Ha!!!  DOUBLE HA!!!  HA!!!  We live at the Beach…on Anastasia Island.  Yep, a “FLOODING ZONE”!  🙂  Our house has survived Hurricanes and Tropical Storms– we have not suffered a direct “HIT” … to date, but we’ve “enjoyed” evacuations (mini vacations to our children), high winds, hard and heavy rains, rising water levels, angry ocean waves, etc.

Our house has survived it all… until our 2014 Battle”… with the pipes!!!  Those dreaded pipes…they’re EVERYWHERE!!!  In the yard.   In the garage.  They’re even in bathrooms, hallways, bedrooms, kitchens, closets, etc.  THEY’RE EVERYWHERE!!!

Our house is a bit “weathered,” from years of daily living, Hurricane scares, Tropical storms, 2 separate families, including parents, children, and pets.  Unfortunately, we have not been able to keep up with renovation needs since Medicare reform hit the economy in Jan. 1999, A.K.A.:  P.P.S(Prospective payment system).  We are now being hit… AGAIN… with Healthcare reform, A.K.A.:  Obamacare .  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  OBAMACARE?  NO, OBAMA DON’T CARE!!!” Please revisit that post, dated 2/8/14, to review…for “fun”.  😉

Our household piping “issues” have been plaguing us for going on 3 weeks now!  Week 1:  identify problems and begin re-piping the Allen household.

Week 2:  continue re-piping and begin “repairs” of holes made, purposefully… in walls AND holes made, accidentally… in ceilings!  Pipes began “BURSTING” in our master bath and bed rooms with water covering tile and carpet floorings, late on Fri., 3/29/14!!!

WEEK 3:  I leave house at 6:30 am on Sat. 3/30/14 to volunteer at Mud Mania event.  Enter “Johnny” from Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Jacksonville, FL.  He “fixes” the pipe problem and both my guys head over to help out with the Eagle Scout project.  We all return home around 1:00 pm-ish, chilled from the nasty weather conditions.  2 warm/hot showers completed and guess what?  THAT’S RIGHT!!!  The pipes “BURST”… for a second time… within 15 hrs.!!!  WATER EVERYWHERE!!!  AGAIN!!!

“Johnny,” from Mr. Rooter Plumbing in Jacksonville, FL identified the cause.   Our pipe “ISSUES” have now been resolved… I HOPE!!!  I do believe the repair “team” will be back this next week for “patch-up” work so that we can close this case file on the Allen Household plumbing project!!!  AMEN!!!