FINALLY!!!  My husband and I went to see the “RIGHT” movie today, Sunday, 4/27/14!!!  WHAT???  Yep, that’s right.  My husband and I went to EPIC Movie Theatres here in St. Augustine, FL last weekend, Easter Sunday, 4/20/14 and we ended up watching a wonderful movie, BUT… “IT” was not the movie we had gone there… SPECIFICALLY… to see!  Are you kidding me???  How can such a thing happen???   READY OR NOT,  HERE WE GO… on “ANOTHER” trip to “Jill’s World”…

Okay, I ADMIT IT!!!  I “AM” a bit “flighty”… MOST OF THE TIME!!!  My co-workers, Kathi and Jo, had seen a religious movie that they highly recommended.  “Religious,” you know…it was something about God or heaven.  Something like “THAT”.  There “IS” a movement going on right now, ya know.  GOD IS EVERYWHERE!!!  The “HOPE” is palpable:  H = Heaven; O = over- ; P = powering; E = Earth!!!  Hope.  HOPE.  H-O-P-E!!!

Chris, Danielle, Chase and I went to the contemporary church service at ABC on Easter Sunday, 4/20/14.  We stopped by a party at my co-worker’s house and visited for awhile, but soon announced that we were going to see “that” movie…”God Is Alive” or “God’s Not Dead”…something about… God.  It became a joke at this party.  “Oh yeah… God’s not dead.  He’s A-L-I-V-E!!!”  Yep, we were going to see “that” movie about…”God”.  You can feel the confusion also, can’t you?!?

All right then, we end up racing to the theatre, trying to get there 15 mins.  early.  My husband went up to buy the tickets and the MASS “CONFUSION”… BEGINS!!!  I heard my husband’s voice “perk” up as he questioned the “ticket lady”… anxiously… “IT STARTED ALREADY?”  I walked right inside the building…thinking we were…”LATE” and gestured my husband to HURRY and give our tickets to the ticket…”taker”.  Now, I “thought” I heard my husband say something about “Heaven”???  What?  God, Heaven…something about… Christianity.  We rushed in and took our seats.

God.  Heaven.  “THIS” was a movie about God…and…Heaven.  We enjoyed the movie, titled: “Heaven Is Real”.  Wonderful movie.  Very touching.  I “LET GO” of my confusion,  however, and simply assumed that we had seen the “right” movie.  You know, the movie my co-workers recommended.  HA!!  DOUBLE HA, HA!!!

I went to work Monday and, proudly, reported that we had seen the movie… “Heaven Is Real”.  Kathi and Jo laughed… “HYSTERICALLY”!!!  I am not kidding, folks.  “THIS”… is so “ME”!!!  “Confusion”…follows me…EVERYWHERE!!!  IT STALKS ME!!!

“GOD’S NOT DEAD” was the movie they recommended.  Not “HEAVEN IS REAL”!!!  God.  Heaven.  Dead or Alive?  You “GET” the confusion, right?  SO, SO FUNNY!!!  “THIS”… is SO, SO “ME” and my world… “Jill’s World”!!!  I am flighty, folks, but “JESUS LOVES ME”… just like I am!!!

So, we went and watched “God’s Not Dead” today, 4/27/14.   Yes, I JOINED THE MOVEMENT… by sharing and tweeting “God’s Not Dead” both on Facebook and Twitter!!!  I can feel a change coming, folks.  It’s growing… and GROWING …DAILY!!!  Please join “this” movement by texting, sharing, tweeting, etc.:  God’s Not Dead”. And please, also, join ANOTHER movement every Friday, 2:00 pm-ish ET by singing “God Bless America” wherever you are…

P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.