Daily Archives: April 4, 2014


Wow.  A sense of peace and calmness has been over-taking me for quite awhile now.  I cannot explain this, folks.  It is amazing.  AMAZING GRACE.

I can remember driving to work along, busy, St. Rd. 1 back in March-ish of 2007.  God had revealed “the truth” which sent me further along my Journey of Faith, thereby allowing a sense of relief, no, a sense of… “PEACE”… to begin working within me.

I cried, hysterically, on that drive in to work… MANY DAYS!!!  Repeating over and over… “I’M OKAY!!!  THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH ME!!!  I AM OKAY!!!”  OMG, folks!!!  I had spent over 20 years searching for what was “WRONG” with me.  There was “something” wrong, “somewhere”.  I was sure of that.  And I also felt sure that I could “FIX” whatever was “wrong”IF… I could just “FIND IT”!!!

Well, God revealed it.  After years of searching, He presented the answer I’d been looking for… “RIGHT BEFORE MY EYES” on another one of those nights spent tossing and turning, unable to sleep.  Life had been turned UPSIDE DOWN.  I was spiraling out of control.  Being pulled downward further and further…like water being drawn down pipes.

WHAT???  “Spiraling downward  like water being drawn down pipes?”  OMG, folks!!!  We are currently battling the pipes at our household… RIGHT NOW!!!  RE-PIPING AND REPAIRING THE ALLEN HOUSEHOLD CONTINUES… as I type this out!!!  HA!!!  DOUBLE HA, HA!!!  I CANNOT MAKE THIS STUFF UP, FOLKS!!!  Everything just seems to fall into place, making a perfect fit.  FOR EVERYTHING!!!

Sorry, I got “distracted”… AGAIN!!!  So, God revealed the truth  to me during a “Sleepless in St. Augustine” night, back in 2007.  ONE of MANY!!!  Childhood molestation!!!  WOW!!!  This was a true “REVELATION”!!!  The answer I’d been searching for.  The DIAGNOSIS that explained EVERYTHING!!!  THERE WAS NOTHING “WRONG” WITH “ME”!!!  I WAS O…K…A…Y”!!!  I cannot explain the flood of relief, caused by all those tears I shed.  Everything… EVERYTHING … made complete sense.  Every last, shattered, puzzle piece of my life… FIT TOGETHER… PERFECTLY!!!

PEACE, folks.  I cannot explain how tremendous it feels to be at peace along my journey through this “LIFE”… on my way to… “ETERNAL LIFE”.  It is AMAZING, folks.  AMAZING GRACE.  I hope you will all come along on this “JOURNEY of LIFE”… A.K.A.: the “JOURNEY of FAITH”…TOGETHER!!!