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Wow!  I am getting, happily, overwhelmed by all of your words of encouragement.  Thanks SOOOooo much.  Please keep reading.  AND…PLEASE share this message forward with as many folks as possible!!!

This site is about “LIFE”.  It is meant to be motivational, inspirational, helpful, positive… ” HOPEFUL”.  Please join the team, Number One Team, and help to deliver this message to EVERYONE!!!  GO TEAM!!!  WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!!

Happy Easter!!!  I am a born-again Christian, folks.  I BELIEVE.  MAY ALL GLORY BE TO GOD!!!  AMEN.  Thanks so much for your support.

Sincerely, Jill D. Allen



I WAS “NOT” NAGGING, honey!!!  HA!!!  Double Ha, Ha!!!  Boy, we have some of the BEST conversations… EVER… at work!!!  Today(Friday), particularly.  A female patient was complaining about her husband.  All staff, patients, and anyone else-  ANYWHERE CLOSE- had to contribute their 2 cents!!!

We discussed “nagging, Mars, Venus, etc.”  HA!!!  EVERYBODY had SOMETHING to say!  So, so funny!!!  The FINAL consensus???  WE (men and women) are DIFFERENT!!! (Hhhmmm… brilliant observation, right?)  Yep, we “DO” laugh ALOT at work.  “LAUGHTER” = THE BEST MEDICINE, right???

It is so, so funny to hear people’s  complaints  regarding their “significant others”!!!  I can joke along, but I also try to insert a message of helping each other.  Just keep living and learning, folks.  WE ALL HAVE OUR “ISSUES”.  Be kind to one another.  “HELP” each other.  “WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!!” …(pssttt… we’re in it together whether we want to be or not!  So, let’s choose to “WIN” it…since we’re “IN” it… “TOGETHER”.  Sorry…I am drifting, AGAIN…  🙂  Oh AND… I like to be on the “WINNING” team!!!  🙂

That husband/wife “team” is so, so important to the over-all strength and success of EVERY OTHER TEAM that we each belong to.  Team God + Self.  Team marriage partners.  Team family.  Team employment place…your “JOB”.  Team church.  Team community.  Team state.  Team USA.  TEAM WORLD.

WE ARE  ALL CONNECTED…SOMEHOW!!!  HA!!!  DOUBLE HA, HA!!!  WE ARE…”LINKED”…TOGETHER, folks!!!  (and I DO NOT want to be  a “WEAK”… link, DO YOU? )




Aren’t MOST of us… GUILTY, AS CHARGED”… when it comes to allowing ourselves to form “NEGATIVE” opinions about someone we DON’T EVEN KNOW?!?!?!  WE ALL DO THIS, don’t we?  WHY???  “THIS”… is sooooo unfair, folks!

EVERYONE, I MEAN…”EVERYONE”carries around their “PLATE” of… “STUFF”!!!  And you know what?  Those “PLATES,” help determine how we carry ourselves in public.  Remember… “WE ARE WHO WE ARE BASED ON WHERE  WE’VE BEEN, WHAT WE’VE BEEN THROUGH, AND HOW WE’VE RESPONDED WHILE SIMPLY SEEKING TO SURVIVE…LIFE!!!”

Judging people without REALLY knowing them is so, so wrong.  Perhaps YOUR “PLATE” impacts your opinion, negatively…  AND…”INAPPROPRIATELY”!!!  Please try to rid yourself of negativity.  Ask God for help.  Forming negative opinions of individuals when you know NOTHING about them actually “SPOTLIGHTS” your own negative “ISSUES”.  There’s that word again… “ISSUES”.  WE’VE ALL GOT ‘EM, RIGHT?

Please give the best of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!



MAY ALL GLORY BE TO GOD!!!  AMEN.  ( Psssttt…let Him do the judging  😉


in the Allen master bathroom… FINALLY!!!

You are NOT going to believe this, folks!!!  “I”… C-A-N-N-O-T …  BELIEVE IT MYSELF!!!  🙂  Please come along for another ride to “Jill’s World”!!!

