“THIS”… is a true story, folks.  CRABBY-PATTIES…

I have so, so much fun at work with this, folks.  I have been that angry, confused, hurting…”patient” before who is NOT HAPPY AT ALL!!! (And confused, as well).  “I bit”… yes… “BIT” my Physical Therapist, with my teeth… HARD!!!  I was emerging from the coma, SLOWLY.  Very confused and in SERIOUS pain… ALL THE TIME!!!  She hurt me!  I bit her!  Simple, right?

I “understand” that anger.  The pain.  The depression.  All of it.  I’ve been there.  Done that.  3 long months in an acute care trauma center:  St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Toledo, Ohio.   Another month in Greensprings Rehab. Center.  Out-patient therapy.  Drivers’ Education. Community Re-entry Vocational Rehab. College.  Then… “LIFE” …in the “REAL” world as the NEW “ME”!!!  Struggling for 20+ more years.  Looking for “SOMETHING” that I knew was “WRONG” with me… “SOMEWHERE”…

WOW!!!  That brings a tear to my eyes, folks.  I wandered again…sorry.  Back on topic:  “CRABBY PATTIES”… “THIS” is SO, SO FUNNY, folks.  I frequently tell patients (crabby patients) that I must go yell at our kitchen staff… AGAIN… for serving crabby patties for breakfast or lunch!!!  “THIS” usually gets a smile.  NOT ALWAYS, but usually!!!

I try, my best…EVERY DAY… to help patients and staff find something to smile about.  Mostly because I spent many, MANY years… depressed.  And ALONE.  God tried to get my attention.  Many times.  I now Thank God, EVERYDAY.  HE…NEVER GAVE UP ON ME!!!  And I try to share a sense of HOPE with people!!!  Yep, I too, have “BAD” days.  “Tomorrow”… is ALWAYS a new day, however.  And I have always… ALWAYS… known that “tomorrow” will probably be better whenever I’m having a “BAD” TODAY!!!

Please try to give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today,
EVERY” day!!!