THE FLOOD, 3/28/14

“WHOOOOSH”… the sound of running water… sends my husband into “RED-ALERT” mode, approximately 11:15 pm, Fri. 3/28/14.  The Master bathroom floor immediately covered with warm water!!!  Bedroom carpet absorbing this warm water quickly!!!  TOTAL CHAOS AT THE ALLEN HOUSEHOLD…A-G-A-I-N!!!

Christopher Allen… my husband… my “ROCK,” (Captain of team Allen ) quickly races out to shut off the water supply!!!  Chris, Chase, Danielle, and myself throwing towels down to soak-up water from the floors…A.S.A.P.!!!  We then move furniture, accordingly.  Contact plumbing company to schedule service… A.S.A.P!!!

The chaos continues at the Allen household, folks.  “Demolition crew” to return in the a.m.  I am volunteering at the “FL Mud Run, 2014″… beginning at 7 in the a.m., to be held at The St. Johns County Fairgrounds in FL.   Chris and Chase will assist a Scout with his Eagle project in the a.m.  Think I’ll have to give-in right now (1 a.m.) to catch a few winks before the… MUD RUN, 2014!!!  Hhhmmm…”Mud Run”… quite appropriate, huh?  HELP!!!  OUR HOUSE IS FLOODING…ON ANASTASIA ISLAND!!!  😉

Calling it a night… “GO TEAM ALLEN,” (while yawning).  It COULD have been DISASTROUS …here…at the Allen household!  BUT…”Team Captain, Christopher Allen” KEPT OUR HOUSE…ABOVE WATER!!!