Oh, where do I begin???  Folks, “THIS” goes back to our “PIPE PROBLEMS”!!!  OMG!!!  I have got to look back through the March Archives to see exactly how long this “issue” has been plaguing us… “ME” … at the ALLEN household!!!

Got it.  First mention of “pipe” problems” was blogged about on March 12, 2014.  Another post 3/13.  AND ANOTHER post 3/14.  Our house was completely RE-PIPED!!!  “THE FLOOD” due to a “bursting” pipe occurred 3/28/14 at 11:00 pm-ish.  I guess I had “PIPE DREAMS,” according to my friend Czak, on 4/2/14 while proclaiming:  “I CAN ALMOST SEE IT”.  Folks this was the day three professional individuals arrived, “READY FOR BATTLE” .  Two to make final repairs, and one to assess floor damage from…”THE FLOOD”.  We had been given a mega fan (VERY powerful) and a large dehumidifier to keep plugged into the bathroom and running for three days… CONTINUOUS!!!  24/3 ( 24 hrs. a day for 3 days)!!!

Our bathroom lights completely blew-out and we had no light, AT ALL, except a small amount from a tiny, “cloudy” window in this bathroom.  Chris and I each enjoyed a three day “sleep-over”… THERE!!!.  I bunked with Chase and Chris got the couch…  🙂 … for 3 nights.

GO TEAM ALLEN!!!  We (I)… survived from April 2nd until today, the 18th, without the lights in our master bathroom!!!  My poor husband is so, so busy with his “J-O-B”!!!  And… he ran into some “difficulties” along the way!!!  😉  I have been without proper lighting in my bathroom for 16 days, folks.  I readied myself for work each morning, however, in my bathroom with inadequate light!!!  OMG, folks!!!  I could only laugh at the image looking back at me in the bathroom mirror at work!!!  HA!!!  DOUBLE HA, HA!!!

LET THERE BE LIGHT… in the Allen master bathroom  as of 7:00 pm-ish tonight, Thurs. 4/18/14!!!  Thank you, Christopher Allen!!!  BTW…(by the way), I simply reminded him, LAST NIGHT, how patient I was being… WITHOUT LIGHT IN MY BATHROOM!  HA!!!  DOUBLE HA, HA!!!  Hhhmmm, folks.  WE HAVE LIGHT… TONIGHT…IN THE ALLEN MASTER BATHROOM!!!  COINCIDENCE?  OR “SOMETHING” ELSE???  😉

“TEAM ALLEN” = STRONG!!!  COHESIVE!!!  “IN IT TO WIN IT!!!”  Yep, it is late and I am “drifting”… “OVER THERE!!!  OVER THERE!!!”  ( I think that’s a navy song?)  Sorry.  Goodnight.




Wed. 4/16/12

Friends of Liberty, Community Outreach Leader:  Helen Chestnut was guest speaker at today’s luncheon/meeting for the Conservative Republican Women’s Network of St. Johns County.  She has AMAZING strategies, folks, designed to better define the character of Conservative Republicans.

KEEP IT SIMPLE!!!  Don’t go on and on about “issues” that people don’t understand.  Perhaps they don’t even care.  It is EASY to think that you DON’T care about something that you don’t understand.  This is SO, SO TRUE, folks!!!  KEEP THINGS SIMPLE!!!  Define our character.

Now, we all witnessed the success that President Obama enjoyed by employing the simplest of platforms to run on… “HOPE… AND …CHANGE”.  Sounded Good back then to those who voted for him UNTIL they realized that he offers NOTHING to ANYONE… except those on welfare.  “Those” individuals who think the American Dream should be “given” to them by a Government that steals from its, hard-working, people as a means to encourage laxity…Government Dependence!!!

