I mean, I “thought” I ordered silver.  The cashier had me double check the order form to make sure “everything” was correct on the screen.  I “think” everything was correct, but… “I’M NOT 100% CERTAIN”!!!  Panic city, folks!!!  Danielle would surely DIE if she saw these “BLACK” heels when we she really wanted “SILVER!!!  TICK!  TICK!!  TICK!!!  TIME was… RUNNING OUT!!!  OMG, folks!!!

I quickly dialed Dillards’ 800# and explained our dilemma to their rep.  SHE WAS AMAZING!!!  She went “OVER-THE-TOP” to get this situation resolved!!!  No, I was not “ANGRY” with her… or anyone.  “I” could have made a mistake by authorizing shipment of the wrong color heels when I “checked” info. on the order form.  “IT IS WHAT IT IS,” folks.  Just deal with it.   Appropriately.  Positively.  Professionally!!!  WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER, right?

Oh,  and BTW (by the way)… the silver heels arrived just a few days later!!!  GO TEAM DILLARDS!!!  I, again, am pleased with the true professionals who give the best of themselves for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!  The dress is currently being altered, with a pick-up date of 1 day before the prom!!!  Oh yeah, the excitement continues.  Prom is Fri. 5/9/14.  The dress will be finished Thurs., 5/8/14… I HOPE!!!  Stay tuned…  😉




Computers drive me… “CRAZY”!!!  I am very low-tech., folks.  My computer has been plagued with recent Internet Explorer difficulties, Microsoft difficulties,  and whatever else difficulties  are currently plaguing our “Somewhere Out There” world of high tech. communication via the Web!!!

All of our computers have been fixed and protected… EXCEPT MINE!!!  I have been unable to figure out “how” to get ANYWHERE or do ANYTHING on my husband’s computer…UNTIL “Garth” at  the 800# tech. support line.  Thank you Garth!!!  (P.S.:  I gave you high marks!!!)

Whew!!!  I am low-tech., folks!  I have not posted since 4/28/14 because of these recent internet, let’s say…”difficulties”!!!  Just a quick note to let you know…  “I’M  BACK”!!!  And… READY TO POST!!!

Come on… “GO TEAM!!!  WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER, right???