Daily Archives: April 26, 2014

“Fresh Grounded Faith”

WOW!!!  Jennifer Rothschild– Speaker, Best-selling Author and Bible Study Teacher– is AMAZING!!!  Stormie Omartian–Author, The Power of a Praying Woman–is AMAZING!!!  Michael O’Brien–Recording Artist, Worship Leader–is AMAZING!!!

“Fresh Grounded Faith” is an area-wide women’s event being held at Anastasia Baptist Church, April 25-26, 2014.  Tonight’s event was amazing, folks.  Can tomorrow’s be as good?  Perhaps…better than tonight’s???  I’m so excited!!!

A short video opened tonight’s program. Jennifer Rothschild then  began speaking to us ladies in the audience re: (YOU ARE NOT GONNA BELIEVE THIS)  She began speaking about… wait for it… SHE BEGAN SPEAKING ABOUT… “ISSUES”!!!  I AM NOT KIDDING, folks!!!  Jennifer Rothschild… began her opening segment about “ISSUES”!!!  I was immediately mesmerized!!!

And guess what?  My mind started wandering… AGAIN!!!  (This is what happened at that Orthopaedic Seminar at the hospital a few weekends ago, remember?)  OMG!!!  Could I possibly “picture” myself speaking to a large audience, such as… “THIS” one???  About Motivational Team Building???  Oh, how I wanted to get lost in “Jill’s World” imagining such a thing, however…I could NOT allow myself to drift –“Over There.  Over There.”(Aaahhh!!!  The Navy song… AGAIN!!! ) –or I might “MISS” part of this amazing program!!!  I kept myself in the “HERE-AND-NOW,” folks.  So, so glad I did.  The entire program was, you guessed it… “AMAZING”!!!  AMAZING GRACE.

I had to introduce myself to the Recording Artist, Michael O’Brien after conclusion of tonight’s program.  He will be turning… “50” this year!!!  HA!!!  DOUBLE HA, HA!!!  ME TOO!!!  He announced his upcoming birthday as an intro. to a song he wrote about being… “50”!!!  So, So funny!!!

WOW!!!  What an amazing evening!!!  I just had to blog about it before going to bed tonight.  I will be at the church again, 8:00 am, tomorrow morning.  It is currently 11:15 pm Friday, 4/25/14.  I need to get to bed, folks.  Busy, busy day tomorrow…