Daily Archives: March 31, 2014


HA!!!  DOUBLE HA, HA!!!  I am “borrowing” this idea from… “political correctness”!!!  GET IT???  Stick with me, folks.  This is funny…

Life is so crazy, busy these days.  My kids are growing up too quickly.  I was delighted to spend some time with my daughter Sunday afternoon…  “SHOPPING”!!!  Oh yeah, mother-daughter “bonding” time!!!  🙂

While leaving Target there were many cars waiting to pull away from 3-way stop signs.  Now, each of these three stop signs continue onto the short, 4th way, which leads to the main road stop-light.  WHEW!!!  Can you picture that?  The driver of another car, sitting at the stop-sign to my LEFT… before I arrived there, and myself got into a little “gesturement” –like argument (I JUST made that word up!)  “GESTUREMENT”  = 2 or more individuals gesturing, angrily, in disagreement!!!  😉 HA!!  DOUBLE HA, HA!!!

This rendition of the “ACTUAL” scenario is a bit fabricated to add some…”flavor,” okay? 😉  So, here we go…this other driver, who was definitely at “her” stop-sign before I got to “my” stop-sign, and myself each waited.   And waited… for the other to proceed through the sign and onto the light.  Neither one of us moved.  We each motioned the other on…”nicely” and waited.  Still no movement!!!  Angry, but friendly gestures began…”SHE” motioned with her hand for me to go…”I” motioned for her to go!!!  Now, the light for us is “Green,” but nobody is moving!!!  AND …this light only stays “green” for a short time!!!  So,  I push  the button to lower my window(a bit agitated), pointed my finger AT her angrily…and it was my “POINTER” finger (meaning that “I” meant business!!!), and quickly “swooped” my arm in the direction of the stop-light, gesturing her to MOVE!!!   FINALLY!!!  We both make it through the light!!! 

Danielle and I re-played that scenario a few times after we finally made it out onto the main road.  Try to “picture” our hand “gesturement” inside the vehicle actually saying the words that might go along with those gestures!  HA!!!  Her: “You go”;  Me:  “OH no, YOU go”; Her:  “YOU can go first”; Me:  “LOOK LADY, you were there first!  NOW GO!!!”  This was so, so hysterical, folks!!!  AFTER… we made it out onto the main road!!!

This reflects the frustration that both of us drivers felt while simply trying to be “polite”.  POLITENESS TURNED UGLY!!!  Folks, I do believe that we all “want” to be friendly, however we are ALWAYS rushing here or there to hurry-up and do something that should have been done yesterday!!!  And you know what?  I’m sure it would still be there waiting for you to get it done tomorrow…IF…it really needs to be done at all!!!

THIS IS LIFE, folks!  Sometimes happy, sad, easy, difficult… “CRAZY” (shhh, this is my favorite word)… FOR ALL OF US!!!  Try to enjoy it.  ALL OF IT!!!