When most people think of “Republicans,” they associate them with words such as:   greed, selfishness, lies, and deceit.   “Democrats,” however are associated with helping the POOR.  Thus, we have this MANUFACTURED battle of “The Rich vs. The Poor”.  NONSENSE!!!  PLEASE!!!  First, there are so MANY, MANY more rich and successful, honest and faithful individuals and businesses in this country than our media systems “highlight” in the news.  REPORT  “BAD”…get more “BAD”!!!  Hhhmmm… makes ya wonder… REPORT “GOOD”…get more “GOOD”???

I would LOVE to establish an American Network involving both radio and television programs that focus on the positive success stories that depict individuals’ achievement of their American Dreams… just as “WE” are: “EVERYDAY PEOPLE”.  We write our own scripts…Daily.  We “act” out our roles…Daily.  As the individuals we choose to be.  We don’t get “CUTS” or “RE-TAKES” designed for the “PERFECT” endings. “THIS”…IS LIFE, folks.  And we are living the “REALITY” of it!!!  “EVERYDAY PEEPS.”  Yep, that’s “US”.

Boy, I went off on a rant, huh?  Sorry.  Back to Helen Chestnut and the idea of keeping it simple.  What two words describe the core of Conservative Republicans?  BAM!!!  DOUBLE BAM, BAM!!!  SHE…was “struck” with two VERY meaningful words.  THEY JUST CAME TO HER!!!

“LOVE”……………and…………… “FORGIVENESS”

Helen Chestnut… inspired me today.  Tremendously.  I felt a true connection with her.  (Yep… I think we “bonded”  😉

P.H.P, folks.  People Helping People.

Please give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!




“SPECIAL AGENT ALLEN!!!”  Yep, that’s “ME”!  Folks, “THIS”… is another one of those “ROLES” I assume simply seeking to find enjoyment during “just another”… errand!!!  “THIS”… is so, so funny!!!  AGAIN… I could not make this stuff up!!!   Please come along on another journey to  “Jill’s World”…

My daughter, Danielle, performs with a singing/dancing group called “Showtime USA” here in St. Augustine, FL.  The dance  studio is close to where I work.  A wooden fence, approx. 8′ high, separates “THEM” (Showtime’s parking lot) from “US” (MCNRC’s employee parking lot)!!!  Bear with me, folks, as I transition into my “Agent Allen” persona– HA!  DOUBLE HA, HA!!!

I am sometimes, let’s say… “flighty”.  🙂  I may “forget” tuition AND/OR scheduled payments of tour(s).  I may EVEN  be oblivious to them…  🙂  I, often, try to avoid paying the “LATE” fee by going… “UNDERCOVER”… as “TOP SECRET”“AGENT ALLEN”.

I have, OFTEN, stopped by the studio on off hours or days to “sneak” payments “UNDER”… Showtime’s door.  I say “SNEAK” because there have, sometimes, been individuals in the near vicinity… watching…as “AGENT ALLEN” (that’s ME) gets down on hands and knees (on cement) to shove an envelope underneath the studio door.  Any “individuals” present to witness this “drop-off” ALWAYS seem to be… “SHADY”.  😉  Their “shadiness” adds to MY “EXCITEMENT”!!!

This is so, so funny, folks!  I always notify co-owner, Mr. Matt of my intentions prior to the drop-off  AND… I also inform him of “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED,” before vacating the premises via mobile text messages.  HA!!!  DOUBLE HA, HA!!!  He had to warn me, just the other day, that “HIS” response “TO ME” …via mobile text message… “MAY” actually “SELF-DESTRUCT” in seconds… IF COMPROMISED!!!  🙂  So, so funny.  And so, so TRUE.

MAKE YOUR OWN FUN, folks.  Especially with people you have regular contact with.  LIFE IS DIFFICULT…FOR ALL OF US!!!  “Laughter” brightens days and strengthens bonds.







