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I awoke this morning to the realization that I can be a bit, hhhmmm… “Flighty”!    Why… do I get so self-absorbed that I lose sense of all reality around me?  I find myself embarrassed… AGAIN… but I vow to keep moving forward.  I’m on a mission, folks.  God-given.  I am stumbling, but will keep MOVING FORWARD!!!  I invite you to come along on another journey to this place called “Jill’s World”.  READY OR NOT, HERE WE GO…

Okay folks, I attended a professional seminar at the local hospital here in St. Augustine, FL on Sat. 4/12/14.  All day.  Yep, 8am to 4pm.  I arrived approximately 20 minutes early and began handing out my business cards to other attendees.  Wow.  This went well.  People were “open” to hearing about my site.  I received such a good “VIBE” from those individuals I spoke with.  Now,  in being “ME”… I got a bit “LOST” in my own mind.  🙂  A.K.A:  “Jill’s World”.

Serious folks, I cannot make this stuff up.  I felt so good about the positive reception I was receiving from individuals at this seminar.  I, suddenly, got “glimpses” of where this might lead.  I got so, so “LOST” in my own enthusiasm, folks.  I approached everybody with my business card.  EVERYBODY!!!  Feeling good about the day’s success in completing 2 goals at once:  I received 6 C.E.U.s for my professional licensure requirements AND… I handed out 50-60 cards to increase awareness of my blog at numberoneteam.net!!!  SUCCESS!!!  Or so I thought…

I awoke this morning with a familiar… “uneasiness”.  Something wasn’t right.  SOMETHING was “WRONG” … SOMEWHERE!  My mind kept searching itself for clues…and SEARCHING… BAM!  DOUBLE  BAM, BAM!!!  I…  MADE A  FOOL OF MYSELF…AGAIN… in trying to spread awareness of this Motivational Team Building idea.  What a “flighty” fool I had been… AGAIN!!!  Please refer to that previous post, dated 2/20/14, “Just Another Day In…MY WORLD”!!!  I seem to notice a pattern here…  :/

So anyways… “BAM”!!!  It hit me…I made a fool of  myself at yesterday’s “professional” seminar at our local hospital, titled “Ancient City Bones” (an orthopaedic seminar…get it?  Ancient city “bones”???)  Here is how it all “went down”

Chris and Chase were away for an OA (Order of the Arrow) Boyscout campout.  This is a prestigious group of “honor society” Boyscouts.  Danielle  was away for a High School Performing Arts “Lock-in” to prep. for their annual musical to be held in a few weeks.  I was… HOME ALONE… again Friday evening.  I met a co-worker at Panera Bread at 6 am Sat. morning for a “Bible Study” session…(ssshhh…we ate breakfast and talked, THAT’S IT!!!)  We arrived at the hospital for the seminar, a bit EARLY (I like to be early) and I began passing out business cards to other attendees, as well as a few of the day’s presenters.  ALL WENT WELL…

I, somehow, got a bit confused after the first “session” of presenters and prepared to leave for the 1 hr. lunch break.  Oopse.  Not lunchtime yet.  Just a 15 min. break!  Mind you, my day started at 6:00 am.  My confusion about  “time” is understandable, right?  So, I head out to the bathroom and run into one of the Orthopaedic surgeons in the hallway.  Hhhmmm… how convenient!!!  🙂  I handed him a business card… SUCCESS!!!  “HE”… thanked “ME” for giving him a card to my site at:  numberoneteam.net!  WOW!!!  I couldn’t believe my luck!!!

I could then “picture” myself doing a “Team Building” presentation at this type of an event!!!  Oh yeah, I CAN ALMOST SEE IT…”.  I remained confused about “time” for the rest of the day!!!  AND…I did NOT follow the “Agenda” sheet very well, either!  I was just “OFF” a bit…in my own world!!!  So…???  What happened?

I admit it.  I was confused about the order of events… I DID NOT FOLLOW THE AGENDA SHEET… correctly!!!!  CONFUSION… FOLLOWS ME!!!  I think it “STALKS” me.  I ended up approaching speakers at inappropriate times…immediately following their presentations… FRONT AND CENTER…AT THE PODIUM!!!  IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE CLASS!!!  I AM NOT KIDDING, folks!!!

I even found myself saying “AMEN ” to certain points made by speakers!  I had looked at the time on my I-phone… “incorrectly”… and “THAT” made me even “MORE” confused again!!!  I, mistakenly, thought there must have been a change in plans and that a gentleman would speak the entire last session.  I approached him AS SOON AS HE FINISHED… thinking he was the last speaker!  BUT…he was not.  AND… I was interrupting the progression of the seminar!!!  The final speaker, a nurse, had to inform me that she needed to continue speaking for the day’s conclusion!!!  Oopse,  Silly “ME”!!!

Folks, I went home feeling as though I had accomplished something.    I even went to bed Sat. night feeling “GOOD”!!!  EXCITED… about a new direction I could “SEE” myself moving toward.  I awoke EARLY this morning feeling… “UNEASY”.  Something just didn’t “FEEL” right.  And then it hit me… BAM!!!  DOUBLE  BAM, BAM!!!  I had gotten “LOST”…AGAIN… and made a fool of myself…in front of the VERY people I had hoped to impress!!!  I guess I will keep practicing AND…”Moving Forward…”.  I am embarrassed, folks.  For the manner in which I carried myself at this “Professional” seminar due to getting myself “LOST”…AGAIN… in Jill’s World.  I was so excited!!!  And so focused on sharing the message of “numberoneteam.net” that I was unable to recognize my enthusiasm as inappropriate.

I felt compelled to approach our Pastor at the end of today’s church service to confess… another “blunder”.  Thank you, Pastor West.  I needed that prayer.  And yes, “This too, Shall Pass”!!!  AMEN.

Please, remember to give the best of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!  I, too, will keep trying.

May all Glory be to God.  Amen.