in the Allen master bathroom… FINALLY!!!

You are NOT going to believe this, folks!!!  “I”… C-A-N-N-O-T …  BELIEVE IT MYSELF!!!  🙂  Please come along for another ride to “Jill’s World”!!!

Oh, where do I begin???  Folks, “THIS” goes back to our “PIPE PROBLEMS”!!!  OMG!!!  I have got to look back through the March Archives to see exactly how long this “issue” has been plaguing us… “ME” … at the ALLEN household!!!

Got it.  First mention of “pipe” problems” was blogged about on March 12, 2014.  Another post 3/13.  AND ANOTHER post 3/14.  Our house was completely RE-PIPED!!!  “THE FLOOD” due to a “bursting” pipe occurred 3/28/14 at 11:00 pm-ish.  I guess I had “PIPE DREAMS,” according to my friend Czak, on 4/2/14 while proclaiming:  “I CAN ALMOST SEE IT”.  Folks this was the day three professional individuals arrived, “READY FOR BATTLE” .  Two to make final repairs, and one to assess floor damage from…”THE FLOOD”.  We had been given a mega fan (VERY powerful) and a large dehumidifier to keep plugged into the bathroom and running for three days… CONTINUOUS!!!  24/3 ( 24 hrs. a day for 3 days)!!!

Our bathroom lights completely blew-out and we had no light, AT ALL, except a small amount from a tiny, “cloudy” window in this bathroom.  Chris and I each enjoyed a three day “sleep-over”… THERE!!!.  I bunked with Chase and Chris got the couch…  🙂 … for 3 nights.

GO TEAM ALLEN!!!  We (I)… survived from April 2nd until today, the 18th, without the lights in our master bathroom!!!  My poor husband is so, so busy with his “J-O-B”!!!  And… he ran into some “difficulties” along the way!!!  😉  I have been without proper lighting in my bathroom for 16 days, folks.  I readied myself for work each morning, however, in my bathroom with inadequate light!!!  OMG, folks!!!  I could only laugh at the image looking back at me in the bathroom mirror at work!!!  HA!!!  DOUBLE HA, HA!!!

LET THERE BE LIGHT… in the Allen master bathroom  as of 7:00 pm-ish tonight, Thurs. 4/18/14!!!  Thank you, Christopher Allen!!!  BTW…(by the way), I simply reminded him, LAST NIGHT, how patient I was being… WITHOUT LIGHT IN MY BATHROOM!  HA!!!  DOUBLE HA, HA!!!  Hhhmmm, folks.  WE HAVE LIGHT… TONIGHT…IN THE ALLEN MASTER BATHROOM!!!  COINCIDENCE?  OR “SOMETHING” ELSE???  😉

“TEAM ALLEN” = STRONG!!!  COHESIVE!!!  “IN IT TO WIN IT!!!”  Yep, it is late and I am “drifting”… “OVER THERE!!!  OVER THERE!!!”  ( I think that’s a navy song?)  Sorry.  Goodnight.