I awoke this morning to the realization that I can be a bit, hhhmmm… “Flighty”!    Why… do I get so self-absorbed that I lose sense of all reality around me?  I find myself embarrassed… AGAIN… but I vow to keep moving forward.  I’m on a mission, folks.  God-given.  I am stumbling, but will keep MOVING FORWARD!!!  I invite you to come along on another journey to this place called “Jill’s World”.  READY OR NOT, HERE WE GO…

Okay folks, I attended a professional seminar at the local hospital here in St. Augustine, FL on Sat. 4/12/14.  All day.  Yep, 8am to 4pm.  I arrived approximately 20 minutes early and began handing out my business cards to other attendees.  Wow.  This went well.  People were “open” to hearing about my site.  I received such a good “VIBE” from those individuals I spoke with.  Now,  in being “ME”… I got a bit “LOST” in my own mind.  🙂  A.K.A:  “Jill’s World”.

Serious folks, I cannot make this stuff up.  I felt so good about the positive reception I was receiving from individuals at this seminar.  I, suddenly, got “glimpses” of where this might lead.  I got so, so “LOST” in my own enthusiasm, folks.  I approached everybody with my business card.  EVERYBODY!!!  Feeling good about the day’s success in completing 2 goals at once:  I received 6 C.E.U.s for my professional licensure requirements AND… I handed out 50-60 cards to increase awareness of my blog at!!!  SUCCESS!!!  Or so I thought…

I awoke this morning with a familiar… “uneasiness”.  Something wasn’t right.  SOMETHING was “WRONG” … SOMEWHERE!  My mind kept searching itself for clues…and SEARCHING… BAM!  DOUBLE  BAM, BAM!!!  I…  MADE A  FOOL OF MYSELF…AGAIN… in trying to spread awareness of this Motivational Team Building idea.  What a “flighty” fool I had been… AGAIN!!!  Please refer to that previous post, dated 2/20/14, “Just Another Day In…MY WORLD”!!!  I seem to notice a pattern here…  :/

So anyways… “BAM”!!!  It hit me…I made a fool of  myself at yesterday’s “professional” seminar at our local hospital, titled “Ancient City Bones” (an orthopaedic seminar…get it?  Ancient city “bones”???)  Here is how it all “went down”

Chris and Chase were away for an OA (Order of the Arrow) Boyscout campout.  This is a prestigious group of “honor society” Boyscouts.  Danielle  was away for a High School Performing Arts “Lock-in” to prep. for their annual musical to be held in a few weeks.  I was… HOME ALONE… again Friday evening.  I met a co-worker at Panera Bread at 6 am Sat. morning for a “Bible Study” session…(ssshhh…we ate breakfast and talked, THAT’S IT!!!)  We arrived at the hospital for the seminar, a bit EARLY (I like to be early) and I began passing out business cards to other attendees, as well as a few of the day’s presenters.  ALL WENT WELL…

I, somehow, got a bit confused after the first “session” of presenters and prepared to leave for the 1 hr. lunch break.  Oopse.  Not lunchtime yet.  Just a 15 min. break!  Mind you, my day started at 6:00 am.  My confusion about  “time” is understandable, right?  So, I head out to the bathroom and run into one of the Orthopaedic surgeons in the hallway.  Hhhmmm… how convenient!!!  🙂  I handed him a business card… SUCCESS!!!  “HE”… thanked “ME” for giving him a card to my site at:!  WOW!!!  I couldn’t believe my luck!!!

I could then “picture” myself doing a “Team Building” presentation at this type of an event!!!  Oh yeah, I CAN ALMOST SEE IT…”.  I remained confused about “time” for the rest of the day!!!  AND…I did NOT follow the “Agenda” sheet very well, either!  I was just “OFF” a bit…in my own world!!!  So…???  What happened?

I admit it.  I was confused about the order of events… I DID NOT FOLLOW THE AGENDA SHEET… correctly!!!!  CONFUSION… FOLLOWS ME!!!  I think it “STALKS” me.  I ended up approaching speakers at inappropriate times…immediately following their presentations… FRONT AND CENTER…AT THE PODIUM!!!  IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE CLASS!!!  I AM NOT KIDDING, folks!!!

