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“Buffalo-Butt, Hippo-Hips, and Thunder-Thighs”…

WOW!!!  I was reminded of “THIS” as I wrote about “Mrs. Crabs and Miss Snobs” (me and Danielle).  HA!!!  DOUBLE HA,HA!!!  I have two sisters, folks:  Laura(the oldest) and Lynn(the “middle” sister).  I am the youngest  😉

It sure is nice how the “tables have turned”.  I hated being the youngest!!!  HA!!!  DOUBLE HA,HA!!!  It’s kind of… “NICE” … NOW!!!  I am the only one still in my 40’s…  😉

Laura, Lynn, and I had these “CRAZY” (Aaahhh!!!  That’s my favorite word!!!) names for ourselves:  “Buffalo Butt, Hippo Hips, and Thunder Thighs!!!  I am NOT kidding!!!  I could NOT make this stuff up, folks!!!  I can’t, however, remember exactly “WHO”…was…”WHO”.  Hhhmmm.  THIS WAS FUNNY!!!  I think.  We ALL laughed, anyways!  Not real sure any of us wanted to be called “fat ,” though.

Boy… “MEMORIES”.  Good?  Bad?  Indifferent?  I’m not real sure.  I do know, however, EVERYTHING… helped to shape me into the person I am today.  I’m still a piece of “work in progress”…daily… giving the best of myself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!

I also have a brother, Bob.  The oldest.  He holds a special place in my heart.  I am not real sure, but perhaps the oldest and youngest siblings share a special bond.  It holds significant meaning in our family… “TO ME” … if nobody else.






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I admit it!  I can be a bit… “crabby”… sometimes.  My daughter tends to be a bit… “snobby”… sometimes.  😉  Like clock-work… EVERY MONTH!!!  We are the ladies of this household.  “WE” …add a bit of “spice” to life around here at the Allen Household!!!

I hope you will all come along on another journey to “JILL’S WORLD”.  This was so, so funny!!!  Ready or not, here we go…  Danielle, Chase, and I headed to Jacksonville, FL this past weekend.  Danielle needs shoes for her prom dress.  Now, Danielle must have changed her mind 3x, BACK-AND-FORTH, before heading to the mall.  1.)  “Yep, I wanna go shopping.”; 2.)   20 min. later:  “No, I don’t feel like going shopping.”; 3.)  “All right.  Let’s go shopping.” this was about 10-15 min. AFTER changing her mind the 2nd time!!!  Oh yeah, my girl gets SNOBBY …with family…when it’s “THAT” time.  I, on the other hand, get… “CRABBY”.  🙂

So, we head up to Jacksonville having some of the weirdest conversations.  We started discussing “SpongeBob Squarepants” after distributing our names, appropriately.  I…am  Mrs. Crabs. (This is what brought us to “SpongeBob”)  Danielle… is Miss Snobs.  We all laughed so hard during our conversations…in the van…to and from Jacksonville, FL.

SpongeBob is a sponge.  Mr. Crabs is a crab.  “I”…knew this…HA!!!  I also knew that Plankton…is a plankton(a microscopic animal organism that floats or drifts in bodies of water).  Well, what about Squidward?  Hhhmmm.  I guess I never really “THOUGHT” about him…that way.  Folks, I just put two and two together during that ride up to Jacksonville on Sat. afternoon!  Squidward is actually a “squid”!!!  HA!!!  DOUBLE HA, HA!!!

Confusion surrounds me, folks.  I guess I got “squid” confused with “octopus”.  I ALWAYS viewed Squidward as a tall, “thin”-like man with a big nose!!!  HE’S A SQUID!!!  OMG!!!  This was hysterical as the “lights” were turning “ON” inside my brain!!!  Absolutely HYSTERICAL!!!

And what about… SANDY???  Chase mentioned her “chubby cheeks” and I LOST IT!!!  Sandy…with chubby cheeks…IS A SQUIRREL!!!  Oh yeah, the LIGHTS continued turning… “ON” with this realization!!!  HA!!!  DOUBLE HA, HA!!!

Now, those things that I happen to find… “HYSTERICAL” tend to get “STUCK” inside me.  I CANNOT RELEASE THE HYSTERIA!!!  OMG!!!  I am not kidding, folks!!!  IT”… GETS TRAPPED WITHIN ME, completely distorting my entire face.  My nose and forehead crinkle up.  My cheeks chub-out.  My upper lip pulls “upward” as my nose crinkles, thereby revealing my front teeth…in chipmunk fashion.  Folks,  I  can be laughing so hard… WITHIN MYSELF… but NOTHING COMES OUT!!!  COMPLETE SILENCE… for just a moment!

Look out when this growing energy is finally released!  It sounds like a cross between laughing and/or crying.  High-pitched screams or wails of utter agony.  “THIS”… drives me CRAZY, folks!!!  Dying of laughter inside myself, but completely unable to release this energy.  It gets trapped within me!!!  Oh, the sheer embarrassment of the “ugly,” distorted “look” on my face!!!  OMG!!!  I simply try to hide my face, knowing how “RIDICULOUS” it must APPEAR… CRINKLED, WRINKLY NOSE, CHEEKS, AND FOREHEAD (REVEALING CHIPMUNK TEETH) !!!  Oh, the embarrassment!!!  Nobody!  NOBODY… wants to be observed looking like… “THAT”!!!

What a fun, FUN day spent with my children up in Jacksonville, FL this past weekend.  We had most of our “FUN” in the van while driving “TO” AND “FROM”!!!  AGAIN, FOLKS… MAKE YOUR OWN FUN!!!  ANYWHERE.  ANYTIME.  EVERYWHERE.  ALL THE TIME (as appropriate).  ENJOY THE MOMENT YOU’RE IN!!!  It’ll soon be gone. Done.  OVER-WITH… in 60 seconds!!!

Give the best of yourself for “JUST” today, “EVERY” day!!!