Wed. 4/16/12

Friends of Liberty, Community Outreach Leader:  Helen Chestnut was guest speaker at today’s luncheon/meeting for the Conservative Republican Women’s Network of St. Johns County.  She has AMAZING strategies, folks, designed to better define the character of Conservative Republicans.

KEEP IT SIMPLE!!!  Don’t go on and on about “issues” that people don’t understand.  Perhaps they don’t even care.  It is EASY to think that you DON’T care about something that you don’t understand.  This is SO, SO TRUE, folks!!!  KEEP THINGS SIMPLE!!!  Define our character.

Now, we all witnessed the success that President Obama enjoyed by employing the simplest of platforms to run on… “HOPE… AND …CHANGE”.  Sounded Good back then to those who voted for him UNTIL they realized that he offers NOTHING to ANYONE… except those on welfare.  “Those” individuals who think the American Dream should be “given” to them by a Government that steals from its, hard-working, people as a means to encourage laxity…Government Dependence!!!

When most people think of “Republicans,” they associate them with words such as:   greed, selfishness, lies, and deceit.   “Democrats,” however are associated with helping the POOR.  Thus, we have this MANUFACTURED battle of “The Rich vs. The Poor”.  NONSENSE!!!  PLEASE!!!  First, there are so MANY, MANY more rich and successful, honest and faithful individuals and businesses in this country than our media systems “highlight” in the news.  REPORT  “BAD”…get more “BAD”!!!  Hhhmmm… makes ya wonder… REPORT “GOOD”…get more “GOOD”???

I would LOVE to establish an American Network involving both radio and television programs that focus on the positive success stories that depict individuals’ achievement of their American Dreams… just as “WE” are: “EVERYDAY PEOPLE”.  We write our own scripts…Daily.  We “act” out our roles…Daily.  As the individuals we choose to be.  We don’t get “CUTS” or “RE-TAKES” designed for the “PERFECT” endings. “THIS”…IS LIFE, folks.  And we are living the “REALITY” of it!!!  “EVERYDAY PEEPS.”  Yep, that’s “US”.

Boy, I went off on a rant, huh?  Sorry.  Back to Helen Chestnut and the idea of keeping it simple.  What two words describe the core of Conservative Republicans?  BAM!!!  DOUBLE BAM, BAM!!!  SHE…was “struck” with two VERY meaningful words.  THEY JUST CAME TO HER!!!

“LOVE”……………and…………… “FORGIVENESS”

Helen Chestnut… inspired me today.  Tremendously.  I felt a true connection with her.  (Yep… I think we “bonded”  😉

P.H.P, folks.  People Helping People.

Please give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!