I even found myself saying “AMEN ” to certain points made by speakers!  I had looked at the time on my I-phone… “incorrectly”… and “THAT” made me even “MORE” confused again!!!  I, mistakenly, thought there must have been a change in plans and that a gentleman would speak the entire last session.  I approached him AS SOON AS HE FINISHED… thinking he was the last speaker!  BUT…he was not.  AND… I was interrupting the progression of the seminar!!!  The final speaker, a nurse, had to inform me that she needed to continue speaking for the day’s conclusion!!!  Oopse,  Silly “ME”!!!

Folks, I went home feeling as though I had accomplished something.    I even went to bed Sat. night feeling “GOOD”!!!  EXCITED… about a new direction I could “SEE” myself moving toward.  I awoke EARLY this morning feeling… “UNEASY”.  Something just didn’t “FEEL” right.  And then it hit me… BAM!!!  DOUBLE  BAM, BAM!!!  I had gotten “LOST”…AGAIN… and made a fool of myself…in front of the VERY people I had hoped to impress!!!  I guess I will keep practicing AND…”Moving Forward…”.  I am embarrassed, folks.  For the manner in which I carried myself at this “Professional” seminar due to getting myself “LOST”…AGAIN… in Jill’s World.  I was so excited!!!  And so focused on sharing the message of “” that I was unable to recognize my enthusiasm as inappropriate.

I felt compelled to approach our Pastor at the end of today’s church service to confess… another “blunder”.  Thank you, Pastor West.  I needed that prayer.  And yes, “This too, Shall Pass”!!!  AMEN.

Please, remember to give the best of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!  I, too, will keep trying.

May all Glory be to God.  Amen.




ANOTHER… “frustrating” day at work!!!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  ANOTHER “ANGRY” individual… using “ME” to “VENT” on!!!  OMG!!!  You have got to be kidding me, right?  “MY”… “PLATE”… is  “FULL”!!!  H-E-L-L-O… I am struggling with my own plate of crap right now.  I cannot handle yours… in addition to mine!  😉

I am choosing to “laugh” right now, folks.  I “GET” IT.  This has been my week to serve as “Punching Bag” for those in need of one.  I, whole-heartedly, accepted that role.  I sought God’s forgiveness after each incident this week, however, as I felt a bit… “uncomfortable” …(Ssshhh…I felt a bit “angry”…AGAIN!!!)  Two separate Individuals were simply needing to “VENT” their frustrations this week and I served as the perfect “T.B.V.,” A.K.A.:  “Tongue Bag for Venting”!  (Yep, I just made that up!  “T.B.V. =  Tongue Bag for Venting.  Get it?  Tongue bag for a tongue lashing?)

Now…”I” am the writer for this site:  “I”…”GET” what’s going on, but yet I still felt angry when confronted with someone else’s anger (frustration) directed, inappropriately, at me as a means of releasing their inner turmoil.  HA!!!  DOUBLE HA, HA!!!  I GET IT!  But, I still got angry, myself!!!  “Father, Please forgive me…AGAIN!”  AMEN.


P.H.P. =  People Helping People.




Frustrating day at work today.  I actually told somebody to keep their “stuff” to themselves!  And that…”I’ve got my own… “STUFF” to deal with.  I don’t need YOURS too!!!”  Yep, I told this “individual” to stop treating me so badly just because she is really upset with someone else.  She was so rude .  So, SO ANGRY!  I understand that she was simply releasing her inner anger about something completely unrelated, however… I CAN’T TAKE OTHER PEOPLE’S “STUFF” WHILE ALREADY DEALING WITH MY OWN!!! (Oh yeah, I did seek forgiveness for this outburst.)

“LIFE…IS DIFFICULT…FOR ALL OF US.  It is not, however, acceptable to go out into society and release your anger, inappropriately, on others.  Are you even able to recognize when your degree of anger is inappropriate regarding something “trivial”?  When your anger is inappropriate to the situation, and you are “venting” your inner anger” inappropriately?  I, myself, am also guilty of this.

