Day #2 of “Fresh Grounded Faith”…AMAZING!!!  AMAZING GRACE!!!  Great speakers.  Great music.  GREAT FUN!!!

Jennifer Rothschild refers to characters from the 100 Acre-wood…and Disney’s “Winnie The Pooh”… ALOT!!!  She does this so masterfully, folks.  Everyone… “EVERYONE”…   can relate!  I came to realize that I have become “Tigger-like” with a “Yes, can do” attitude.  WOW, folks!!!  “THIS” transformation is on-going and has taken MANY years to get where I am today… “THANKS” to my husband.  I  simply choose to be “TIGGER-like” in my endeavors.  “YES!!!”

WOW, folks.  Jennifer Rothschild and I are, somehow, connected.  WE HAVE GOT TO BE!!!  I FEEL IT!!!  I KNOW IT!!!  I BELIEVE IT!!!  Stick with me for a moment…I feel an “ache” in my heart…a good ache.  WOW!  It is just hitting me… FULL FORCE.  “The 100 acre-wood”…”Pooh-Bear”…”Tigger-Butt”…I, truly, feel an ache in my heart right now…as “THIS” connection is fully realized…BY “ME”.  My husband and children would “GET IT”…

Ya see, my daughter is 17.  My son, soon to be 15.  Danielle will, FOREVER, be “POOH-BEAR” ( I shortened my husband’s name for her from “POOKER-BEAR” to “POOH-BEAR”-it was easier AND…it stuck!!!)  Chase was ALWAYS  bouncing around, into EVERYTHING!!!  SO, SO FUNNY, folks.  You could tell him “No,” but that meant “GAME-ON” to him!!!  He’d give you that “LOOK,” do exactly what you told him NOT to do…AND… THE “CHASE” WAS ON… HA!!!  DOUBLE HA, HA!!!  We laugh about it now, but it didn’t seem “funny” back then.  😉

WOW!!!  I have, literally, just connected these dots from Jennifer’s 100 acre-wood…to the Allens’ Pooh-Bear and Tigger-Butt!!!  DOUBLE WOW, WOW!!!   “I”…can FEEL the connection.  “YOU”… can SEE it too, can’t you???

Thank you Jennifer Rothschild, Stormie Omartian, and Michael O’brien.  This weekend was absolutely AMAZING!!!  AMAZING GRACE!!!