I can, also, have a “wound-slashing” tongue on me.  I have NEVER…”NEVER” been able to get words back that I have blurted out with the intention of causing pain.  Ouch.  That hurts…”ME” (after-the-fact) as much as it hurts the “intended victim.” The permanent damage, however, HAS BEEN DONE!!!

I continue working on my “loose tongue”.  It often gets me in trouble.  The good thing:  I AM ALWAYS HONEST.  The bad thing:  “MY TRUTH” isn’t, necessarily, “YOUR TRUTH”.  “MY REALITY” may not be “YOUR REALITY”.  God, alone, will judge our “TRUTHS”!!!  AMEN.

Please give the best of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!  Remember… “WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER” simply seeking to survive…”LIFE”.  P.H.P., folks = People Helping People… SURVIVE.




WOW!  “THIS” (EVERYDAY PEOPLE) …just came to me as… “SOMETHING ELSE”!!!  An idea  “HIT” me, right inside my brain, for a post… “EVERYDAY PEOPLE”.  Yep, “EVERYDAY PEOPLE”.  YOU…and ME type of “EVERYDAY PEOPLE”.  I tried so hard to come up with the lyrics of this WONDERFUL song, “EVERYDAY PEOPLE… DA-da-da-da-da-da-da-dadadada”.  You KNOW this song, don’t you?

I searched I-tunes for this song!  Boy, the songs that popped up were, definitely NOT EVEN CLOSE… to the song I could hum, without words, in my mind.  Nope, “those” songs listed were not…”THE” song my brain kept humming.  BAM!!!  Gordon Lightfoot came to mind as I could “hear” him singing the song I knew my next post would be about… “EVERYDAY PEOPLE”… like YOU and ME.  This drove me CRAZY (my favorite word)!!!  One quick search of “Gordon Lightfoot” revealed the discrepancy.  “EVERYDAY PEOPLE”?  Well, they’re really “RAINY DAY PEOPLE” Da-da-da-da-da-da-da-dadadada.  Yep, you KNOW “IT” now, huh?

I am a bit disappointed.  “EVERYDAY PEOPLE” was sure to be another “theme” song to go along with “The Climb”; “God Bless America” and “We’re All In This Together”.  Songs that are meaningful to the message delivered via  WOW!!!  “EVERYDAY PEOPLE!!!”  That’s you and me.  The backbone of America.  The work horses.  The actual soldiers who are out there everyday fighting “in the trenches” as valued members of our great military  to those peeps fighting in the trenches at home, including factories, schools, hospitals, fire and police stations, etc., etc., etc.  Anyone with a job working anywhere is fighting in the trenches, FOR AMERICA… at home!!!  Generating an income that supports your individual spending needs to promote a strong economy.  EVERYONE… giving the best of themselves for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!

EVERYDAY PEOPLE.  We keep this country strong.  No, we are not rich.  We do not live in mansions.  We do not have “EXTRA” money for ANYTHING.  We just barely get by.  We do, however, help to ensure INDEPENDENCE “FOR” ourselves.  WE DO NOT… desire dependence “ON” our Government!!!  WE ARE AMERICA!!!  GO TEAM USA!!! ( I keep humming that tune, “Rainy Day People” 🙂

This reminds me of three previous posts…a series on “The Rich vs. The Poor,” dated 11/28/13-11/29/13.  Please refer back to them for… “fun”.  😉  I do not wish to  dis-clude anyone ( I think I just made up another word).  Dis-clude = the opposite of in-clude!!!  Get it???  HA!!!  DOUBLE HA, HA!!!  Hey, is anyone keeping track of the words I’ve made up?  There must be about 3-5 throughout this blog, huh?  Think I’ll try to make a list of them…( yep, I am drifting over to another part of this place called “JILL’S WORLD” 🙁  I am calling it a night, folks.